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2012 Aon Maadi (NZSSRA Championships)

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Trophy pictureExecutive Trophy Table

Following is a table showing executive trophy points gained by member schools at the 2012 Aon Maadi (NZSSRA Championships) regatta. This is different from the regatta's equivalent medals table.

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SchoolPoints(G S B) medals 
St Margaret's College30512[medal winning crews]
Auckland Grammar School2433-[medal winning crews]
Christ's College1923-[medal winning crews]
Waikato Diocesan School17133[medal winning crews]
St Peter's School15212[medal winning crews]
Hamilton Boys High School153--[medal winning crews]
Napier Boys High School102--[medal winning crews]
Sacred Heart Girls College (Hamilton)102--[medal winning crews]
Marlborough Girls College811-[medal winning crews]
Westlake Girls High School5-12[medal winning crews]
Marlborough Boys College51--[medal winning crews]
Christchurch Girls High School4-11[medal winning crews]
Sacred Heart College (Auckland)4-11[medal winning crews]
Craighead Diocesan School3-1-[medal winning crews]
Tauranga Boys College3-1-[medal winning crews]
St Bede's College3-1-[medal winning crews]
Westlake Boys High School3--3[medal winning crews]
Rangi Ruru Girls School3-1-[medal winning crews]
St Kevin's College3-1-[medal winning crews]
St Peter's College3-1-[medal winning crews]
Western Heights High School3-1-[medal winning crews]
Hillcrest High School1--1[medal winning crews]
Wakatipu High School1--1[medal winning crews]
Christchurch Boys High School1--1[medal winning crews]
St Paul's Collegiate School1--1[medal winning crews]
Whanganui High School1--1[medal winning crews]
Macleans College1--1[medal winning crews]
St John's College (Hamilton)1--1[medal winning crews]
St Kentigern College1--1[medal winning crews]

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