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The NZSSRA Board of Directors is responsible for governance of NZSSRA and is separate from the Schools Committee, which is responsible for most of the day-to-day running of NZSSRA. The Board was created when NZSSRA changed its structure in May of 2012. The Board is chaired by the President, who appoints 2-4 Directors to complete the Board.


  • Mrs Trudy Keys
    • Term: [2003]-2012-2013-2016-2019

Board Members Appointed by the President

  • Mrs Janey Wackrow
    • Term: 2018-2020 {resigned 2019, upon election as President}
  • Mr Peter O'Connor
    • Term: 2013-2015-2017

Schools Committee

The Schools Committee is a joint NZSSRA/NZRA body separate from the NZSSRA Board of Directors. The Schools Committee took over from the Executive Committee and Executive Officer when NZSSRA changed its structure in May of 2012. The Schools Committee has 7 members: Chairman, 2 x Ex-Officio Members, 2 x Elected Members, and 2 x Appointed Members and also includes the Honorary Solicitor and/or Honorary Accountant (advisory role only).

Chairman NZRA Board Member

  • Mrs Gillian Simpson
    • Principal, St Margarets College [STMG]
    • Term: 2012-2013-2016-2019

Ex-Officio Members NZSSRA President & NZRA CEO (or appointees)

  • Mr Simon Peterson, NZRA CEO
    • Term: 2012-2016
    • Appointee - Sonya Walker
    • Term: 2017-2021

Elected Members Elected by NZSSRA Members during AGM

  • Mr Scott Wilson
    • Bio: coach and rowing parent at HAMG, owner and director of a niche media company
    • Term: 2014-2016, 2018-2021
  • Mrs Lindy Graham
    • Bio: principal at CRAI
    • Term: 2016-2018
  • Mr Craig Bocock
    • Bio: school rowing coach, past President WBoPSSRA, former WBoPSSRA representative to Executive Committee, TGAC President
    • Term: 2013-2015
  • Mr Leith Menzies
    • Bio: school rowing coach (STKT, KGCA), President ASSRA, former ASSRA representative to Executive Committee, NZSSRA Board Member
    • Term: 2013-2014
  • Mr Andrew Carr-Smith
    • Bio: former NZSSRA Executive Officer, NZSSRA webmaster
    • Term: 2012-2013

Appointed Members Appointed by NZSSRA Board

  • Mrs Lindy Graham
    • Bio: principal at CRAI
    • Term: {2018-2019*}
  • Mr Bruce Tong
    • Bio: Principal at WENT (where he introduced and coaches rowing), former coach and rowing Master at WTLB
    • Term: {2014-2015*}-2017-2020 {resigned 2018 on appointment to NZRA Board as Schools Director}
  • Mrs Janey Wackrow
    • Bio: Former WBoPSSRA representative to Executive Committee, Director of Rowing at STPC
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Term: 2012-2014-2016-2018
  • Mr Bradley Fenner
    • Bio: Headmaster at KGCA, former rower & coach (school, university, club level), Australian Universities and National Champion
    • Term: 2013-2015 {resigned 2014}
  • Mr Leith Menzies
    • Bio: President ASSRA, former ASSRA representative to Executive Committee, KGCA coach
    • Term: 2012-2013

Honorary Members Solicitor/Accountant

  • Honorary Solicitor, Mr Richard Watts
    • Address: Simpson Grierson, AUCKLAND
    • Term: 2012-2014