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2015 Aon Maadi Cup Regatta Star TrophyLake Karapiro, 23 - 28 March 2015

New Zealand's premier rowing school: Hamilton Boys High School, winners of the Star Trophy! [Points table] Other major trophy winners were:

  • Executive Trophy: Hamilton Boys High School
    (Sweep Oar Champs) [Points table]
  • Presidents Scull: St Peters School
    (Sculling Champs) [Points table]
  • Maadi Cup: Hamilton Boys High School [6:07.43]
    (B U18 8+) [results]
  • Levin 75th Jubilee Cup: St Margarets College [7:09.10]
    (G U18 8+) [results]
  • Simon Briggs Cup: Molly Densem, Waikato Diocesan School
    (Coxswain of the regatta)
  • Bill Eady Cup: Graham Watt from Whakatane High School, Trident High School and Whakatane Rowing Club
    (RowingNZ's Junior coach of the year: domestic & international competition)

2015 Aon Maadi23 - 29 March 2015, Lake Karapiro

  • Where: Lake Karapiro [map], Waikato, New Zealand.
  • When: Monday 23 - Saturday 28 March 2015
    (reserve day: Sunday 29 March until noon)
  • What: New Zealand's largest and most colourful regatta;2196 pupils from 122 schools entered in 1622 crews, requiring 600+ races across 52 events*, and supported by many great sponsors.
    * this year the new programme of events comes into effect and Novice Eights and U15 Octuples are now Championships events
  • Hosted by: Karapiro Rowing
    Communication with the organisers of the 2015 Maadi Cup Regatta can be made using email to: [email protected]

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Results 23-28 March 2015

Results were published live during the regatta:

Results for:

Exclusion Failing to weigh in on time

On Saturday a lightweight crew was excluded from its B Final when it failed to show for weigh-in (for Event 35: Girls Lightweight 2X).

Exclusion Incorrect crew

On Saturday a crew was excluded from its B Final (for Event 34: Boys Under-17 4+) after the school realised they had boated the wrong crew members earlier in the regatta.

Exclusions Failing to weigh in on time

On Friday a crew was excluded from its B Final when the coxswain failed to weigh in for the event within the alotted time (from Event 2: Girls Under-17 4+).

Soon after the first exclusion of the day another crew was excluded from a different B Final (Event 12: G Under-17 4X+) when its coxswain also failed to weigh in for the event within the alotted time. The crew appealed but the appeal was unsuccessful.

Exclusion Failing to weigh in on time (illegal crew change)

A crew was excluded from yet another B Final (Event 10: G Nov 8+) after the wrong coxswain weighed in. No substitution had been made and one could not be made at that stage without a medical certificate. The correct coxswain had not weighed in so the crew was excluded.


The Race Committee can not stress strongly enoughly to schools' coaches, managers, and support staff the importance of making sure their coxswains weigh in on time for their races!


On Wednesday a crew was disqualified from Event 49 (Boys Under-16 1X) after the school advised it had put the wrong pupil into the boat.

Schools are reminded of the importance of making sure they know who is supposed to be in their boats; especially if they have more than one crew in an event. There is no room for mistakes at the national Championships.

Exclusion Failing to weigh in on time

On Tuesday a second crew was excluded after the coxswain failed to weigh in for the event within the alotted time (from Event 41: Girls Under-15 8+). The decision was appealed and the appeal declined.

Exclusion Failing to weigh in on time

On Monday a crew was excluded from Event 12 (Girls Under-17 4X+) after the coxswain failed to weigh in for the event within the alotted time. .

Schools were warned in no uncertain terms during the Safety Briefing that the consequence for missing a weigh-in is exclusion. The school confirmed it was aware of the message. Officials and school alike were disappointed about having to enforce this particular ruling and hope other coxed crews will learn from this and avoid a similar fate.

LIVE WEBCAST Lake Karapiro, 26-28 March 2015

We will have three days being webcast live from Lake Karapiro. The webcasts can be found at Direct links for each day are:

Competitions at Maadi

There are 4 competions taking place during this year's regatta; listed below. A flyer is also available for download [2MB].

For the school with the best banner displayed during the Aon Maadi Cup parade. Jointly won by Cambridge High School and St Hilda's Collegiate.

Winning Banner
Pictures from Margaret, RowingNZ


For the school with the best mascot attending the regatta. Won by Queen Margaret College's "Maggie". Second place: Auckland Diocesan's dragon. Third place: Craighead Diocesan's crocodile.

Winning Mascots


For the school with the best t-shirt during the Aon Maadi Cup regatta. Won by John McGlashan College.

Winning T-shirt
Pictures from Margaret, RowingNZ



How to enter our contest:

  1. Snap a pic of you or your friends at the Aon Maadi Cup regatta
  2. Upload the photo to Instagram and tag your Aon Maadi Cup photos with the hashtag #aonmaadicup

At the end of each day we'll pick our favourite photo for the 2015 Aon Maadi Cup and give you a prize it's that easy!

Happy Snapping!

CCC Promotions winners

During Maadi there were two promotions being run in conjunction with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce:

  • Adopt a School: won by Bettie Munroe – vintage inspire clothing. The school they adopted was Hillcrest High School.
  • Fill Your Boat competition:
    • 1st Prize: Gail Fevre – Cambridge (Prize: $500 Cambridge Dollars)
    • Winning School: Cambridge High School (Prize: $100 Cambridge Dollars)
    • 2nd Prize: Kym Kearns - Cambridge (Prize: $200 Cambridge Dollars)
    • 3rd prize: Cara Gregan: Timaru (Prize: $100 Cambridge Dollars)

Thanks to all of the Aon Maadi Cup competitors, family and supporters who spent up large in Cambridge!

