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2017 Aon Maadi Cup Notices - Sitemap -  


The website holds result records for a couple of events going back several years. It is hoped that we will eventually be able to fill in historical information to give a more complete history of school rowing in New Zealand. However, at present we only hold complete results for the NZSSRA Championship Regatta (Maadi) from 2000 onwards and fully searchable records for more recent years.

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2014 Championships Regattas Aon North Island, Meridian South Island, Aon Maadi Cup

Results for the 2014 Championships regattas (and most other school and club regattas held in New Zealand since the start of the 2007/8 season) can be found on the rowIT website at

Championships regattas

Maadi (National Champs):

North Island Champs:

South Island Champs:

Non-Championship Regatta Results

2013/14 Season

* schools are sometimes designated at these regattas by club codes combined with 2-digit crew number

2012/13 Season

* schools are designated at these regattas by club codes combined with 2-digit vrew numbers

2011/12 Season

2010/11 Season

2009/10 Season

2008/9 Season

2007/8 Season