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2019 AGM minutes

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2023 Aon Maadi Regatta NoticesNewsletter - Sitemap -  

Date: Sunday 24 March 2019
Time: 5pm
Venue: Sir Don Rowlands Centre, Lake Karapiro

  1. Roll Call
    Also in attendance: Members of Schools Committee - Trudy Keys (NZSSRA President), Lauren Farnden, Scott Wilson, Bruce Tong. Members of NZSSRA Board - Andrew Carr-Smith, Gus Scott, Janey Wackrow. Other - Sonya Walker (Rowing Manager, RNZ) Tim Wilson (Rowing Co-ordinator, RNZ), Terry Tidbury (Karapiro Rowing Inc).
  2. Apologies
    Life Members - Terry Costello, John O'Connor, Garry Carr-Smith, John Drummond, Fred Strachan,
    Principals - Sheena Millar (ONSL), Greg Fenton (HAVE), Steve Hall (WAKA), Emma Leyland (TIKI)
  3. In Memoriam
    James Boyce, Charlie Flanagan and the victims of the Christchurch attack.
  4. President's Address
    Trudy spoke to her report. She thanked Sonya on behalf of the NZSSRA Board for the amount of work done for NZSSRA and rowing community, and she thanked Rowing NZ for the support that enables her work to happen. Trudy also thanked everyone for support that she has received over years in her role as President, she has really enjoyed her time and being so involved in school rowing.
    Moved that Trudy's final report be accepted.
      Moved: WNCS     Second: OBHS     Carried Unanimously
  5. Correspondence
    Included was the letter to NZSSSC and their response after the request from NZSSRA members at the 2018 AGM to re-approach NZSSSC regarding lightweight school rowing. We report that the NZSSSC position remains unchanged.
  6. Minutes of Previous AGM
    The Minutes of the 2018 AGM had been made available online. Moved that the draft Minutes from the 2018 AGM dated 24th March be accepted as a true and correct record.
      Moved: President     Second: Leslie Saywood     Carried Unanimously
  7. Finance Report
    Sonya Spoke to the Finance report and made the following reports:
    • This is the first year without discounts and payments were made in good time so that was pleasing.
    • The $6000 miscellaneous expense if the 5 years' worth of top ten badges as advised last year.
    • From the budget it was noted that there is a significant increase in the webcasting. Rowing NZ has been covering the larger portion of this payment since the death of Russel Baxter. The NZSSRA Board have increased the amount they are contributing to $30,000 as it was always the intention that the NZSSRA cover the webcasting costs.

      Moved: WNCS     Second: President     Carried Unanimously
    At the 2018 AGM a request was made to look at alternatives for the membership fee structure. A paper was presented showing fee structures as a per pupil type scenario, to allow for greater fairness to schools with smaller numbers of rowers. Payment would be much later for per pupil scenario as no one knows how many athletes they have rowing until they are entered in regattas so there is a risk of no payment. Members were asked to consider this over the coming year as membership fees are up for review next year.
  8. Report on business carried out by the Schools Committee during the past year.
    • The Schools Committee under Article 24.2 advised that they extended the nomination period for the President's position because no nominees had been received by closing date; something the Constitution did not provide for. Extension was made and a nominee was received.
    • This year saw the 4-yearly review of the Safety System, it was last reviewed in 2017 after the Water Safety Code by Rowing NZ was done, so there are only small changes proposed here this year.
    • Schools Council was re-approached as requested by members. They advise no change in their position.
    • Through the year we had members approach the Schools Committee about "Year 14" rowing. The Committee investigated what was occurring in rowing and other sports, rugby also has a issue. Schools committee considered many options that could help with this however after consulting with NZSSSC it is difficult territory as students are legally allowed to be at school until they reach 19 years old. Rugby and rowing have stricter rules for their age grades already (being U18 and not U19). NZSSSC allowed the change from U19 to happen provided the dispensation process be followed for those who do turn 18 before the regatta and are appropriate year level. They also advised that the entries are signed off by the Principals and there needs to be trust in the integrity of Principals.