Notices & Updates

  • After Party Concerns:
    After complaints received and concerns about young people and issues with alcohol NZSSRA and Rowing NZ do not endorse or support any form of 'after party' for rowers at the Maadi Cup.
  • Car parking
    $5 per day apply.
  • Stats from 2015:
    2196 pupils (excluding reserves) from 122 schools entered in 5631 seats in 1626 crews.
  • Safety Briefing
    The Safety Briefing will be held in the Don Rowlands Centre Theatre at Karapiro at 4:00pm on Sunday 22 March. Attendance by every school's Adult Safety Officer is compulsory; a roll will be taken. Schools that fail to attend a safety briefing will not be allowed to race.
  • Tent sites
    Tent sites are ordered during the online entry process and are allocated by ballot after close of entries.
    The NZSSRA AGM also be held in the Don Rowlands Centre at Karapiro (Agenda). It will follow the Maadi Safety Briefing on Sunday 23 March. We would love to hear your thoughts on school rowing at this meeting.
  • Progression system
    The current progression system was brought in in 2013 and introduces quarter-finals, C - F finals, has fewer eliminations from heats, and more...
  • Weather
    Victoria University provides an excellent weather forecast service.
    The Norwegian Meteorological Institute also provides great local weather forecasts.
  • Finals Webcast
    There will be a live webcast of the three last days of the regatta (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). This covers semi-finals, and A-D finals.
  • Number of events per pupil
    After seeking advice from physiologists, leading elite coaches and the NZ Secondary School Sports Council the Schools Committee makes the following health & saftey recommendation: School age rowers should only be racing 2 events at a Championships regatta. A few rowers could be considered for 3 events; none should be doing more.
  • Entry limits
    Doubles: 1 crew per event per school. Singles: 2 crews per event per school. All other events: 4 crews per event per school. (Limits may be relaxed during supplementary entries)
  • Stats from 2014:
    2108 pupils (excluding reserves) from 125 schools entered in 5583 seats in 1641 crews. 595 races were required to complete the regatta and find the winners of all 50 events.

Media coverageStuff Sport23 - 28 March 2015

Coxswains race

An exciting coxswains race was held. 32 crews contested the 500m course in a mix of fours and quads. It was an unheld start with the fleet spread across the lake.

To describe the racing as 'close' would be an understatement given the number of collisions. However, the coxswains from TIMB pulled clear of the melee early were victors by several lengths from ONSL. CHCO came third and was also the first four across the line.

In addition to having coxswains in sliding seats there pupils helping run things in the Control Tower. Buzzer: Gareth from ONSL; Radio: James from WLCO; Calling finish order: Sarah from GLDW; Recording finish order: Zac from GLDW; Chief Judge: Henrietta from CRAI; Commentating: Jess from RRGS (abely assisted by Weigh Marshal Harvey Nelson)

New Zealand Defence Force Thursday

The 2015 Aon Maadi Cup regatta continues with
New Zealand Defence Force Thursday.

Thursday features racing from 8:00am until 4:40pm. 100 races. All the semi-finals and 'C' & 'D' finals will be completed. By the end of the day all the 'A' & 'B' finalists will be known (Thursday Day Sheet)

The LIVE WEBCAST starts today.

The University of WaikatoThe University of Waikato Wednesday

The 2015 Aon Maadi Cup regatta continues with
The University of Waikato Wednesday.

Wednesday features repechage racing from 8:00am until 12:12pm. Quarter-finals and E & F finals follow but these events are not all raced in event order.

Becuase the afternoon's racing depends on race results from the morning a full day sheet is not yet available. The first part of the Wednesday day sheet is here.

The day sheet for the remainder of Wednesday afternoon will be completed and become available soon after repechages finish.

Re-rowEvent 6, QF 2, 3rd-6th

There was a race protest upheld in QF2 of Event 6 (G U18 2X), which was race O on Wednesday at 12:58pm. The crews that placed 3rd to 6th will re-row to establish those places. They are (in alphabetical order): MLBG#1, QMAR#1, STHI#1, WAKA#1

The re-row will take place at 6:20pm.

The University of AucklandThe University of Auckland Tuesday

The 2015 Aon Maadi Cup regatta continue with
The University of Auckland Tuesday.

Tuesday features racing from 7:44am until 6:24pm. 150 races. Heats for events 29-52 and repechages for events 1-26. (Tuesday Day Sheet)

MainfreightMainfreight Monday

The 2015 Aon Maadi Cup regatta gets underway with Mainfreight Monday.

Monday featured racing from 8:00am until 5:16pm. 136 races at four-minute intervals. Heats for events 1-29 31. (Monday Day Sheet)

On-site services/manufacturers

  • 2XU, Adidas Eyewear (performance and casual eyewear), Aon, Aquapick, BNZ, Concept 2 (rowing machines and oars), Croker (Oars), Defence Careers, Espresso to go, Kanghua NZ (Boats), Last 500, Mainfreight, Mediacom (selling UE Boom Speakers), Mighty River Power, Oarthentic Oars, Queenstown Resort College, Rigtec, Rowperfect (Rowing machines), Sunsmart, The University of Auckland, The University of Waikato, Wintec (Boats)


This New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association regatta is sanctioned by the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council and by the New Zealand Rowing Association.


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