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2018 AGM minutes

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2023 Aon Maadi Regatta NoticesNewsletter - Sitemap -  

Date: Sunday 18 March 2018
Time: 5pm
Venue: Twizel Events Centre, Twizel

  1. Roll Call
    Also in attendance: Ronel Cloete - Bethlehem College non-voting delegate. Members of Schools Committee - Trudy Keys (NZSSRA President), Janey Wackrow, Lauren Farnden. Members of NZSSRA Board - Andrew Carr-Smith, Gus Scott. Other - Sonya Walker (Rowing Manager, RNZ) Tim Wilson (Rowing Co-ordinator, RNZ), Terry Tidbury (Karapiro Rowing Inc), James Boyce (Karapiro Rowing Inc).
  2. Apologies
    CARM, HUAN, KATI, MACL, RANG, RONC, SHGH, STHI, TEAW, DavidGarry Carr-Smith (Life Member), Father Earl Crotty(Life Member), Brother Terence Costello (Life Member), John Drummond (Life Member), Gillian Simpson (STMG Principal/Schools Committee Chairperson) Bruce Tong (WENT Principal/Schools Committee), Lindy Graham (CRAI Principal/Schools Committee)
  3. In Memoriam
    Darien Boswell, Murray Campbell, Martin Hyde, Simon Dickie, Stephen Donaldson, Colin Shields, William (Bill) Tinnock
  4. President's Address
    Trudy spoke to her report. Work has been undertaken on the regatta programme with the movement of the U15 Octuples and the addition of the Novice Quads. Trudy also highlighted that the size of the regatta is meaning that the programme needs to be seriously considered as part of the next review. SISS has been moved to two and half days from 2019.
  5. Correspondence
    None relating to the AGM.
  6. Minutes of Previous AGM
    The Minutes of the 2017 AGM had been made available online. Moved that the draft Minutes from the 2017 AGM dated 26th March be accepted as a true and correct record.
      Moved: Wanganui Collegiate     Seconded: Scots College     Carried Unanimously
  7. Finance Report
    Sonya Spoke to the Finance report and made the following reports:
    • Greater uptake in early payment discount.
    • The Host Donation was reduced last year due to the increase in the discount uptake and knowing the upcoming costs (trophies/badges).
    • The Budget for next year shows the increase in the discount uptake. The live stream cost shows an increase. Since Russell Baxter passed costs have increased significantly. Now more than half the cost is covered by Rowing NZ but NZSSRA have always agreed this was a service they should provide as Members have valued the streaming. Trophy Maintenance and NZRA AGM are listed as new costs. Top 10 badges will also need to be purchased and are a 5 yearly cost.
    • WLCO asked if the Board had considered removing the early payment discount or looked into a per pupil cost instead of a fat fee. Andrew Carr-Smith spoke to the floor that about 10 years ago the NZSSRA asked the membership if the webcast should continue, it was agreed then that the NZSSRA should cover that cost. At that time, there was an Increase in the membership to cover webcast. With no changes to the membership fee since then Rowing NZ has absorbed the cost of the webcast. The Schools Committee will be reviewing subscription for the 2020 AGM (as per Article 11.2.1). At that time it would provide an opportunity to look at the direction of the Association and how any fees should be collected and spent. The topic has been raised now so Members can begin to think about it.
    • Andrew continued that the discount cost $5000. However, Members could at any AGM remove the discount, or discuss that next year.
    • WANC was happy to remove the early payment discount. Sonya Walker explained that it us a useful tool to get payment. CULI commented that $160 flat fee creates inequity, as opposed to having a per pupil fee.
    • Sonya commented that in the Schools Committee would review the membership fee and structure. They would particularly look at options for a system that takes into account number of athletes. Rowing NZ are also going to look at options for reducing the cost of streaming so felt that a change could be premature at this point.
    Moved that prompt payment discount be removed from the membership fee.
      Moved: Wellington College     Seconded: Wanganui Collegiate     Carried with some dissent
  8. Report on business carried out by the Schools Committee during the past year.
    Committee held 3 formal meetings and were in contact over email frequently. Sonya thanked the committee for their work and support. A sub-Committee had been formed to review the regatta programme, and feedback was sought from Members over the year. We announce the new programme of events for Championships here. The feedback was that the overall schedule was good except for the placement of the U15 Octuples. The other change was the inclusion of the Novice Quads which had been requested for a number of years.
    Other activities included:
      The NZSSSC had removed the sanctions for Lightweight events at school regattas. Funding of 10 coaches to the Rowing NZ Coaches Conference which was particularly well received and something we would look to try and support again. Communication with younger athletes was great on Social media. All Principals were communicated with post AGM and were given their results summary from Maadi. 4 new schools have joined and what has been noticeable this year was the retention of last year's new schools. Further integration with NZRA has occurred with the NZSSRA is now a Local Association with NZRA, as such delegates will need to attend the AGM and we are calling for nominations for volunteer of the year. The Maadi Cup trophy was fixed and addition to the base completed. Both KRI and SIR had late appointments to Race Committees and we have reiterated how this process is meant to be completed. There is concern about school athletes being given all the information regarding what the Rowing NZ High Performance pathway is versa USA Colleges. Gillian Simpson, along with Annabel Ritchie (RNZ Board Member) and Judith Hamilton have formed a sub-Committee to tackle this.
    The floor queried the NZSSSC decision to no longer sanction lightweight events.
