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2014 Aon Maadi Cup Regatta Star TrophyLake Ruataniwha, 23 - 29 March 2014

New Zealand's premier rowing school: Hamilton Boys High School, winners of the Star Trophy! [Points table] Other major trophy winners were:

  • Executive Trophy: Hamilton Boys High School
    (Sweep Oar Champs) [Points table]
  • Presidents Scull: St Peters School
    (Sculling Champs) [Points table]
  • Maadi Cup: Hamilton Boys High School [5:55.84]
    (B U18 8+) [results ]
  • Levin 75th Jubilee Cup: Waikato Diocesan School [6:51.43]
    (G U18 8+) [results ]
  • Simon Briggs Cup: Natalie Bocock, St Margarets College
    (Coxswain of the regatta)
  • Bill Eady Cup: Dan Kelly from Roncalli College and Timaru Girls High School
    (RowingNZ's Junior coach of the year: domestic & international competition)

A big thank you to Ruataniwha Rowing and their many officials and volunteers who have hosted a massive and superb 2014 Aon Maadi Cup regatta!

Maadi footage

Videos for Maadi Cup are in the process of being edited. As they are edited they are being uploaded to the RowingNZ YouTube channel. Once that process is complete work will start on the DVD and downloadable video files.

In the meantime, if you need more information, you can go to There you can add yourself to a mailing list. Or, if anyone needs races urgently they can contact Adam Dransfield directly:

PO Box 11-465
Manners St
Ph +64 4 974 4024
Ph +64 21 455997

Results by rowIT

Live results are available on the rowIT website:

Results for:

Winners T-shirtsUPDATED

UPDATE: the winners shirts have become available! They are being handed out to medalists now. Those crews who collected medals yesterday or this morning before the shirts were available can collect their shirts from the front of the control tower.

We give our sincerest apologies as 2014 Aon Maadi Cup winners shirts have got stuck in customs and aren't being released for us, and have not made their way down to Twizel. Winners shirts will either be delivered to the school or posted/couriered. We hope each school can instead present these at their school assemblies. Winners shirts are given to all the gold medal winning crews at the Aon Maadi Cup.

We apologise we this inconvenience, unfortunately it is out of hands.

Disqualifications Failing to make weight

On Monday one ligtweight crew failed to make weight and was disqualified: Rosehill 1 in event 18.

On Tuesday a second lightweight crew failed to make weight and was disqualified: Rosehill 1 in event 33.

Reminder for coxswains

Random checks of coxswains are being carried out after racing to make sure they are still over the minimum weight. There have been no problems so far (and Officials look forward to that remaining the case throughout the week!) but coxswains need to remain vigilant about ensuring their weight is above the minimum. With long days of racing and fine weather it is easy for coxswains to lose some weight over the course of the day and they need to make sure that weightloss doesn't drop them below the allowed minimum.


There are three different competitions being run at the 2014 Aon Maadi Cup this year, including a Mascot, banner and t-shirt competition.

Best Team Banner

For the school with the best banner displayed during the Aon Maadi Cup parade. Won by Villa Maria College.

Winning Banner
Picture from Margaret, RowingNZ

Best School Mascot

For the school with the best banner mascot supporting their school at the lake. Won by Craighead Diocesan School. Second place: St Thomas of Canterbury. Third place: Queens High School.

Winning Mascot
Picture from Margaret, RowingNZ

Best Team T-Shirt

For the school with team t-shirt. Won by Waitaki Boys High School.

Winning Shirt
Picture from Margaret, RowingNZ

Prizes that are up for grabs for these competitions were made available by Aon. Thanks Aon!

Notices & Updates

New Zealand Defence Force Thursday

The 2013 Aon Maadi Cup regatta continues with
New Zealand Defence Force Thursday.

Thursday features racing from 8:00am until 6:00pm. 114 races. The remainder of the quarter-finals and all the semi-finals and 'C' & 'D' finals will be completed. By the end of the day all the 'A' & 'B' finalists will be known (Thursday Day Sheet)

The University of WaikatoThe University of Waikato Wednesday

The 2014 Aon Maadi Cup regatta continues with
The University of Waikato Wednesday.

Wednesday features repechage racing from 8:00am until 2:00pm. In order to be able to complete the regatta and make up time lost to wind yesterday the repechages are being raced as time trials. Quarter-finals will start once the repechages are complete. There is a partial Wednesday Day Sheet (repechages only) available:

The University of AucklandThe University of Auckland Tuesday

The 2014 Aon Maadi Cup regatta continue with
The University of Auckland Tuesday.

Tuesday features racing from 8:00am until 5:34pm. 139 races. Heats for events 31-48 and repechages begin. (partial Tuesday Day Sheet)

MainfreightMainfreight Monday

The 2014 Aon Maadi Cup regatta gets underway with Mainfreight Monday.

Monday featured racing from 8:00am until 5:52pm. 110 races at four-minute intervals. Heats for events 1-30.

Media coverage Timaru Herald24 - 29 March 2014 (and later)

  • Television
    Sky Sport are broadcasting a Maadi package during the week following the regatta:
    • Thursday 3 April, 7:00PM, SKY Sport 2
    • Thursday 3 April, 11:00PM, SKY Sport 1
    • Friday 4 April, 6:00AM, SKY Sport 3
    • Friday 4 April, 10:00AM, SKY Sport 1
    • Friday 4 April, 5:30PM, SKY Sport 3
    • Saturday 5 April 8:15AM, SKY Sport 4
  • Photos
    Kolorcare are taking the podium photos and on-water photos.
  • Photos
    Rowing Images are taking on-water photos.

Picture by Rowing Images
Picture from Monday from


This New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association regatta is sanctioned by the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council .


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