    • Tony O'Connor (CHCO) - advised there are a number of schools concerned about this and acknowledged that the Committee has done all they can about this, particularly with legally attending schools. However he asked would the committee consider saying that practices like this have no place in our sport? Rowing schools are teaching integrity, trust, honesty etc, and some sort of statement like this would assist schools in this matter.
      Sonya advised the Schools Committee will consider this at the next meeting and look to release something on this matter.
    • For the first year SISS went to Friday afternoon start. The Committee can advise that they had reports for and against the 4pm start. So we will be releasing a survey for South Island schools and take this feedback to SIR to consider their start time in 2020.
    • Reminder that NZSSRA is now a Local Association of Rowing NZ and we are calling for nominations for Volunteer of the Year.
    • Principals are all invited to a morning tea on Friday morning of Maadi Cup.

    Moved that this report on business be accepted.
      Moved: OBHS     Second: STPC     Carried Unanimously
  9. Election of Officers
    1. President of the Schools Committee.
      The position is for a three-year term. Trudy Keys has completed three terms and is no longer eligible for re-election.
      We have 1 nominee for her replacement: Janey Wackrow from St Peters School. A letter from the Principal nominating Janey was provided with the agenda.

    2.   Appointment of Janey Wackrow as President was     Carried by Acclamation
    Trudy has given a huge contribution to schools committee and school rowing and the meeting recognised this with a round of applause for Trudy.
  10. Ratification of appointment to the Schools Committee
    Cathy Ewing, Principal Nelson College for Girls has been appointed to the Schools Committee by the NZSSRA Board. The appointment is subject to ratification by Members.
      Moved: WNCS     Second: NAPG     Carried Unanimously
  11. Championship Regattas
    1. 2020 Fee Change Proposal for Championships regattas (fees ex-GST)
      1. 2020 North Island Secondary School Championships Changes: Small boats have increased by $2 and big boats by $1.
      2. 2020 South Island Secondary School Championships Changes: Singles have increased by $1, the amenity fee has increased by $2, non-progression fee has increased by $60, and a did not start fee introduce at $50
      3. 2020 New Zealand Secondary School Championships Changes: All boat prices except eights have increased by $2-$5 from the last Ruataniwha Maadi. Non-progression and did not start has increased and is the same as 2019
      Terry Tidbury from KRI spoke to their proposed increases. He stated the only changes were to the single and doubles. Any increase from the Domain (which will be notified to them later) will be covered by KRI.
        Moved: Leslie Saywood     Second: TAKA     Carried with some dissent
      A table of the fee changes proposed and the existing fees is provided below.
      Fees Maadi 2020 (Ruataniwha)NISSC 2020SISSC 2020
      Singles $28 $19 $17
      Doubles/Pairs $37 $21 $20
      Fours/Quads $49 $29 $30
      Eights/Octuples $68 $36 $44
      Amenity $30 $24 $24
      Other Fees Maadi 2020 (Ruataniwha)NISSC 2020SISSC 2020
      Entry Protest(incl GST) $20 $20 $20
      Non-notified Crew Change $50 $50 $50
      Late Scratching $40 $40 $40
      Non-progression $150* $150* $100
      Race Protest (incl GST) $20 $20 $20
      Appeal (incl GST) $20 $20 $20
      Did Not Start**
      (Non-notified scratching)
      $60 $60 $50
      Tent Fee (front) N/A
      yearly fee
      $160 N/A
      yearly fee
      Tent Fee (rear) N/A
      yearly fee
      $130 N/A
      yearly fee
      Tent Power N/A
      yearly fee
      $130 N/A
      yearly fee

