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Newsletter - Spring 2014

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2023 Aon Maadi Regatta NoticesNewsletter - Sitemap -  

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The new season has arrived

The 2014/15 season is underway and I am sure all your school rowing crews are taking to the water. Over the past month you have probably all been holding learn to row and open days in the hope of enticing new recruits into our wonderful sport. This will also be the time when planning begins and so please find my first update for the season ahead. This newsletter has some important reminders and information so please feel free to pass it on to all your coaches and teachers involved in rowing.

Maadi Cup Feedback

A survey of coaches was conducted after last year's Maadi Cup about areas of the regatta that need improvement as well as how we might handle the considerable growth. We sought opinions about entry limits (crew per school vs per pupil), how a qualification regatta might work, how time trials were received and asked for some innovative ideas on how the regatta could change. Sonya will be presenting a summary of the feedback and would like to discuss some of these ideas further, she will be at some of the early season regattas around the country to hear from you all.

Common ideas from coaches included

  • restructure of the grades, combine U17/U18, don't have U15 and novice
  • only more senior students and/or experienced rowers attend Maadi
  • qualification system at other regattas
  • delete some events/Add no more
  • encourage coaches to only bring their best crews
  • time trial
  • per pupil limits e.g. no more than 3 races per person

If you would like to give further feedback on the above areas or any others you are welcome to speak to Sonya at any time.

Review of NZSSRA Regatta Safety System

This year is the four-yearly review of the school rowing regatta safety system. The Schools Committee will be reviewing the document which can be found online here should you have any feedback on the safety system please don't hesitate to contact Sonya.

Octuples and Novice Eights in 2015

The U15 Octuples and the U18 Novice Eights will be part of the official school programme and will be raced at the 2015 Aon North Island Secondary Schools, the 2015 Meridian South Island Secondary Schools and the 2015 Aon Maadi Cup.

Liquor Ban at the Karapiro Domain

The Waipa District Council has put in place a temporary liquor ban at the Karapiro Domain during the summer event period, which includes the 2015 Aon Maadi Cup. Any school wanting to hold a social function after racing will either need to hold it in the Don Rowlands Centre, off site, or enjoy socialising outdoors without alcohol being served.

For more information contact Liz Stolwyk, Mighty River Domain Site Manager, email [email protected] or phone (07) 827 4178. Or see the link below:

Rowing NZ Calendar

The 2015 Rowing New Zealand Calendar can provide your school rowing club an outstanding way to fundraise. Your club gets to keep 50% of the sales ($10 per calendar - selling price is $20) that's $1000 for every 100 calendars sold. The club that sells the most calendars can be into win a brand new Concept 2 Indoor rowing machine.

If you would like to put in calendar orders for your school rowing team please contact Julie Dillon, [email protected] or phone 07 823 4587. The calendars will be ready from the 7th of November so get your orders in now and we can get the calendars shipped to you and your club can get selling in time for Christmas!

Membership Fees for 2014/15 Season

The annual account for membership has been emailed to schools, direct to your sports coordinator. If you have not received an invoice please contact Sonya if you have not received it. Payments need to be made in order for your school to enter the school regattas in March (entry will not be possible without membership completed).

Water Safety

We would like to remind all of the rowing community including coaches and boat drivers to familiarise themselves of safe boating practices and water safety at the start of a new rowing season. Remember to always prep your boat, check your gear and know the rules.

The simple message to the rowing community is to be prepared. This means making sure your boats are well-maintained and properly equipped before you head out, this includes skiffs and coach boats. For coach boats remember the basics such as ensuring that you have enough petrol for the return trip, your lifejacket and the correct number of Personal Floatation Devices for the number rowers on the water. Check the weather forecast before you head out and make sure that you have at least two forms of reliable communication on board in case of an emergency. It's also important for Rowing Clubs/Schools to ensure that all coaches and boat drivers have completed a Club Safety Boat Operator Course.

All the safety information for schools and clubs is available on ourthe RowingNZ website

School Colours updating your rowsuits

Schools are required to compete in approved colours so if you are updating your rowsuit stock please make sure the colours you have are the ones registered against your school name. Check out for a list of school colours. If your school is new or would like to change its colours you will also need to contact Sonya at [email protected] and get your new colours approved.

Remember all colours need to be unique to the school (or a boys/girls school pairing) and distinctive from other approved school colours (and where practicable the club colours approved by the NZRA).

Updating your Contact Details

If your school has had changes in your sports coordinators or teachers in charge of rowing please email these new details to Sonya so we can provide your school with all the relevant information for the coming season. Any coaches who would also like to receive these updates please also send your details.

If you know of anyone who would like to be on the mailing list for this newsletter (Coaches, Managers, Rowing Parents) please email Sonya to be added to the list!