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2003 AGM Agenda

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7pm, Tuesday 25 March 2003
ARA Lounge, Lake Karapiro

The order of business will be as follows:

  1. Roll Call
  2. Apologies
  3. President's Address
  4. Correspondence in/out
  5. Minutes Previous AGM
  6. Treasurers Report
  7. Election of Officers
    1. President: One nomination has been received for Mrs Trudy Keys. Moved James Hargest High School
    2. Executive Officer: Mr. G Carr-Smith has advised he will make himself available for re-election,no other nominations were received.
    3. Hon Auditor
    4. Hon Solicitor
  8. Life member
    A nomination has been received that Father Crotty, A founding member of this body and a person who contributed long service in the interests of the NZSSRA be made a life member of this Association. The Executive after due consideration ids delighted to recommend that this nomination be received and be adopted by the members.

    MOVED BY: Mr Fred Strachan QSM - Life member

  9. Remits
    • REMIT 1
      That the members agree that at the next rule change year (2005) the coxed four for U15 and U15 8 be removed from the programme and that the Octuple be substituted, however to give members ample lead time to prepare that the change does not come into effect till 2007.

      MOVED BY: Auckland Grammar School

    • REMIT 2
      That the Under 17 and Under 19 coxed quadruple sculls and under 19 four be contested in coxless skiffs. This change is to come into effect in the 2005/6 season.

      MOVED BY: James Hargest High School

      NOTE This remit is moved for two reasons:
      1. The introduction of coxed quads was always meant to be an interim step, using existing skiffs was seen as an inexpensive way of introducing this event. It was pointed out at the time of introduction that if the skill level of scullers was to be improved then a move to coxless skiffs should be made at a later date.
      2. Our sport has moved on with International competition for the under 19 age group being contested in coxless fours. We as an Association should be moving with the changes in our sport and perhaps more importantly, challenging our athletes as they move through the grades.
      Another point is that some of our athletes are already competing in coxless skiffs at major club regattas.
      This remit is stated as one change so that the three classes could use the same skiff, this may require a change in the programme to accommodate the change from coxless four to quad, but that would be a necessary component.
  10. Championship Regatta
    2004 Regatta Report from South Island Rowing Inc and entry and other fees
    2005 Regatta Application to host from:
    1. Waikato Bay of Plenty Secondary Schools Rowing Association
    2. Karapiro Rowing Incorporated
  11. Regatta Dates 2005 and 2008
    A letter from the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Association is Attached regarding the impact of the early occurrence of Easter in these two years with what would be the normal Summer Tournament Week dates and a proposed change effectively till after Easter. It is felt either the normal Tournament week date or modified one would be acceptable for 2005 with the regatta being scheduled for Karapiro. However the normal date for 2008 of 10th March would create havoc with the schedule for all regattas if the NZSSRA Champs were held on this date however the alternative poses some potential problems and risks as the regatta would be at Ruataniwhia. Members views on this matter are asked for.
  12. Trophies
  13. The Executive moves that the meeting expresses its thanks to the donors of two new trophies to be competed for at the Championships. And that the donors be advised The trophies are:
    1. The Presidents Scull presented by Southland Rowing Association for best sculling school base on points awarded in A finals of all sculling events
    2. The Executive Trophy presented by the Carr-Smith Family for the best sweep oared school based on points awarded in A finals of all sweep events

    MOVED BY: The Executive

  14. Other
    1. On-Line Entry: comments required as to development and use and report on first use.
    2. Base Age Date: the executive discussed at its last meeting various ways in which the base age date could be changed to address some of the problems that have emerged from the last change we made. Some of the areas discussed by the executive were a version of the FISA Junior rule, Making U19 under 18, Making U15 a Novice class. There was a general consensus on the desirability of having the U19 become an U18 age group and some were for and some were against the possibility of making the U15 a "Novice" class E.g. had not rowed in a previous championships. Member´┐Żs views on this matter are required to see if there is a desire to change and how.
    3. Other matters
  15. The Executive Officer