      * No late scratching fee will apply for non-progression
      ** updated to clarify it only applies to non-notified scratchings
    2. Applications to host Championships regattas
      1. From Karapiro Rowing to host the 2021 North Island Secondary School Championships
      2. From Karapiro Rowing to host the 2021 New Zealand Secondary School Championships
      3. From Ruataniwha Rowing to host the 2021 South Island Secondary School Championships
      It should be noted that the dates of tournament week have not been released by the Ministry of Education yet, however we have been given the initial indication and are confident that they will be these dates. Should for some reason this change once released we will reconfirm with members.
        Moved: NAPG     Second: TAKA     Carried Unanimously
  12. Remits
    Regarding the Safety System
    1. Change the "local organising committee" to "Regatta Committee".
      Explanation: this is to ensure consistency of terms. The capitalised version is the specific group established in Reg 1.1. "local" is not required as every regatta has its own Regatta Committee.
    2. In 2.B remove the bracket and change "off" to "of"
      Explanation: Correction to grammar and wording.
    3. In 3.F after first aid station add "and any Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) onsite,"
      Explanation: In order to make the location of this life saving equipment clearer.
    4. In 4.E remove "X. Anchor and line." And add "X. Fire extinguisher."
      Explanation: This matches the requirements from Maritime NZ under the water safety code and will ensure we have a standard/consistent set of safety equipment across support vessels.
    5. In 8.B change the word "rower" to "crew member"
      Explanation: this is not only for consistency of terms but so that it also includes the coxswain not just rowers.
    6. In 11.C after safety officer add the words "on duty" and un-capitalise the word safety.
      Explanation: This is so it can be the person on duty at the time.
    The President asked if these remits could be passed as one, and without any disagreement the above 6 remits were posed
      Moved: STPC     Second: CHCO     Carried Unanimously
  13. Other Matter/Business from the Floor
    1. NZSSRA Volunteer of the Year nomineees
      The integration within NZRA also means for the first time NZSSRA can present Volunteer of the Year awards. We are therefore calling for nominees, please email these to Sonya before early April.
    2. Bereavement Rule
      Columba College would like to flag their concern around the substitution rule concerning a bereavement. They feel there is a mismatch between a medical or disciplinary substitution and that for a bereavement and they would like this to be considered for change at the next Rule Change.
    3. U17 Pairs
      Wellington Secondary Schools Association have discussed other events for the programme and are keen to see the Boys and Girls U17 pairs added to NISS/SISS and Maadi as exhibition events. They requested that this be considered.
      Schools Committee will look at the make up of U18 and U17s in the current pair and can put something together and look at where it could be put. It would be up to regatta committees to include this. Andrew Carr-Smith requested a show of hands to indicate whether it would have widespread support for inclusion. There was a majority who indicated yes.
      John Cook (MTAL) then suggested that if we are adding events we should also look at the U16 Octuples as entry is huge for U15s.
      Sonya advised that the Schools Committee does not have a desire to add a lot of events, after working with regatta hosts the schedule is packed and it doesn't allow for the unexpected delays or volunteer, venue capacity etc and implores members to think carefully about adding events.
      Both Terry Tidbury (KRI) and Trevor Wilson (SIR) reiterated these confirms and that there is a great deal of pressure already. There needs to be some elements of control to allow these growing events to continue.
      Gus Scott (WNCS and NZSSRA Board Member) suggested that if members wanted to include other events then they should consider what they would drop off, for example U15 sweep. Get rid of something before adding something.
      Justin Wall (ASHB) sympathised and agreed with Terry and Trevor's points about volunteers and venues. He felt we have to use local regattas and the data through Andrew's RowIT software to seed crews so when we get to championship regattas not just anyone can enter. Have to be smarter about how to run heats and finals. He felt there are other ways to fix this rather than shutting down more events.
      Sonya advised that the School Committee has mentioned previously that big change will likely be coming and we will be seeking coaches feedback on what options are most accepted.
    4. Regatta Decision Making
      Over the past few years regattas have been affected and now with little time available for delays there have been some tough decisions made. Unfortunately, these decisions or how they came to be made have not always been properly communicated by Regatta Committees. So to assist in the rowing communities understanding the Schools Committee has put together a document outlining how they are made, by whom, what tools are used and why they are viewed in such a way. Bruce Tong (WENT and Schools Committee) hoped that coaches would all read this and ensure they understand it, he also acknowledged Sonya on this work as it was a very complex operation and a lot goes on in the background that we aren't aware of. Scott Wilson (HAMB and Schools Committee) advised that the Schools Committee can only make changes and give feedback if we know what your questions are so make sure you keep asking questions.
    5. Acknowledgement of Trudy Keys, President 2003-2019
      Trudy has been around for a lot longer than 3 terms, in fact 13 years as our President. Trudy has contributed massively to school rowing and from all of committee, Thank you. Trudy was presented with a gift of appreciation and a Round of applause.
      Trudy welcomed Janey on for next year and said thank you.
  14. Date of next AGM
    The date of the next AGM is scheduled 29th March 2020.
Meeting called to a close - 5.42pm