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NZSSRA Schools Committee

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Schools Committee

The Schools Committee is a joint NZSSRA/NZRA body separate from the NZSSRA Board of Directors. It was set up to carry out NZSSRA's daily administrative business and manage the general affairs of NZSSRA. The Schools Committee also carries out those functions of NZRA that relate to school rowing. For NZSSRA-specific functions of the Schools Committee see Article 11 of the constitution.

Contact details

Schools Manager

  • Name:TBC

Schools Administration

Schools Committee Members

The Schools Committee has 7 members: Chairman, 2 x Ex-Officio Members, 2 x Elected Members, and 2 x Appointed Members. When NZSSRA has an Honorary Solicitor and/or Honorary Accountant they have an advisory role on the Schools Committee.

See Article 10 of the constitution for full details of the Schools Committee. The current office holders are listed below:

Chairman NZRA Board Member

  • Mr Bruce Tong
    • Bio: Principal at WENT (where he introduced and coaches rowing), former coach and rowing Master at WTLB
    • Term: 2018-2021

Ex-Officio Members NZSSRA President & NZRA CEO (or appointees)

Elected Members Elected by NZSSRA Members during AGM

  • Ms Lauren Farnden
    • Bio: Head Coach at STHI. Involved in coaching, selection, and administration in Otago and the South Island at club, association, and provincial level.
    • Term: 2015-2017-2020-2021*-2022*
  • Mr Mark Cotham
    • Bio: teacher and Head of Rowing at RRGS.
    • Term: 2021-2024

Appointed Members Appointed by NZSSRA Board

  • Mr Richard Dykes
    • Bio: principal at GLDW
    • Term: 2018-2021-2024
  • Mrs Cathy Ewing
    • Bio: principal at NCOG
    • Term: 2019-2022

Honorary Members Solicitor/Accountant

  • Honorary Solicitor, not currently required
    • Term: [2 year]
  • Honorary Accountant, not currently required
    • Term: [2 years]

Former Members

For a list of past members of the committee see the past officers page.