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Hosting Application

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Name of regatta?  
What Organisation is applying to host the regatta?  
Who are the Organisers if not the Host Association(s)?  
What is the proposed venue?  
What is the first day of racing?  
  • If the dates do not fall within the first term Tournament Week dates specified by NZSSSC then a full explanation must be attached as to why not
What is the last day of racing?  

The Host Association(s) hereby agree to abide by the Constitution, Regulations for Regattas, Rules of Racing, Safety System and directives of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association and that the Constitution, Regulations, Rules and Safety System shall be used at the Championships including the format of the official forms.

The Host Association(s) and Organisers hereby undertake that the Principal Sponsor of the regatta shall be that nominated by the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association.

For Hosts:
For Organisers:
Date: Date:


A draft Budget for the event shall be attached if possible. This shall be followed up with an updated budget, and a proposed schedule of fees, charges and deposits as required in Regulation 8.2