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Maadi webcast 2006

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Finals: Day one Friday, 31 March 2006

Below is the full webcast recorded at day one of the finals of the 2006 AON NZ Secondary School Rowing Championships (Maadi). The continuous five and a half hours of coverage from day one of finals was webcast live; it shows the 'A' finals and medal ceremonies for events 1-21. Where the day's schedule permitted the webcast also includes coverage from 'B' finals.

The webcast from day two (events 1-21) is also available.

This is a multi-bit rate video file, so broadband connected viewers should get a good picture that can be viewed in full screen mode. If you want to open the webcast in seperate viewer you can use these links:

  1. finals day one
  2. finals day two

The webcast of the 2006 AON NZ Maadi was filmed by Positive Pictures, broadcast by R2 and supported by sponsorship from WinTech Racing.

WinTech Racing