    Don Baron: What information was being passed onto NZSSSC from Rowing NZ/NZSSRA about age group lightweight rowing? And, are the NZSSRA happy with that communication? EGGS: While they are not questioning process or integrity, they do want to express that they feel in the dark about the process. Coaches feel imposed on by top down decisions. Principals appear to not be making informed decisions based on the will of their coaches.
    Sonya advised that Principals were sent the information and voting paper because they are the head of school and the school is the member. It is up to the Principals to seek the coach/rowing staff's views on matters. The Minutes of all AGMs are passed on to NZSSSC every year as a matter of process. The NZSSSC noted the percentages of the vote by Principals (66% for removal). The NZSSSC only require a 50% decision so the 66% mean that they were more than comfortable to consider the matter within the Council.
    STPA: It was felt that the report sent out to Principals by Rowing NZ was quite biased and did not properly reflect the feelings of the AGM. What is the mechanism for voicing the opinion of the coaches or alternatives to NZSSSC.
    Sonya stated Rowing NZ doesn't apologise for the stance they take on the mater, it was supported by the feeling of the International Federation, Olympic Commission and medical experts. The data of school lightweight rowing in NZ was assessed by the Schools Committee to establish the situation in NZ rather than just provide Principals with a feeling, and the paper stated the facts of the data. It is also stated the international stance, and the stance of Rowing NZ and the Schools Committee, it was then up to the Principals to discuss this with their rowing staff and reach their decision. That happened through the SGM process and Rowing NZ respected the decision made by Principals (66% voting for removal did not reach the 75% threshold within our constitution). NZSSSC however only required a 50% threshold and they made their decision regarding sanctioning independently which NZSSRA are complying with in order to be a secondary school sanctioned event.
    WANC: Noted that their Principal discussed it at length and this clearly shows that coaches need to have more contact with the schools that they are representing.
    Andrew Carr-Smith: Asked whether NZSSSC consulted with NZSSRA or did they seek information from NZSSRA when they were making their decision not to sanction the event? Sonya advised that NZSSSC did not seek out anything further from NZSSRA. It was her understanding that the NZSSSC considered the matter due to the outcome of the vote made by our Member School Principals. NZSSRA was only advised about the decision not to sanction after the decision was made.
    ASHB and CRAI: Felt that the matter should be taken up with NZSSSC again to reflect the feeling of the meeting today. A letter to the Council should be submitted.
    ASHB Moved that: The Executive act on the wishes of the Association and pursue the reinstatement of age group Lightweight rowing Into NISS, SISS and NZSS championships programme.   Moved: Ashburton College     Seconded: Tauranga Boys College     Carried with some dissent
  9. Election of Officers
    Trudy announced that this year both Gillian and Janey are coming to the end of their terms with the Committee. Trudy and Sonya thanked them both for their hard work over the many years involvement. With Gillian's departure we now will have a new Board Member and we can advise this will be Bruce Tong (taking position in May at NZRA AGM).
    1. Elected Member of Schools Committee.
      The position is for a three year term. We have one nominee.
      1. Scott Wilson - Hamilton Boys High School
      Carried by acclimationacclamation
  10. Ratification of appointment to the Schools Committee
    Richard Dykes (Principal Glendowie College) has been appointed to the Schools Committee by the NZSSRA Board. The appointment is subject to ratification by Members. The appointment was ratified by Members.   Carried Unanimously
  11. Championship Regattas
    1. Friday start for South Island Secondary School Championships
      Relevant SI principals were approached, and we can confirm the response was largely positive, with some concerns from Nelson/Marlborough, however it was the preference compared to running into the Monday as they already arrive Thursday evening anyway.
      Therefore, it was confirmed that the 2019 SISS will start on Friday afternoon.
      A question from the floor was would the earlier start mean the removal of the entry caps? Sonya stated it is up to the hosts to determine how they can manage the number of crews and they have asked for an earlier start in order to not have events with heats and finals on the same day, but she will approach SIR with that request from coaches.
    2. 2019 Fee Change Proposal for Championships regattas (fees ex-GST)
      1. 2019 North Island Secondary School Championships Changes:
        All boat prices have increased by $2, tent site power increased by $10.
      2. 2019 South Island Secondary School Championships Changes:
        All prices remain the same
      3. 2019 New Zealand Secondary School Championships Changes:
        All boat prices have increased by $2, Amenity fee has increased by $6, tent site power increased by $10 and non-progression by $50, Did not start fee added $60
      Terry Tidbury from KRI spoke to their proposed increases. He stated for NISS only the seat fees have increased this is because KRI's costs have increased across the board. For Maadi the amenity fee has also increased due to the Domain costs charged by Waipa District Council increasing. Waipa costs gone up to $50,000 for Maadi alone. The Did Not Start fee since its introduction Did Not Starts have decreased. When numbers aren't collected it leads to safety concerns. By encouraging crews to scratch, it means that replacement crews can be found. Non-Progression Fee has been introduced because by scratching it devalues the B final.
        Moved: Culinane College     Seconded: Glendowie College     Carried with some dissent

