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2005 SGM minutes

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3pm, Friday 26 August 2005
Wellington (business to be conducted by email/post)
  1. Roll Call/Proxy Recognition: The quorum is 40% of members. The following members attended by postal proxy: burn, cbhs, chco, crai, culi, dioc, duns, gari, gbhs, jpcr, kati, khsd, list, lytt, mlbg, mtvw, ncog, nplb, qmar, rose, rotg, shgn, stpc, timg, trgb, trid, verd, waio, waka, wlco, wngc, wtlg (32). The following members attended by email proxy: aqui, bthc, cghs, hamb, jhar, macl, mlbb, qhsd, ronc, rotl, samu, shak, shgr, sptw, stbd, sthi, stkv, stmd, stmw, trgg, uppe, vill, whak, whgb, wkds, wtkg (26).
    quorum: MET
  2. Apologies: nil
  3. Remit:That Regulation 6.3 be added to the Regulations for Regattas. As this is a constitutional change it requires approval by 75% of those attending in person or by proxy.
    moved: the Executive seconded: Proxy outcome: CARRIED (55/3[hamb, mlbb, stmd])

The Executive Officer