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2023 AGM Agenda

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2023 Aon Maadi Regatta NoticesNewsletter - Sitemap -  

Date: Sunday 26 March 2023
Time: 5pm
Venue: Don Rowlands Centre, Lake Karāpiro
(DRAFT Minutes)

  1. Declaration of Membership
  2. Roll Call
  3. Apologies
  4. In Memoriam
  5. President's Address (verbal update)
  6. Correspondence
  7. Minutes of Previous SGM
  8. Finance Reports
  9. Report on business presentation to be made by General Manager Community and Development - Mark Weatherall
  10. Membership Fee
  11. Election of Officers
    1. Life membership
    2. Elected members (2)
      With the retirement of Cathy Ewing and Lauren Farnden we have two vacant elected positions. We have received two nominations:
      • Christine Sinclair - Columba College, Dunedin
      • Adrian Riepen - Cashmere School, Christchurch
    3. President of the NZ Secondary Schools Rowing Association
      The position is for a three-year term. Janey Charlton completed her term and is not seeking re-election.
      We have received one nomination from Mark Cotham - Rangi Ruru Girls School
  12. Championship Regattas
    1. Applications to host Championship Regattas

      2024 New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships - South Island Rowing
      2024 North Island Secondary School Championships - Karapiro Rowing Incorporated
      2024 South Island Secondary School Championships - South Island Rowing

      2025 New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships - (TBA)
      2025 North Island Secondary School Championships - (TBA)
      2025 South Island Secondary School Championships - (TBA)
    2. Setting of fees for the 2024 Championships

      Proposed fees for the 2024 North Island Secondary Rowing Championships
      No changes are proposed for NISSC fees, which remain as follows
      NISSC Fees:Proposed:
      (per competitor)
      NISSC Levies:20202021*202220232024
      Tent site$160$160No tents**$165$165
      Tent site (rear)$130$130No tents**$135$135
      Competitor (Covid levy)$15**
      Regatta penaltiesNISSCproposed:
      Did not start
      (non-notifed scratching)
      Non-notified crew change$50$50
      Late scratching$40$40

      * fees were unchanged from 2021 due to the 2020 AGM being cancelled
      ** NISSC 2022 amenity was set at $28 and tent fees at $160 & $130 but the fees were revised due to COVID-19 (amenity reduced, COVID-19 levy added, tent fees removed)
      *** no late scratching fee applies for non-progression

      Proposed fees for the 2024 South Island Secondary Rowing Championships
      $1-$3 rises are proposed for some SISSC fees, and some SISSC penalties are being reinstated as follows
      SISSC Fees:Proposed:
      (per competitor)
      Regatta penaltiesSISSCproposed:
      Did not start
      (non-notifed scratching)
      Non-notified crew change$0$0
      Late scratching$0$0

      * fees were unchanged from 2021 due to the 2020 AGM being cancelled
      ** no late scratching fee applies for non-progression

      Proposed fees for the 2024 New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships
      Entry fees are rising by $2 since South Island Rowing last held Maadi, some penalties are dropping, as follows
      Maadi Fees:RuataniwhaKarapiroRuataniwhaKarapiroRuataniwha Proposed:
      (per competitor)
      Maadi Levies:
      Tent siten/a**$200n/a**$390n/a**
      Tent site (rear)n/a**$160n/a**$270n/a**
      Regatta penaltiesMAADIproposed:
      Did not start
      (non-notifed scratching)
      Non-notified crew change$50$50
      Late scratching$40$40

      * fees were unchanged from 2021 due to the 2020 AGM being cancelled
      ** tent sites at Ruataniwha are booked for a Season through South Island Rowing; rather than having regatta-specific bookings
      *** no late scratching fee will apply for non-progression

      NZSSRA Fees(no changes proposed)
      Regulation 10.2Entry protest$20.00
      Rule 23.3Race protest$20.00
      Rule 24.3Appeal$20.00
  13. Remits
    No remits were received in relation to changing the constitution or the Safety System.
    The 2023 AGM is not a Rule-change AGM so there are no proposals to alter the Rules or Regulations this year. However, there are items of general business proposing work start on potential alterations to the Rules in preparation for the next Rule-change AGM, in 2025 (see Other Matters).
  14. Other Matter/Business from the Floor
    1. Restructure of Age Based Classification to School Year Classification
      "That the executive undertake consultation with membership to assess support for a change from age based classification to a classification system based on the Year of a student has reached in their education.
      The consultation should be completed in time to present a report and potential remit to the 2024 AGM" - That is Under 15, 16 17 and 19 become year 10, 11, 12 and 13.

