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Welcome to the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association website. This site is here to provide schools and school rowers with an easily accessed resource of information about schools rowing in New Zealand.

Notice of Special General Meeting 23 January 2023, ballot

Due to issues related to Covid 19, the 2022 Annual General Meeting was not held at the 2022 Aon Maadi regatta in March 2022.

Due to this postponement, we hereby confirm that this 2022 New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association Annual General meeting will be replaced with an online/postal Special General Meeting as per rule 10.4Article 14.4 of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association constitution.

The 2022 New Zealand Secondary Schools Special Annual General Meeting will be held by postal ballot on 23 January 2023.

We now call for any remits and agenda items, these will be due by 5pm on 19 December 2022.

Agenda items and remits can be sent to Mark Weatherall - General Manager Community and Development at Rowing New Zealand on [email protected].

All questions and correspondence can also be sent to Mark Weatherall on [email protected].

New Season begins 2022-23 Season

The 2022-23 Season is now underway. It runs from 1 September 2022 until the end of Maadi 2023 on 2 April 2023.

COVID-19 recovery return to rowing guidance

RNZ has been receiving questions around what does return to rowing look like for rowers who have had covid. While there is some research done overseas, at this stage within New Zealand there is very little. RNZ has worked with three medical practitioners to develop guidance for return to rowing (.pdf). This is particularly relevant to students and Maadi. In summary:

  • COVID-19 is known to affect the heart, lungs, and brains. There is a very real risk if you exercise too early you could experience longer term COVID-19 and other health issues.
  • It is critical to return your rowers to training using a safe and graduated approach. The guidance is to only return to exercise after at least seven days free of symptoms followed by a minimum of two weeks with minimal exertion.

What this mean, in relation to Maadi, is:

  • COVID-19 positive or symptomatic during Maadi: if a student presents any symptoms or tests positive during the regatta they should be withdrawn from Maadi immediately.
  • COVID-19 positive 13 - 27 March: if a student tested/tests positive in the fortnight leading up to Maadi then, irrespective of the severity of the symptoms, they should not be competing at Maadi.
  • COVID-19 positive 28 February - 13 March: the school should seek a medical clearance from a Doctor, providing a clear statement that the young person is fit and healthy to undertake strenuous exercise, such as multiple races at Maadi between the 28th of March and 2nd of April.
    Note: any student still presenting symptoms into the week prior to Maadi (21 - 27 March inclusive): should not be allowed to compete at Maadi.
  • COVID-19 positive before the end of February: any student who is still presenting any mild or moderate symptoms associated with COVID-19 should see their own Doctor before undertaking any rowing or other physical activity.
    If the school is aware the student has ongoing symptoms they should require a medical certificate before allowing the student back into training or racing.

If you have any questions contact Mark on either 021 132 4519 or [email protected]

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New Schools 2022-2023 season

If you know of any other schools wanting to join NZSSRA this season please point them to our website or the Schools Committee.