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2004 AGM Agenda

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7pm, Tuesday 23 March 2004
MacRae Lounge, Lake Ruataniwha

The order of business will be as follows:

  1. Roll Call
  2. Apologies
  3. President's Address
  4. Correspondence in/out
  5. Minutes of Previous AGM
  6. Treasurers Report
  7. Election of Officers
    1. Hon Auditor
    2. Hon Solicitor
  8. Championship Regatta 2005
    A report by the 2005 hosts and setting of charges.
  9. Championship Regatta 2006
    An application has been received from South Island Rowing Inc to conduct the regatta between 27 March and 1 April 2006
  10. Remits
    1. REMITA
      That the Constitution, Rules and Regulations and Appendices be changed to add the word "Novice" as part of any U15 event.

      MOVED BY: The Executive (as instructed by the 2003 AGM)

      NOTE The view was expressed at the 2003 AGM that the current base age date allows people who have been rowing for more than one year to still enter this age group, where the original intent was the age group catered for first year rowers only. This amendment will mean that rowers who have competed in a previous season will not be able to enter U15 events.
    2. REMITA
      That the constitution Rules and Regulations and Appendices be changed to remove the age group U19 and replace it with U18.

      MOVED BY: The Executive (as instructed by the 2003 AGM)

      NOTE The view was expressed at the 2003 AGM that some schools were permitting what was termed 2nd year 7th form students or 8th form students to return to school for the first term of school so that they could compete at the regatta, and in doing so caused had an unfair advantage over schools that did not allow this practice. While the practice has been understood to have occurred over a large number of years in both boys and girls schools it has not in the past been possible to find a suitable form of words to stop this that have meaning, are fair and are enforceable. This remit will put a stop to the practice.
    3. REMITB
      that Rule 17.3 (B) be replaced with:
      "Pre Regatta Meeting.
      Each school attending the regatta shall appoint an
      adult safety officer for the school team. 
      No later than one hour before the first race in
      a regatta, the Chief Umpire or his or her delegate
      shall hold a meeting for the school team safety
      officers, at which the Safety Provisions for the
      regatta shall be given. Attendance by schools
      wishing to compete at the regatta will be compulsory.
      The school team safety officer will be responsible for
      advising all competitors and other members of their
      school party of the Safety Provisions in place.
      Schools who have not been briefed with the Safety
      Provisions shall not be permitted to take part in
      the regatta.

      MOVED BY: The Executive

      NOTE the current Rule states that the competitors as well as a coach shall attend the meeting. It is believed that because of the size of the regattas involved and the ages of some of the competitors that it is unreasonable, if not impossible, to satisfactorily conduct this meeting if the competitors also attended. The roll call for instance would take a considerable time. It was also believed the word coach was not adequate as some schools have more than one coach and that it may be considered by the School that a more suitably qualified person should attend. The views of the NZ Secondary Sports Council were sought on this matter and it was agreed that each school party should have an adult made responsible for matters concerning safety and that this person should be the one to attend the meeting in question, and then be responsible for advising the rest of the school party, as a whole, of the Safety Provisions. Due to poor attendance in the past by schools at the Coaches and Official meetings and due to the serious manner it which matters concerning safety are now viewed by regulating authorities, the Police and Courts the meeting has been made a compulsory one and that any school not attend the meeting should not be permitted to compete as they would not be aware of the safety provisions and this would not only endanger members of the school party but could also endanger others.
    4. REMITB
      that Rule 17.13 be changed to add the words
      "and Statutory Bodies"
      after the words
      "Local Authority"

      MOVED BY: The Executive

      NOTE The current rule only refers to Local Authorities and should include Statutory Bodies (such as MSA) thus the modification widens that scope to include all those authorities who issue directives regarding safety issues with regard to regattas.
  11. Other matters

The Executive Officer  

A. In the event of these remits being adopted it is the Executive's wish that the meeting should indicate if exemptions to these rulings could be granted or not as this will guide the executive as to the action it takes if such requests are made.

B. These remits have been put forward to remove anomalies from the Safety Rule 17