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2012 SGM minutes

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Sunday 13 May 2012
Wellington (business to be conducted by postal ballot)
  1. Roll Call/Proxy Recognition: agsb, aqui, ashb, avsg, bara*, bthc, burn, carm, cbhs, cghs, chbc, chco, colu*, crai, crom*, culi*, dilw, dioc, duns, edwt, eggs, fran*, gldw, hamb, hasg, hlcr, htvh, jhar, jmcg*, jpcr, kava*, kgca, khsd, lind, mlbb, mlbg, mtal, ncog, nplb, nplg, obhs, oghs*, onew, onsl, para, puke, qcha, qhsd, rahs, ronc, rotg, rrgs, ruth, samu, shgn, sldg, splh, sptw, stbd, stkt, stln, stmg, stmw*, stpa, stpc, stra, sund, teaw, tekc, timb, timg, trgb, went, whak, whgg, wkds, wlco, wlgc, wmea, wncs, wngc, wnhs, wood, wtkb, wtlb (85), D CAMPBELL, N CAMPBELL, G CARR-SMITH, J COLLINS, Br T COSTELLO, Fr E CROTTY, J DRUMMOND, P IRVINE, L SAYWOOD, F STRACHAN QSM (10) [95].
    As the business of the meeting involves changes to the constitution the quorum is 40% of members.quorum: MET [95/139]
  2. Apologies: iona, otum, sjhs
  3. Resolution: the project plan for closer integration of school rowing between NZSSRA and NZRA (adopted by Members in October 2010) be progressed by updating the constitution of NZSSRA to the draft version dated 15 April 2012 sent out with this ballot and then the NZSSRA be incorporated at the earliest practicable opportunity.
    called: ASSRA & WBoPSSRA, outcome: CARRIED (93 for, 1 against, 1 abstention)
  4. Meeting closed

The Executive Officer