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Crimson Global Academy's approved colours
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Approved colours for the 77 past member schools of NZSSRA. Colours of current members of the NZSSRA and previously approved colours (all regions) can also be manually checked.

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singlet: green (forest) with gold V on chest singlet: black, green (fluro) side panels with red shoulder stripes, black trim singlet: blue (navy) with blue (royal) side panels white trim and crest on back singlet: black with yellow side swish name on front and back and 2 bands on shoulders singlet: blue (royal) black and silver stripes singlet: White with blue (navy) trim and blue (navy) and gold diagonal splashes singlet: yellow top red (burgundy) bottom diagonal join singlet: maroon with light blue side stripe singlet: dne as Demo Only singlet: green with red side panels with white trim singlet: blue (navy) with teal cross singlet: black with red and white bands singlet: blue (navy) with green (emerald) and white stripes singlet: blue with red quarter circle in lower right and white bottom and collar singlet: white with yellow sides and green trim and logo singlet: blue (navy) blue (royal) side panels white side bands trim FRASER and logo singlet: maroon and black stripes singlet: blue (navy) with yellow thin stripes side panels and trim singlet: green with white shoulders front white top green bottom back black trim & name singlet: blue (navy) top red bottom on diagonal fading down to navy white line in red singlet: red with white maltese cross singlet: red top and bottom white diagonal with half blue diagonals and blue side panels singlet: black with red band white piping and blue (navy) name singlet: withdrawn as not active singlet: green and gold singlet: white with green trim  and green and red pattern singlet: green with red trim singlet: grey singlet: green (bottle) with red sash with white piping singlet: maroon with gold trim name in large gold letters on front and numbered singlet: maroon with black side panel and white piping singlet: maroon top with tapering gold diagonal singlet: green (dark) with 7 white bands on chest and shoulders singlet: Green (forest) with white side panels and gold trim Mana in white band on front singlet: Green (forest) with light blue brace on right with white edges and crest singlet: blue with blue navy side panels and trim white piping singlet: silver with black side panels and shoulders singlet: maroon with gold side panels singlet: blue (navy) with blue green white purple side bands singlet: blue (royal) with red neck blue (sky) braces with white trim and name on front singlet: white with green trim singlet: white with blue white red diagonals singlet: gold with blue trim and blue (royal) sash singlet: green (mallard) with white binding on side seams singlet: black top white band with school name red bottom singlet: white top with blue (navy) bottom with separated by navy and white inverted V singlet: white with black trim and black and blue (light) sash singlet: blue (navy) with green and white insets singlet: red top blue (dark) bottom diagonal join each part has white sash singlet: white top purple bottom separated by gold V band gold trim singlet: blue (navy) and white halves 1 yellow strip on blue side singlet: blue (royal) with red sides singlet: gold and blue separated by black line on diagonal with black trim singlet: blue (navy) with two maroon bands and maroon trim singlet: blue (navy) with maroon left side panel and white right side panel singlet: white with 2 narrow green diagonals singlet: blue (royal) with white side panels and white N on back singlet: red with two blue bands singlet: green (forest) white green white bands white crest singlet: blue (navy) with red shoulders and sides with white piping singlet: blue (navy) with red sides and white band across with name singlet: Yellow with two blue vertical stripes on one side and blue trim singlet: Maroon with black side panels and yellow shoulders singlet: black with silver side panels piping and u shape on front name front and back singlet: yellow top blue (royal) diagonal and white bottom singlet: blue (royal) with gold braces singlet: blue (royal) top gold bottom with blue (royal) and gold diagonal singlet: blue (light) with white W on black square on back [WREC] singlet: blue (navy) with blue (navy) and white side bands singlet: blue (navy) with gold trim and 3 yellow bands name in middle band singlet: blue (cambridge) with broad blue (royal) band name in large letters singlet: red with blue (light) trim and side swishes singlet: green top gold middle in V shape black bottom singlet: black with yellow center panel and red maple leaf logo  

Click on a member's colours to see the full details of that member or click on the map to show inactive approved colours from the selected region.

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