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SISSC 2016

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2016 NISSC

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2017 Aon Maadi Cup Notices - Sitemap -  

The Champions

St Peters School convincingly won the Derbyshire Shield, for Champion North Island School, with 74 points. Hamilton Boys High School came second with 47 points. Glendowie College took third place on 42 points.

St Peters Schools also had the largest medal haul at the regatta (10 gold, 6 silver, 6 bronze) but 42 other schools also collected medals.

The standard of competition was very high and the 12 pennant events (those with unrestricted entry i.e. U18 non-novice, non-lightweight) were shared between 6 different schools. HAMB cleaned up the boys sweep oar pennant events and WHAK the boys sculling ones. The girls sweep oar pennant events went to DIOC (2) and HLCR (1), and HAUR (2) and STPC (1) took the sculling ones.

Hamilton Boys High School won the Boys Under-18 Eights and Diocesan School for Girls won the Girls Under-18 Eights.

We can anticipate seeing a lot of the crews again at the 2016 Aon Maadi regatta. And we can also expect to seeing many of them appear on the Maadi medal dais!

Results by rowIT

Live results were available during the regatta. They can be found on the rowIT website:

Results for:

News 2016-01-15

2016 Stats

1839 pupils from 94 schools entered in 4796 seats in 1366 crews. 305 races were required to complete the regatta and find the winners of all 52 events.

Tent Sites

Tent sites are ordered during the online entry process and are allocated by ballot after close of entries.


While North Island schools are competing on Lake Karapiro for recognition as the best the North Island has to offer their South Island counter-parts will be do the same thing up at the 2016 Meridian South Island Champs on Lake Ruataniwha. Keep a watch on both regattas for indicators of who may claim the top spot at Maadi!

2015 Stats

1896 pupils from 88 schools entered in 4926 seats in 1420 crews. 319 races were required to complete the regatta and find the winners of all 52 events.

Lightweight reminder for pupils in multiple lightweight events

We take this opportunity to remind Members who have entered lightweight rowers in both lightweight events that NZSSRA Rules require crews to weigh in before EACH event (Rule 12). Pupils cannot weigh-in once for both events. This is different from coxswains but coxswains can be check-weighed at any time whereas lightweights cannot.

As we have been repeatedly assured all lightweights at our regattas are genuine lightweights and naturally below the weight limits the Rule requirements should present no challenges with respect to making weight. An athlete who has to avoid re-hydrating and eating between events in order to make weight for both events should not be racing lightweight.

Entry limits

The entry limits are the same as for 2015: Doubles: 1 crew per event per school; Singles, Pairs, Fours, and Quads: 2 crews per event per school; Eights and Octuples: no limit

Schools must also be aware the compressed nature of this regatta means there should be no expectation any pupil who is entered in more than one event will have sufficient time available to compete in all of those events. There is only enough time to be able to hold semi-finals for the most heavily entered events and this brings together events that might usually be spread well apart during heats and finals.

Note: entry limits get rasied slowly during supplementary entries

Number of events per pupil

After a review of the per pupil entries for the last few Seasons' school regattas and much discussion about the health and safety of each rower, the Schools Committee continues to make the following recommendation:

School age rowers should only be racing 2 events at a Championships regatta. A few rowers could be considered for 3 events; none should be doing more.

In reaching the recommendation advice was sought from physiologists, leading elite coaches and the NZ Secondary School Sports Council. The Schools Committee will continue to monitor the entry per pupil this season.

NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria pupils "new" to a school

The NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria were revised with effect from 2012 and then tweaked for rowing at NZSSRA's 2013 AGM. An updated article about the NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria is available to help members assess whether or not each of their pupils is considered new to their school. Schools are limited to 3 "new" pupils in an eight and 1 "new" pupil in other boats ("new" pupils are those who've swapped schools or come from overseas and looks back over the past 2 years).


This New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association regatta is sanctioned by the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council and by the New Zealand Rowing Association.


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