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List of Values.

Clause 11.1 SUBSCRIPTION $80.00 per Annum.
A $40.00 rebate may be claimed if the Subscription is paid before the 1st October. Further, if a new member is admitted to the Association after the 1st October then the rebate may be offered to that member provided the application to join is received before 1st January the following year.
Clause 11.2 LEVY None
Clause 15.1(d) APPEAL $20.00
Regulation 9.2 ENTRY PROTEST $20.00
Rule 15.2 LATE SCRATCHING $40.00
Rule 15.3 NON PROGRESSION $40.00
Rule 23.3 RACE PROTEST $20.00
Rule 24.3 APPEAL $20.00


For information on the history and past winners of trophies Click here

Boys U15 Quad 
Boys U15 FourEric Craies Cup
Boys U 15 EightWalmsley Cup
Boys U16 Double 
Boys U16 Quad 
Boys U16 FourWestlake Boys High School Cup
Boys U16 EightElectricorp Trophy
Boys U17 Single 
Boys U17 Double 
Boys U 17 QuadTauranga Boys High School Cup
Boys U17 Novice FourGill Trophy
Boys U17 FourR. J. Hampton Memorial Shield
Boys U17 EightArthur Andrews Shield
Boys U19 SingleCharlie Stapp Cup
Boys U19 Double 
Boys U19 Coxless PairDunstan Trophy
Boys U19 QuadTrevor Coker Memorial Shield
Boys U19 Lightweight FourDoug Burrows Trophy
Boys U19 FourSpringbok Shield
Boys U19 EightMaadi Cup
Girls U15 Quad 
Girls U15 Four 
Girls U 15 EightTauranga Girls High School Cup
Girls U16 Double 
Girls U16 Quad 
Girls U16 FourElectricorp Trophy
Girls U16 EightMcDonald Shield
Girls U17 Single 
Girls U17 Double 
Girls U 17 Quad 
Girls U17 Novice FourGill Trophy
Girls U17 FourHauraki Oar
Girls U17 EightFairfield Shield
Girls U19 SingleStephanie Foster Cup
Girls U19 DoublePitt Island Trophy
Girls U19 Coxless Pair 
Girls U19 QuadNoel Lynch Trophy
Girls U19 Lightweight FourRex Farrally Trophy
Girls U19 FourDawn Cup
Girls U19 EightLevin Jubilee Cup

SIMON BIGGS CUP (Coxswain's Cup)
Awarded to the coxswain that coxes the most boats into the main finals of the Championships. In the case of a draw U15 events shall carry more points than U16. U16 more than U17 etc.
THE STAR trophy (Overall Winner's Trophy)
This trophy is awarded to the school that is awarded the most points in all main finals in all classes based on:
1st = 5 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 1 point
For information on donating cups see Regulation 19


Current approved colours can be found here.
Note: direction from the Secretary must be sought before altering or choosing colours.


This programme lists the sequence of events to be rowed at the championships regatta.
It is normal practice to row the heats, repechages, semi-finals and finals on separate days, with the finals being split over two days at event 20. The volume of entries, climatic conditions and number of lanes available may require this practice to be varied at a championships.
The attention of Members entering rowers in more than three events is drawn to this possibility.

EventFull nameShort name
1Girls under 19 coxless pairG-U19-2-
2Girls under 17 single scullG-U17-1X
3Boys under 17 coxed fourB-U17-4+
4Boys under 15 coxed quadruple scullsBU15-4X+
5Boys under 19 coxless pairB-U19-2-
6Girls under 16 coxed fourG-U16-4+
7Girls under 17 eightG-U17-8+
8Boys under 19 coxed quadruple scullsB-U19-4X+
9Girls under 19 lightweight coxed fourG-U19LW-4+
10Girls under 15 eightG-U15-8+
11Boys under 16 coxed quadruple scullsB-U16-4X+
12Boys under 17 novice coxed fourB-U17N-4+
13Boys under 15 eightB-U15-8+
14Girls under 16 double scullsG-U16-2X
15Boys under 19 light weight coxed fourB-U19-LW-4+
16Boys under 17 coxed quadruple scullsB-U17-4X+
17Girls under 19 single scullG-U19-1X
18Boys under 16 double scullsB-U16-2X
19Boys under 19 coxed fourB-U19-4+
20Girls under 19 coxed fourG-U19-4+
21Girls under 17 double scullsG-U17-2X
22Boys under 17 single scullsB-U17-1X
23Girls under 16 eightG-U16-8+
24Boys under 16 coxed fourB-U16-4+
25Girls under 19 double scullsG-U19-2X
26Girls under 15 coxed quadruple scullsG-U15-4X+
27Girls under 17 coxed fourG-U17-4+
28Boys under 17 eightB-U17-8+
29Boys under 19 double scullB-U19-2X
30Girls under 16 coxed quadruple scullsG-U16-4X+
31Boys under 15 coxed fourB-U15-4+
32Boys under 16 eightB-U16-8+
33Girls under 19 coxed quadruple scullsG-U19-4X+
34Girls under 17 novice coxed fourG-U17N-4+
35Boys under 17 double scullsB-U17-2X
36Boys under 19 single scullB-U19-1X
37Girls under 17 coxed quadruple scullsG-U17-4X+
38Girls under 15 coxed fourG-U15-4+
39Girls under 19 eightG-U19-8+
40Boys under 19 eightB-U19-8+


The following is a list of the requirements under the constitution with regard to dates. All events below are to take place "not less" than the number of weeks given below.

Clause 5.2(a) : Nominations for Life member close.

Clause 7.3 : Call for nomination for President, Secretary/Treasurer, Hon Auditor, Hon Solicitor.
Clause 10.5 : Call for remits for AGM
Clause 10.9 : Notice of meeting to be sent.

Clause 7.3 : Nominations close for President, Secretary/Treasurer Hon Auditor, Hon Solicitor.
Clause 10.5 : Remits for AGM close
Clause 10.10 : Notice of Other Business close
Regulation 5.2 : Applications to Host Championships close
Regulation 7.2 : Notice of following Championship Entry fees and charges to be given by host.

Clause 10.10 : Agenda for meeting to be sent
Clause 7.3 : Notify nominations received for President, Secretary/Treasurer, Hon Auditor, Hon Solicitor.

Clause 6.5 : Proxy to be lodged.
Clause 8.2 : Associations to advise Executive members.
Clause 8.4 : Executive Proxy to be lodged.

Clause 15.1(b) : Six week limit on Appeals.


The following are the standard forms for use at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Championships
The forms are:

  1. Application to host regatta (Regulation 5.2)
  2. Race Entry Form (Regulation 6.1(b))
  3. School Declaration Form (Regulation 6.1(c))
  4. Medical Alert Form (Regulation 6.1(d))
  5. School Party Form (Regulation 6.1(e))
  6. Regatta Summary Form (Regulation 6.1(f))
  7. School Membership Form (Clause 5.3)
  8. Colours Application/Change Form (Clause 13.4)

Constitution dated 27 March 2001
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