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2017 Aon Maadi Cup Notices - Sitemap -  

NZSSRA website

Welcome to the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association website. This site is aimed at providing schools and school rowers with an easily accessed resource of information about schools rowing in New Zealand.

The Summer newsletter is now available.

Annual General Meeting March 26, Karapiro

The Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association will be held at Karapiro on Sunday 26 March 2017. It will take place in the Don Rowlands Centre after the Maadi Safety Briefing is completed. The Agenda for the 2017 AGM can be viewed online. This is a Rule-change year so a lot will be happening at the AGM. Draft minutes will be published when available.

2017 Championships Regattas NISSC, SISSC, Maadi

Logo Maadi logo

New Maadi website Maadi

A new website has been released for Maadi 2017.

Head to to check it out!

This is where you'll find all your Maadi news and updates.

NZSSSC news PCRE limits. Trans-gender policies

NZSSSC recently completed its biannual review of eligibility criteria (STEC). The STEC are in effect at Championships regattas, so the review outomce is relevant to rowing. A report on the review topics and NZSSSC decisions can be found on the NZSSSC website. Two item of note are:

  • PCRE limits introduced. Previously a pupil who transferred schools but obtained a PCRE was not counted towards the STEC limit on "new" pupils in a crew. As of 1 January 2017 there is a change. PCRE pupils will still not be counted towards a crews limit of "new" pupils. But there will be a new, separate, limit of 2 PCRE's from any calendar year per crew. This limit applies to fours, quads, eights, and octuples. The article about the STEC has been updated with this new limit.
    (There are very few PCREs issued for rowing pupils at all. So this new limit is unlikely to affect most schools.)
  • Transgender student policy. NZSSSC has produced guidelines for sports to consider in developing their school sport and event specific protocols on inclusion of transgender students. Rowing is already being proactive in this area. NZRA has a Transgender and Transsexual Policy that has been scoped to cover competitors of all ages. It is equally appropriate for school rowing and club rowing. So Members can expect to see a remit for next year's AGM to formally incorporate the policy within the Rules of Racing.

Special General Meeting outcomeFriday 11 November, by postal ballot

The matter of lightweight rowing at the junior level was considered by New Zealand Secondary School Rowing Association member Schools through a Special General Meeting.

The Schools Committee proposed that the Association cease classifying rowers by weight due to health and well-being issues within our sport at the junior level.

We are disappointed to announce that this remit did not pass but we respect the decision of the School Principals (67 for/35 against/2 abstentions = 65.7% is less than the required 75% majority of votes cast) and therefore weight-classification will continue.

A second remit was proposed by a member school that classification by weight should be restricted to rowers over 15 years (i.e. U17 and U18 only).

This was supported by member schools (77 for/16 against/6 abstentions = 82.7% is greater than 75% majority of votes cast). Therefore no rower who is under the age of 16 years on 1st of January in the Season in which the competition is held shall be eligible to be classified by weight.

Memorial Notice Dave Campbell

NZSSRA wishes to record the passing of Life Member Dave Campbell. Dave had a long association with school rowing; particularly in the Waikato Bay of Plenty region. The coach and some of the crew members of Fraser High School's 1975 Maadi Cup-winning crew formed an honor guard at Dave's funeral in May.

Family let NZSSRA know that both Dave and his wife Nancy (who was also a Life Member) enjoyed their time over the years with the NZSSRA. They considered it a great honour to be made Life Members for their contribution to the sport.

Annual General Meeting Sunday 3 April, Twizel

The Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association was held in Twizel on Sunday 3 April 2016 in the Events Centre theatre. The DRAFT Minutes for the 2016 AGM are now available online.

Some items of note arising from the AGM include:

New Schools 2016/2017 season

The NZSSRA's newest member schools:

  • Gore High School [GORE]
  • Rototuna High School [ROTO]
  • Tamatea High School [TMTH]

We look forward to seeing these schools compete in regattas this season.

If you know of any other schools wanting to join NZSSRA this season please point them to our website or the Schools Committee.