7pm, Tuesday 27 March 2001
ARA Lounge, Lake Karapiro

The order of business will be as follows:

  1. Roll Call
  2. Apologies
  3. Presidents Address
  4. Correspondence in/out
  5. Minutes Previous AGM
  6. Treasurers Report
  7. Election of Officers
    1. President: being eligible Mr. J O’Connor has indicated he will stand again. No other nominations were received.
    2. Secretary/Treasurer: being eligible Mr. G Carr-Smith has indicated he will stand again. No other nominations were received.
    3. Confirmation of Local Association Executive members
    4. Hon Auditor
    5. Hon Solicitor
  8. Championship Regattas
    2002 Regatta Report from SIRI
    2003 Regatta Application to host from WBOPSSRA
  9. Remits
  10. General
    1. The Regatta programme. This is up for review by the Executive this year for adoption, if necessary, next year. This discussion to guide the executive on any changes that the members consider should be taken into account.
    2. That the meeting allocate sum of money to be used as First Second and Third prize in a competition to design a logo for this organisation. The competition to be open to all member schools and to be awarded to the rowing squad of the winning schools. The logo will become the property of the NZSSRA and would be copyrighted. Considering the current financial position of the Association and the fact it would cost a large sum to have the logo professionally designed it is suggested the prize money be along the lines of $500 first, $100 second $50 third... The full terms and condition of entry will determined by the Executive.
    3. Other business
  11. NOTE: This notice is a week late this year. The delay has been caused by the need to wait for the NZSSSC set the 2002 Tournament week as this could have clashed with Easter and the Executive had in that case decide if that would be followed. The date was set for the week starting 18th March. The delay then caused the last Executive meeting to confirm the remits to clash with the NZRA nationals.

    The Secretary