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Approved colours for the 30 current and non-financial member schools in the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Region of NZSSRA. Click here for contact details for the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Region member schools. Colours of past members of the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Region and previously approved colours (all regions) can also be looked at.

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The following 30 non-financial members were active members of the NZSSRA last year but have not yet paid their annual subscription for this year.

singlet: blue (navy) with green (forest) sides and shoulders gold piping and name on back singlet: white top red band blue (royal) bottom singlet: yellow top blue (sky) diagonal blue (navy) bottom singlet: blue (navy) blue (royal) side panels white side bands, trim, FRASER and logo singlet: red and black quarters singlet: Black and Maroon quarters singlet: black top, grey bottom with white sash singlet: Blue (navy) with gold splash on left side HILLCREST in gold on back
singlet: red (scarlet) with white band singlet: green top and bottom separated by gold twist and KATIKATI in gold on back singlet: red and white quarters singlet: green top fading down to black with blue and white braces singlet: blue (navy) with maroon left side panel and white right side panel singlet: gold top teal bottom with blue (navy) twist singlet: blue (royal) with orange bird logo and side bands, name and white number on back singlet: white and maroon quarters singlet: white cross separating gold and blue (royal) quarters with blue trim singlet: yellow and white bands separated by thin black bands, white side stripe singlet: red and blue (light) quarters singlet: Yellow with blue cross, with blue and white side stripes singlet: red with white shoulders and cross singlet: blue (navy) with white shoulders and 2 white inserts on each side singlet: white with large crest, red shoulders with grey piping, and green side panels singlet: Yellow with two blue vertical stripes on one side and blue trim singlet: white with blue (navy) trim, logo on front and name on back singlet: blue (navy) with white piping and name on back, koru motif left side singlet: white with 2 blue (royal) bands separated by blue (sky) band singlet: gold with black band singlet: blue (sky) top blue (navy) bottom with blue (navy) diagonal singlet: white and green (forest) quarters  

Click on a member's colours to see the full details of that member or click on the map to show active approved colours from the selected region.

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