CODESchool nameRegion                        Approved Colours
ACGTACG TaurangaWaikato/Bay of PlentyBlue (navy) with lime dark teal light teal 3 stripe side panel
AGSBAuckland Grammar SchoolAucklandBlue (navy) with gold trim and large gold lion and oars on front
AOTEAotea CollegeWellingtonBlue (navy) with blue (sky) side panels and stylised sash with white piping
AQUIAquinas CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyBlue (navy) with green (forest) sides and shoulders gold piping and name on back
AVDCAvondale CollegeAucklandBlack with two white bands
BARABaradene CollegeAucklandMaroon with gold side panels and black trim and piping
BTHCBethlehem CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyWhite top red band blue (royal) bottom
CAMBCambridge High SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyYellow top blue (sky) diagonal blue (navy) bottom and navy trim
CAMPCampion CollegeEast CoastGreen(forest) with yellow cross side swish and 2 bands on shoulders
CARMCarmel CollegeAucklandBlue (navy) with blue (sky) wave motif, white side panels with Carmel, navy trim
CHILChilton St James SchoolWellingtonRed with grey trim and side panels and band with name in white
CULICullinane CollegeWhanganui/TaranakiBlue (cambridge) top blue (navy) bottom diagonal join
DIOCDiocesan School For GirlsAucklandBlue (navy) with blue (navy) side panels and red piping
EGGSEpsom Girls GrammarAucklandBlue (navy) with yellow band at waist and two yellow bands on shoulders
FRANFrancis Douglas Memorial CollegeWhanganui/TaranakiBlue (dark) with thick red band bordered by thin yellow bands
GBHSGisborne Boys High SchoolEast CoastRed with black side panels shoulders trim and school name on back
GGHSGisborne Girls High SchoolEast CoastBlack with red side swish GGHS on back and 2 bands on shoulders
GLDWGlendowie CollegeAucklandBlue (navy) with white green white side panels and motif on front
HAMBHamilton Boys High SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyRed and black quarters
HAMGHamilton Girls' High SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyBlack and Maroon quarters
HASBHastings Boys High SchoolEast CoastRed with black darts on shoulders and chest white name on front HASB on back
HAURHauraki Plains CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyBlack top grey bottom with white sash
HAVEHavelock North High SchoolEast CoastWhite with blue (royal) shoulders and black sides under arm
HLCRHillcrest High SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyBlue (navy) with gold splash on left side HILLCREST in gold on back
HOWIHowick CollegeAucklandRed with black and white side swishes
HTVHHutt Valley High SchoolWellingtonBlack with wide white band with HVHS narrow white bands above and below
HUANHuanui CollegeAucklandSilver with a blue (navy) band and trim optional black sleeves
IONAIona CollegeEast CoastBlue (navy) with white and gold side panels
JPCRJohn Paul CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyRed (scarlet) with 2 white V bands and white trim
KAPIKapiti CollegeWellingtonMaroon and black bands with gold trim on shoulders and waist
KATIKatikati CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyGreen top and bottom separated by gold twist and KATIKATI in gold on back
KGCAKings CollegeAucklandMaroon with blue (navy) side panels with gold piping
KRISKristin SchoolAucklandWhite with teal and black side panels teal braces black trim and name
LINDLindisfarne CollegeEast CoastRed and white halves
MACLMacleans CollegeAucklandWide blue (navy), white and red bands with navy side panels and trim
MTALMt Albert Grammar SchoolAucklandBlue (light) with two yellow bands and yellow trim
MTMAMount Maunganui CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyRed and white quarters
NAPBNapier Boys High SchoolEast CoastBlue (navy) with white band and NBHS on front
NAPGNapier Girls High SchoolEast CoastBlue (royal) with white band
NGARNgaruawahia High SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyGreen (forest) and black quarters
NGTANga Tawa Diocesan SchoolWhanganui/TaranakiBlue (navy) and brown stripes with gold pin stripes
NGTWNga Taiatea WharekuraWaikato/Bay of PlentyBlack with orange half side panels and orange shoulders
NPLBNew Plymouth Boys High SchoolWhanganui/TaranakiBlack with gold and white side stripes
NPLGNew Plymouth Girls High SchoolWhanganui/TaranakiBlue (Navy) with red side panels and trim NPGHS in white on front
ONEWOnewhero Area SchoolAucklandBlue (royal) with white side panels
ONSLOnslow CollegeWellingtonRed with green side panels with white piping
OREWOrewa CollegeAucklandBlack top green (bottle) bottom with green and white diagonal, motif on left
OTUMOtumoetai CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyGreen top fading down to black with blue and white braces
PARAParaparaumu CollegeWellingtonGreen (forest) with white and navy side panels
POMPPompallier Catholic CollegeAucklandBlue (royal) with light blue side panels gold piping and braces