      The range of experience at under 15 level is significant. Some athletes are in their first year of competition while others may be in their 2nd or even third season. This range of experience and training age can lead to significant margins in competition.
      At the 2022 National Secondary School Championship saw, due to the Covid Pandemic, the exclusion of U15 age group rowers who had not reached year 11. In a sport where training age and experience is a significant contributor to success it would seem that at year based classification system is more appropriate than one based on age.
      In the last decade many sports have recognised the need to allow athletes to develop their skill and fitness level without the pressure of adult level competition. The traditional codes of rugby, netball, and soccer have all replaced age group tournaments with festivals of sport that have a skill based focus.
      While it is recognised that rowing is a late development sport, it is none the less important that athletes are given the opportunity to develop a level of skill and fitness that will see them thrive in competition. If we want athletes to have longevity in the sport, we should ensure that they have opportunity to develop sufficiently before being exposed to full competition.
      In the debate over the place of Under 15 rowers competing a Maadi Cup it appears to argument is skewed by rowers with "lucky birthdays" who are eligible to row in the classification when in year 11. The bulk of the athletes, however, may be as young as 13 with many lacking the physical development to be competitive.
      Under 15 and novice events at early season regattas are a constant source of frustration for regatta organisers. The lack of boat handling skills and large margins in racing often leads to significant time loss and events running over time.
      The following proposals are made for consideration:
      • Change the classification system to a school year based system i.e Year 10, 11, 12 and 13
      • Year based classification would be determined by the year level at the NZSSRA Championships that season
      • Only offer entry at Maadi Cup for Year 11, 12 and 13 students
      • Year 10 events to be run over 1000 and 500m distances.

      The change to an age based system as proposed will align with training age rather than physical age.
      Limiting Maadi to Years 11, 12 and 13 will stop the inclusion of age eligible students returning to school only to compete at Maadi.
      The reduction in distance for Year 10 athletes will remove the need for held starts. Attempting to get novice athletes into a held start is often the biggest source of delay at a regatta. The shortened distance will result in closer racing which may sustain athletes in the sport. Margins of a 100m or more a not a good motivator to young athletes who are deciding whether the sport is a good fit for them.

      Moved by: John O'Connor - Life Member, Seconded: Justin Wall - Ashburton College
    2. Change of the name of the event
      Continuing to call the NZSS regatta 'Maadi Cup' signals that the boys U18 8+ event is the pinnacle race of the event, not showing suitable recognition for the girl's event having equal standing.
      The Maadi Cup race is only 1 event out of 40 and we believe this significant name change is a step towards ensuring the girls races receive the same recognition as the boys' races. It is a move towards being not only more gender inclusive, but inclusive of ALL that the NZSS regatta entails - and not just the last boys' race.

      Rangi Ruru proposes:
      Rename the regatta to the New Zealand Secondary School Championships and remove 'Maadi' from the title.
      We feel strongly that there needs to be more effort made to establish gender equity within the NZSS Rowing programme. We believe that continuing to call the regatta the Maadi Cup reinforces the imbalance in status of the male and female events.
    3. Change of rules for transmittable devices
      Rangi Ruru proposes the NZSSRA considers changing the rule around transmittable devices to align with those of the NZ Club rules.
      The club rules are currently if you get caught with a device, your crew is disqualified from the race. The NZSSRA rule is currently if you get caught with a device then your whole school is disqualified from the regatta.
      We believe the Club rule is a fairer consequence and would like to see both the school and club rule the same.

Candidate nominations