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2013 Aon Maadi Cup Regatta Star TrophyLake Karapiro, 18 - 24 March 2013

New Zealand's premier rowing school: Hamilton Boys High School, winners of the Star Trophy! [Points table] Other major trophy winners were:

  • Executive Trophy: Hamilton Boys High School
    (Sweep Oar Champs) [Points table]
  • Presidents Scull: Kavanagh College
    (Sculling Champs) [Points table]
  • Maadi Cup: Hamilton Boys High School [5:54.76]
    (B U18 8+) [results]
  • Levin 75th Jubilee Cup: St Margarets College [6:43.23]
    (G U18 8+) [results]
  • Simon Briggs Cup: Hayden Shaw, Hamilton Boys High School
    (Coxswain of the regatta)
  • Bill Eady Cup: John Parnell from Kavanagh College
    (RowingNZ's Junior coach of the year: domestic & international competition)

A big thank you to Karapiro Rowing and their many officials and volunteers who have hosted a superb 2013 Aon Maadi Cup regatta!

WEBCAST Lake Karapiro, 21-23 March 2013

This year we had three days webcast live from Lake Karapiro. The general webcast URL is

Results 18-23 March 2013

Results were published live during the regatta. Results for:

Day sheets 18-23 March 2013

Daysheet for:

  • Saturday. Racing starts at 8:25am. Finals for events 25 to 48 will be held with A finals for events at 20 minute intervals and B finals being held before the A final.

  • Friday. Racing starts at 8:25am. Finals for events 1 to 24 will be held with A finals for events at 20 minute intervals and B finals being held before the A final.

  • Thursday. Racing starts at 8:00am. There is a mix of major repechages, and semi-finals and 'C' & 'D' finals. Events following through in event order. Last race of day is 4:54pm.

  • Wednesday (updated) Racing starts at 8:00am with Event 40 (B U15 4+). Repechage racing finishes at 9:24pm. Quarter-finals and 'E' & 'F' Finals will begin at 10:25am and be held at 5 min intervals. Quarter-finals are NOT held in event order. Updated sheet gives times for wind-delayed races

  • Tuesday. Heats & beginning of minor repechages* now available online. Racing starts at 8:00am with Event 33. Heats for the Levin 75th Jubilee Cup (G U18 8+) and Maadi Cup (B U18 8+) are 12:00-12:12pm then repechage races begin at 1:00pm. Racing finishes with repechages for Event 38 at 5:00pm.

  • Monday. Racing starts at 8:00am and continues at four-minute intervals until Event 32 (Boys U17 4+) finishes the day with heats at 5:12pm and 5:16pm.

* minor repechages are repechages where crews do not progress directly to finals

Notices & Updates

  • Coaching conference
    Rowing NZ and Gisborne Rowing Club would like to welcome coaches to a Coaching Conference to be held in Gisborne on the weekend of 28th & 29th September 2013. Details available at
  • Finals Webcast
    There is a live webcast of the three final days of the (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at
  • Weather
    Victoria University provides an excellent weather forecast service.
    The Norwegian Meteorological Institute also provides great local weather forecasts.
  • Car parking
    The car park will be operating Monday - Saturday. $5 per day. $20 for the week.
    Disabled parking is available through gate 3. You will be directed to a special carpark, and from there a golf cart will pick you up and take you wherever you want to go. The cart does a basic circuit of the domain, so when you are ready to go, wait where you were dropped off and you will be transported back to your car.
  • Enjoy the rowing from out on the water
    Karapiro Cruiser are running 45 minutes cruises on the hour every hour along the inside of the course while racing is underway. $10 per adult. $5 per child (14yr & younger).
  • Post-regatta party for competitors
    A post-regatta party has been organised for competitors. Organisers have clearance from the Regatta Committee, the Waipa District Council and have also discussed the event with the local constable - all of whom are very supportive. Professional security will be present on site during the event and the event will be closely policed. There is a flyer available for download (.pdf [205KB])
  • Need a mountain bike? (flyer)  
    Cycle from Cambridge to the lake or ride from Mighty River Domain towards the start of the rowing course on the new Te Awa Cycleway.
    Rates - weekly $120, daily $30. Collect and return bikes from Cambridge. Contact [email protected] for further details or to pre-arrange your booking.
    Supports the work of Perry Outdoor Education Trust and Waikato Cycling Sports Academy
  • Dawn Service
    Thursday at Maadi will begin at with a Dawn Service held at Lake Karapiro; commemorating the regatta's ties with our Armed Forces deployment to Camp Maadi during World War Two.
  • Safety Briefing
    The Safety Briefing was held in the Don Rowlands Centre at Lake Karapiro at 4:00pm on Sunday. 100% turnout was not achieved and the missing schools had to get a briefing from the Chief Umpire before their crews took to the water on Monday.
  • Boat park
    The boat park allocation (.pdf [198KB]) and boat park map (.pdf [104KB]) are available for download.
  • Tent sites
    The tent site allocation (.pdf [25KB])and tent site map (.pdf [184KB]) are available for download.
  • Passes (coaches/vehicles)
    These will be held at the Control tower for collection.
  • Electronic crew changes & scratchings
    Karapiro Rowing offer entrants the ability to submit crew changes and scratchings electronically instead of on paper during the early rounds of the regatta. Entrants need their online entry password to be able to do this.
  • New progression system
    A new progression system for 2013 introduces quarter-finals, C - F finals, has fewer eliminations from heats, and more...
  • Entry limit
    4 crews per school per event.
  • NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria:
    Revised criteria took effect last year. An updated article about the NZSSSC School Team Eligibility Criteria is available from NZSSRA.

