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Maadi webcast 2008

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Finals: Day one Friday, 5 April 2008

Below is the full webcast recorded at day one of the finals of the 2008 Aon Maadi Cup regatta (NZ Secondary Schools Rowing Championships). The continuous seven and a half hours of coverage from day one of finals was webcast live; it shows the 'A' finals and medal ceremonies for events 1-21. Where the day's schedule permitted the webcast also includes coverage from 'B' finals.

The webcast from day two (events 1-21) is also available.

If you want to open the webcast in seperate viewer you can use these links:

  1. finals day one
  2. finals day two
  3. "Red Checkers"

The webcast of the 2008 Aon Maadi Cup regatta was filmed by Positive Pictures, broadcast by R2.