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Newsletter - 2004/03

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  • 2004 AGM
  • Safety meeting
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  • Overseas visitors

2004 Annual General Meeting

The agenda for the 2004 The NZSSRA Annual General is attached. This will be held at the MacRae Lounge, Lake Ruataniwhia on Tuesday 23rd March at 7.00 pm.

Safety Meeting

We remind all schools attending that a representative from each school must attend the Safety Coaches and Officials meeting being held on the Sunday prior to the regatta commencing. A roll call will be held and schools not attending will not be permitted to compete.


All boating activity on the Lake and waters in the area are covered by local body by-laws, which reflect the MSA Safety requirements. A properly equipped coaching boat must accompany any crews wishing to train. Crews breaching this requirement on any waters in the area or any of the safety provisions given or published will be subject to the penalties laid down in Rule 17 of the NZSSRA Rules and Regulations. This can include expulsion from the regatta.

We remind all schools that use of the canals in the area is prohibited by law and schools in breach will in all probability be prosecuted and will be immediately expelled from the regatta.


There are 4 remits up for discussion at this years AGM. Two stem from last years AGM when the members asked that the U15 events all become novice and that the U19 events become U18.

Two other remits are put forward both regarding Rule 17 Safety Rule. These have been made to properly structure the Safety meeting held before the regatta and to adjust the wording to require the Hosts to also ensure that as well as Local Body Safety regulations not covered in our Rule 17 are implemented but also those of other relevant Statutory Bodies.

Overseas visitors

We are pleased to advise that we have overseas visitors attending the regatta. Shawnigan Lake School from Canada is bringing out 13 female rowers to compete at the Championships as well as the North Island Championships. We ask you all to make these visitors most welcome at these regattas and to extend to the Staff and parents and rowers some good Kiwi friendship, help and hospitality.