      A table of the approved fees is provided below.
      Fees Maadi 2019 (Karapiro)NISSC 2019SISSC 2019
      Singles $28 $17 $16
      Doubles/Pairs $39 $19 $20
      Fours/Quads $51 $28 $30
      Eights/Octuples $67 $35 $44
      Amenity $30 $24 $22
      Other Fees Maadi 2019 (Karapiro)NISSC 2019SISSC 2019
      Entry Protest $20 $20 $20
      Non-notified Crew Change $50 $50 $50
      Late Scratching $40 $40 $40
      Non-progression $150* $150* $40
      Race Protest $20 $20 $20
      Appeal $20 $20 $20
      Illegal Crew Change $0 $0 -
      Did Not Start**
      (Non-notified scratching)
      $60 $60 -
      Tent Fee (front) $200 $160 N/A
      yearly fee
      Tent Fee (rear) $160 $130 N/A
      yearly fee
      Tent Power $140 $130 N/A

      * No late scratching fee will apply for non-progression
      ** updated to clarify it only applies to non-notified scratchings
    3. Applications to host Championships regattas
      1. From Karapiro Rowing to host the 2020 North Island Secondary School Championships
      2. From Ruataniwha Rowing to host the 2020 New Zealand Secondary School Championships
      3. From Ruataniwha Rowing to host the 2020 South Island Secondary School Championships
        Moved: Westlake Boys     Seconded: Craighead Diocesan School     Carried Unanimously
  12. Remits
    No remits
  13. Other Matter/Business from the Floor
    1. Continuing closer integration with NZRA: classification
      After Members voted for the closer integration in 2010 and after 10 years since the project began it has reached another significant step. The integration of NZSSRA as a Local Association within NZRA was accepted in May 2017. This now means NZSSRA has two delegates to speak for school rowing at the NZRA AGM.
    2. NZSSRA Volunteer of the Year nominees
      The integration within NZRA also means for the first time NZSSRA can present Volunteer of the Year awards. We are therefore calling for nominees, please email these to Sonya before early April.
    3. Rules alignment
      James Boyce (Bay of Plenty, Race Official and KRI Board Member) spoke to the meeting about the difficulties between the two sets of Rules. James was part of the review panel that reviewed the rules and a main objective was to try and aligned the two sets of rules. Having two sets is nonsensical, and he suggests NZSSRA get rid of their rules and fully align with RNZ with Rules, he wanted schools to consider this idea over the coming years with a look for him to be presenting a remit on such matter at next rule change AGM.
    4. Seeding of heats
      Question from CHCO about how seeding works.
      Andrew answered that crews seeding is based on rowers within the crews, rowers are effectively ranked using the Glicko system. It is based on probability and the early season results are considered, by analogy it is like seat racing. Those that are difficult are novices because there is very little information about them. Andrew was happy to provide information about the seeding system to those that would like it.
    5. Programme
      Some questions arose regarding the programme presented. It was confirmed that the programme presented will be the programme for 2019. Some questioned whether we had thought about the BU15 8+ and the GU15 8x+. It was reported to the Schools Committee that there were issues between the octuples and that more time was needed in order to share the octuple boat, this was the best attempt without re-writing all the programme to provide that room. It was felt that the Novice and U16 events were too close. The sub-Committee worked with at least 1 hour between same age group/gender, it is very difficult to suit every scenario.
    6. Limitation on U18 Events
      Questions arose as to the limitations that were in place for U18 events, specifically the doubles as some schools felt they were so limited with entry for these last year athletes.
      Sonya advised the Schools Committee understands the frustrations, however hosts need to be able to hold the regatta within the timeframe open and limits were in place in order to ensure they can get all racing through. Sonya confirmed all schools were notified of the limits at the beginning of the season (September) so that they were well aware going into the season what they could be guaranteed of entry wise. She also advised that Supplementary entries were opened and the U18 doubles were specifically opened more than just to fill lanes, it was extended out to 39 entries, any more and it would have added another whole round of racing. Where possible other events were opened up as well. If schools aren't happy with the supplementary entry system then they need to consider allowing hosts to have measures such as 3 events per person, because we still have schools entering students in up to 6 events. Without any other measures to assist with running a regatta it is likely the limits of one crew will continue.
  14. Date of next AGM
    The date of the next AGM is scheduled 24 March 2019.
The meeting was declared closed at 6:24pm