PUKEPukekohe High SchoolAucklandRed with 3 bands (gold black gold) with logo in centre of black band
QMARQueen Margaret CollegeWellingtonBlue (navy) with white side panels with blue (navy) grid
ROSERosehill CollegeAucklandBlue with red diagonal
ROSMRosmini CollegeAucklandWhite with red under arms red and blue sides coat of arms front and back
ROTORototuna High SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyBlue (royal) with orange bird logo and side bands name and white number on back
RSHATaikura Rudolf Steiner SchoolEast CoastGreen (bottle) with white sash
SAMUSamuel Marsden Collegiate SchoolWellingtonWhite top green (bottle) bottom blue(azure)twist in middle and left side panel
SCOTScots CollegeWellingtonWhite with red band with black borders and trim and name on back in band
SHAKSacred Heart College (Auckland)AucklandBlue(navy) top red diagonal light blue bottom navy side panels red trim
SHGHSacred Heart Girls College (Hamilton)Waikato/Bay of PlentyWhite and maroon quarters
SHGNSacred Heart Girls College (New PlymouthWhanganui/TaranakiRed (maroon) with white side panels and SHGH on back black logo on front
SJHMSt John's College (Hamilton)Waikato/Bay of PlentyWhite cross separating gold and blue (royal) quarters with blue trim
SJHSSt John's College (Hastings)East CoastMaroon with white braces
SPLHSt Paul's Collegiate SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyYellow and white bands separated by thin black bands white side stripe
SPTSSt Patrick's College (Silverstream)WellingtonBlue (royal) with white diagonal
SPTWSt Patrick's CollegeWellingtonWhite with blue (royal) bands and side panels crest on front name on back
STBNSt Bernard's CollegeWellingtonBlue (royal) top yellow bottom and yellow trim
STCUSt Cuthberts CollegeAucklandGreen (forest) blue (light) bands name in white
STKTSt Kentigern CollegeAucklandBlue (royal) with white band and wide white side panels
STLNACG Strathallan CollegeAucklandBlue (sky) with narrow blue (navy) bands and side panels
STMWSt Mary's College (Wgtn)WellingtonBlack with white side panels with name in black white V on chest
STPASt Peter's CollegeAucklandBlue (dark) with gold band and trim
STPCSt Peter's SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyRed and blue (light) quarters
STRAStratford High SchoolWhanganui/TaranakiBlack top merging into red bottom by long triangular stripes
TAKATakapuna Grammar SchoolAucklandGold with blue trim side panels and lion on back
TAUHTauhara CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyYellow with blue cross with blue and white side stripes
TAUPTaupo-Nui-A-Tia CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyRed with white shoulders and cross
TAWATawa CollegeWellingtonBlue (royal) with gold trim and name in gold and red side panels with gold trim
TEAWTe Awamutu CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyBlue (navy) with white shoulders and 2 white inserts on each side
TEKCTe Kauwhata CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyWhite with large crest red shoulders with grey piping and green side panels
TRGBTauranga Boys CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyWhite with blue (navy) trim logo on front and name on back
TRGGTauranga Girls CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyBlue (navy) with white piping and name on back koru motif left side
TRIDTrident High SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyWhite with 2 blue (royal) bands separated by blue (sky) band
WAIUWaiuku CollegeAucklandMaroon with gold side panels with maroon inset
WEGCWellington East Girls CollegeWellingtonBlue (navy) with gold and blue diagonal inserts and WEGC back
WENTWentworth CollegeAucklandWhite top blue (navy) bottom with maroon diagonal
WHAKWhakatane High SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyGold with black band
WHGGWhangarei Girls High SchoolAucklandBlue (light) with white W on black square on back [WREC]
WHHSWestern Heights High SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyBlue (sky) top blue (navy) bottom with blue (navy) diagonal
WHICWaihi CollegeWaikato/Bay of PlentyMaroon with white side panels and shoulders WAIHI on front black trim
WKDSWaikato Diocesan SchoolWaikato/Bay of PlentyWhite and green (forest) quarters
WLCOWellington CollegeWellingtonBlack with gold trim and side panels and two gold bands on back with crests
WLGCWellington Girls CollegeWellingtonBlack with gold and white trim
WLHSWellington High SchoolWellingtonGreen (bottle) with 2 gold swishes and logo on front middle
WNCSWhanganui Collegiate SchoolWhanganui/TaranakiBlack and blue quarters
WNGCWhanganui Girls CollegeWhanganui/TaranakiBlue and yellow quarters
WNHSWanganui High SchoolWhanganui/TaranakiGreen (bottle) and yellow bands with green trim
WOODWoodford HouseEast CoastBlack front maroon back with maroon sides with white piping
WTLBWestlake Boys High SchoolAucklandWhite with red trim and green side stripe swan on back
WTLGWestlake Girls High SchoolAucklandWhite with red trim and name on back