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Crew Limits at Championship Events

Reminder to all schools and coaches, there are limits on entries for the championship regattas this season. The form of a limit measure was decided by the members at the AGM and has been common for several years now.

Meridian SISS and Aon NISS - limit of 2 crews-per-school-per-event for all events except eights which have no limits.

Aon Maadi Cup - Only events 26 and 45 the under-16 doubles have a 1 crew-per-school limit. All other events have a limit of four entries.

These events with limits imposed will have supplementary entries available should there be room to fill up heats and/or to complete the progression limit of 64 crews.

Aon Maadi Cup Parade

Twizel residents would officially like to welcome the rowing community to the 2014 Aon Maadi Cup with a parade through the town centre. The Parade will begin at 2pm on Sunday 23rd March and will proceed from the Fire Station to the Rec Ground. Schools are asked to attend in uniform (either school or sports uniform), come along with a school mascot if you have one and make a team banner (there will be a competition for best banner). An official welcome and a Haka challenge will conclude the short ceremony.

Exhibition Events in 2014

The 2014 Meridian South Island Secondary Schools and the 2014 Aon Maadi Cup will feature Novice Eights as exhibition events. Please note as exhibition events the results will not contribute to a schools points tally nor will they receive official medals. Novice eights are already a feature at the Aon North Island Secondary Schools, but North Island's will include Octuples as their exhibition event this year.

Tent sites at Aon Maadi Cup

If your school would like a tent site on the embankment at the regatta you need to contact Ruataniwha Rowing: Karl Morgan ([email protected]) or Trevor Wilson ([email protected]) who will help you with your enquiry.

Aon Maadi Cup Finals Webcast

There will be a live webcast of racing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This covers semi-finals and A-D finals. A link will be posted on Maadi 2014 closer to the time.

Aon Maadi Cup Progression System

The progression system is remaining the same as what was introduced last year.

After feedback from this system it is worthwhile reminding coaches how important it is to take the progression system into account during crew selection. If entered in too many races this progression can mean athletes are over-extended and unable to perform to their full potential!

Schools also need to be reminded about non-progression and late scratching penalties. If they end up over-entering pupils and subsequently having to scratch then they will accrue penalty fees for each scratching (bigger penalties if the scratching is made late). Schools should concentrate on the quality of the crews they select rather than the quantity of crews they put each pupil into.

Party Concerns

Complaints and concerns were received about last year's function held at Lake Karapiro and after full consideration the Schools Committee and therefore Rowing New Zealand and the NZ Secondary Schools Association do not endorse any form of "party" at the Aon Maadi Cup.

It is timely to remind you that if a party was to be held by your organisation or school this function would be your full responsibility. The trademark established around the Maadi Cup also prevents any event being referred to as a "Maadi Party".

Coaches Conference

Rowing NZ will be holding a National Coaches Conference on 24th and 25th of May 2014. This will be held at the Don Rowlands Centre at Lake Karapiro and will cover lots of areas of rowing coaching. Spots are limited and those who have completed the Coaches Education Programme will be given preference. Accommodation will be available at the Lake. More information regarding this conference will soon be posted under upcoming events on

Junior Selectors Announced

Janey Wackrow and Luke Van Velthooven have been appointed to the Junior Selection panel alongside Convenor Dave Lindstrom. The new selectors are appointed to the panel for a period of three years and as per the "Selectors Terms of Reference" a review will be conducted after the 2016 Rio Olympics Games. The first job for the selectors will be the responsibility of selecting the teams of the Junior World Rowing Championships and the Youth Olympic Games in 2014.

Dates for Selection

Does your school have athletes who would want to be a part of the North vs South Under-18 team? Or are they interested in Junior level? Then they need to complete the Rowing New Zealand online nomination form and email a copy of New Zealand Passport to Rowing New Zealand NO LATER THAN 24TH FEBRUARY 2014.

The guidelines and Nomination forms for Junior and Under-18 are at

Aon Maadi Cup


There will be a number of competitions at the 2014 Aon Maadi Cup, so draw on your design skills to come up with an entry for your school.

Aon Maadi Cup Week

This schedule is subject to change particularly due to weather issues

Obituary - Peter Irvine

It is with sadness we share the news that Peter Irvine passed away in Wanganui on January 8th at age 82. Peter was a major figure in New Zealand rowing over a period of more than 50yrs. Between 1963 and 1986 he coached Wanganui Collegiate School to a record twelve Maadi Cup victories. This strong involvement in school rowing was recognised when he became a New Zealand Secondary School Rowing Association Life Member. Peter was a New Zealand Rowing Coach from 1975 to 1978, a NZ Rowing Selector from 1979 to 1984 and Director of NZ Coach Education from 1996 to 2003. He was also a Life Member of the New Zealand Rowing Association and a former RNZ council member (pre board). In later years Peter was a significant writer on rowing including 384 consecutive weekly columns in the Wanganui Chronicle Newspaper, and he authored the book "The Maadi Cup Story" which covered the first sixty years of the Maadi Cup history. Peter will be sorely missed by the School Rowing Community.


The NZSSRA 2014 AGM will take place on Sunday 23rd March after the safety briefing of the Aon Maadi Cup, at the Events Centre, Twizel.

Remits - All remits for the AGM are due by 15th February 2014

Nominations - The nominations for the following positions are called for and due on the accompanying dates.

Applications to host - 2016 Championship events and any host fee change proposals for 2015 - 15th February 2014

Please make these in writing to [email protected]

Online Regatta Entry Password for your School

Should you have misplaced your school's password for the online entry system then please get in touch with Sonya Walker who will send it through to the School's Sports Coordinator. Check that you have this before the closing date nears, so you aren't caught out right before entries close! Also it helps to do roster maintenance early too. Link for entry is

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