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2022 Aon Maadi Cup NoticesNewsletter - Sitemap -  

The NZSSRA has a number of trophies for awarding at regattas; particularly at Maadi (National Champs). These are listed below. For information about donating trophies see Regulation 19 of the NZSSRA Regulations.

Trophies list

Trophy name Regatta Event sex Age group Boat type ▼
Pitt Island TrophyMaadiGirls under-18 double
Francis Hill Memorial CupMaadiGirls under-15 double
Lawrence 'Jumbo' Jackson CupMaadiGirls under-17 double
Maurice Jones CupMaadiBoys under-18 double
St Andrews College CupMaadiBoys under-17 double
Mark Meates CupMaadiBoys under-15 double
Craighead Diocesan School CupMaadiGirls under-16 double
Maadi CupMaadiBoys under-18 eight
Levin 75th Jubilee CupMaadiGirls under-18 eight
Arthur Andrews ShieldMaadiBoys under-17 eight
Electricorp TrophyMaadiBoys under-16 eight
Fairfield ShieldMaadiGirls under-17 eight
McDonald ShieldMaadiGirls under-16 eight
Tauranga Girls High School CupMaadiGirls under-15 eight
Walmsley CupMaadiBoys under-15 eight
Springbok ShieldMaadiBoys under-18 four
Dawn CupMaadiGirls under-18 four
Electricorp TrophyMaadiGirls under-16 four
Eric Craies CupMaadiBoys under-15 four
Hauraki OarMaadiGirls under-17 four
R.J.Hampton Memorial ShieldMaadiBoys under-17 four
Waikato Diocesan School for Girls CupMaadiGirls under-15 four
Westlake Boys High School CupMaadiBoys under-16 four
Alan Tong CupMaadiBoys under-18 novice eight
Brother Terrence Costello CupMaadiGirls under-18 novice eight
Keith 'Hibbo' Hibberd PlateMaadiGirls under-18 lightweight double
Roger Batley CupMaadiBoys under-18 lightweight double
Doug Burrows TrophyMaadiBoys under-18 lightweight four
Rex Farrelly TrophyMaadiGirls under-18 lightweight four
Russell Baxter Memorial CupMaadiBoys under-18 novice double
Gill TrophyMaadiBoys under-18 novice four
Gill TrophyMaadiGirls under-18 novice four
Leslie J. Saywood Challenge CupMaadiBoys under-15 octuple
Dudley Storey CupMaadiGirls under-15 octuple
Dunstan TrophyMaadiBoys under-18 pair
Gary Robertson CupMaadiGirls under-18 pair
Bill Eaddy CupMaadiBoys under-15 quad
Noel Lynch TrophyMaadiGirls under-18 quad
Tauranga Boys High School CupMaadiBoys under-17 quad
Trevor Coker Memorial ShieldMaadiBoys under-18 quad
Trudy Keys CupMaadiGirls under-17 quad
Bethlehem College CupMaadiGirls under-16 quad
Earthquake Memorial CupMaadiGirls under-15 quad
Wellington College 150th CupMaadiBoys under-16 quad
Charlie Stapp CupMaadiBoys under-18 single
Stephanie Foster CupMaadiGirls under-18 single
Leith Menzies CupMaadiBoys under-16 single
John Alexander Challenge CupMaadiBoys under-17 single
Concept2 Challenge CupMaadiGirls under-17 single
Mary Thomas CupMaadiGirls under-16 single
Presidents ScullMaadiChampion sculling school
Executive TrophyMaadiChampion sweep oar school
Star TrophyMaadiChampion school of the regatta
Points BellSISSCChampion school of the regatta

Other Trophies

These trophies are awarded to individuals, not members, but are awarded at the Maadi (National Champs) regatta.

SIMON BRIGGS CUP (Coxswain's Cup)
Awarded to the coxswain that coxes the most boats into the 'A' finals of the Championships. In the case of a draw Novice events shall carry more weight than U15 events. U15 events shall carry more weight than U16. U16 more than U17 etc.

PETER IRVINE MEMORIAL CUP (Coach of winning B U18 8+)
Awarded to the coach of the winning crew of the Boys Under-18 Eight at Maadi (Maadi Cup event).

BILL EADDY CUP (Coach's Cup)
Awarded by RowingNZ to the Junior coach of the year.

Trophy details Quick links to groups of trophies

As our resources increase we will endeavour to make the history of each NZSSRA trophy available. Hopefully, with the cooperation of the rowing community and schools we will also be able to complement the trophy histories with rolls of the winning schools and perhaps even the names of the winning crews. If you have any information regarding the history of any of the trophies (including winning schools/crews) please email it to [email protected]. Thank you.

For information about donating trophies see Regulation 19.