Relegation to last & exclusion Non-notified crew changes in heats. Underweight coxswain. Unauthorised uniform.

On Monday two crews made non-notified crew changes of coxswains. Each crew was relegated to last place and fined the $50 penalty. Relegation was considered an appropriate outcome because the crews were competing in heats i.e. these were not changes to crews that had already raced. The two crews were: Westlake Boys High School 2 in event 16 and Wakatipu High School 2 in event 23.
On Monday one crew made a non-notified crew change of its coxswain (a crew change was submitted and approved but the original coxswain was raced). The crew was relegated to last place and fined the $50 penalty. Relegation was considered an appropriate outcome because the crew was competing in heats i.e. this was not a change to a crew that had already raced. The crew was: Westlake Boys High School 2 in event 16.

On Tuesday further crews also failed to notify coxswain changes going in into heats and were similarly penalized: Glendowie College 1 in event 40, Glendowie College 1 in event 42

On Thursday a coxswain was found to be underweight and the crew was relegated to last place. Wakatipu High School 2 in event 37 will now get to contest a 'B' final instead of an 'A' final.

On Saturday, a James Hargest College crew was excluded from the B final results in event 28 for racing in unathorised colours. Note: the crew was already on penalty for arriving late to the start.


It has subsequently been accepted the WAKA crew believed to have made a non-notified crew change on Monday did not make such a change. The confusion was caused by the coxswain and coach recording the wrong events in the weigh-in declaration.

Media coverage The Waikato Independent18 - 24 March 2013

  • Online news
    Approximately 20 journalism students from Wintec will be on site covering the regatta. All their Maadi stories can be found here:
  • Television
    Sky Sport are broadcasting a Maadi package during the following week:
    • Tuesday 26th March at 7:30pm on Sky Sport 2
    • Wednesday 27th March at 9:00am on Sky Sport 3
    • Wednesday 27th March at 2:00pm on Sky Sport 3
    • Wednesday 27th March at 6:30pm on Sky Sport 2
    • Thursday 28th March at 11:00am on Sky Sport 3
    • Thursday 28th March at 7:30pm on Sky Sport 2
    • Friday 29th March at 2:00am on Sky Sport 3
    • Friday 29th March at 6:30pm on Sky Sport 3
    • Saturday 30th March at 6:00pm on Sky Sport 3
  • Photos
    Kolorcare are taking the podium and on-water photos.

Picture by Kolourcare
Picture from heats from

On-site services/manufacturers

All week there will be a Rowers Expo in the Don Rowlands Centre as well as some outside displays

2013 Aon Maadi18 - 24 March 2013, Lake Karapiro

  • Where: Lake Karapiro [map], Waikato, New Zealand.
  • When: Monday 18 - Saturday 23 March 2013
    (reserve day: Sunday 24 March until noon)
  • What: New Zealand's largest and most colourful regatta; currently 2031 pupils (plus reserves) from 120 schools, in 1424 crews requiring more than 570 (!!!) races across 48 events, and supported by many great sponsors.
  • Communication with the organisers of the 2013 Maadi Cup Regatta can be made using email to: [email protected]

MainfreightMainfreight Monday

The 2013 Aon Maadi Cup regatta kicks off with Mainfreight Monday.

Monday features racing from 8:00am until 5:16pm. 140 races at four-minute intervals. Heats for events 1-32. (Monday Day Sheet)

The University of AucklandThe University of Auckland Tuesday

The 2013 Aon Maadi Cup regatta continue with
The University of Auckland Tuesday.

The University of Auckland Tuesday will be based in the Mighty River Power Marquee on the village green behind the Finish Tower. It's a must see for all. Their display will continue through the week in the Rowers Expo in the Don Rowlands Centre.

Tuesday features racing from 8:00am until 5:00pm. 124 races. Heats for events 33-48 and minor repechages for events 1-38. (partial Tuesday Day Sheet)

The University of WaikatoThe University of Waikato Wednesday

The 2013 Aon Maadi Cup regatta continues with
The University of Waikato Wednesday.

The University of Waikato Wednesday brings you news of the Hillary Scholarships. Pick up a brochure from the Secretary's Office about what they have to offer rowing students.

Wednesday features repechage racing from 8:00am until 9:24am. Quarter-finals will star at 10:25am and run through at 5minute intervals. Quarter-finals are NOT in event order (partial Wednesday Day Sheet).

New Zealand Defence Force Thursday

The 2013 Aon Maadi Cup regatta continues with
New Zealand Defence Force Thursday.

Thursday features racing from 8:00am until 4:54pm. 125 races. All the major repechages, semi-finals and 'C' & 'D' finals will be completed. By the end of the day all the 'A' & 'B' finalsists will be known (Thursday Day Sheet)

Coxswains race end of day Friday

The coxswains race will return to Maadi this year. It is a race between coxed quads and fours where coxswains row and a rower coxes. Composite crews and mixed crews are welcome. Entrants should register their crew/name at the weigh-in station. The race will be held on Friday after the finals for the Sprinbok Shield and Levin 75th Jubilee Cup.

The race was won by ... D5 (Timaru Snr Coxes). C5 (St Pauls) was second and C9 (Westlake Boys) was third.


This New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association regatta is sanctioned by the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council.


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