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2021 AGM Agenda

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2023 Aon Maadi Regatta NoticesNewsletter - Sitemap -  

Date: Sunday 21 March 2021
Time: 5pm
Venue: Don Rowlands Centre, Lake Karapiro
(DRAFT Minutes)

The order of business will be as follows:

  1. Declaration of Membership
  2. Roll Call
  3. Apologies
  4. In Memoriam
  5. President's Address
  6. Correspondence
  7. Minutes of Previous AGM
  8. Finance Reports
    1. 2019
    2. 2020
  9. Report on business carried out by the Schools Committee during the past 2 years.
  10. Membership Fee
    The fee was $160 per school per year (set in 2018 after members removed the discount). As part of its four-yearly review before the 2020 AGM the Schools Committee were recommending the fee remained at the $160 level. The NZSSRA Board however, noted an inflation-linked adjustment from 2016 would be an increase of $10 to $170.
    Due to Covid-19 impacts cancelling the 2020 Aon Maadi Cup, the Schools Committee members felt that schools did not receive the webcasting service which is what the majority of the membership fee covers and Rowing NZ was able to negotiate a refund. The Schools Committee therefore feels that those schools who were 2020 financial members could have their fees carried over for 2021, while any new school would be charged as per usual.
    The NZSSRA Board however noted many items had been cut from the budget in recent years to reach a point where membership fees fully covered the webcast. And the surplus created by not having to pay for a webcast meant many of the budget cuts could be reversed.
  11. Election of Officers
    1. Life membership
    2. Extraordinary vacancy - the Schools Committee advise that due to the 2020 appointments not taking place Lauren Farnden (who's term was up in 2020) was appointed by the Schools Committee under Article 10.7 to cfill the extraordinary vacancy until the 2021 AGM.
    3. Elected member of the Schools Committee.
      There are two positions up for election. Because there are two vacancies, one is for a three-year term, and the other is for a one-year term.
      Scott Wilson is retiring by rotation and is not re-standing. The Schools Committee thanks Scott for his time, energy and commitment he has given the committee.
      Nominations for the two elected positions have been received from:
      1. Lauren Farnden from St Hildas Collegiate (re-standing)
      2. Mark Cotham from Rangi Ruru Girls School
      Please find details on these nominees following this agenda.
    4. Ratification of Appointment to the Schools Committee.
      Richard Dykes, Principal Nelson College has been re-appointed to the Schools Committee by the NZSSRA Board. The appointment is subject to ratification by Members.
  12. Championship Regattas
    1. 2022 Fee Change Proposal for Championship regattas (fees excl GST). Please note that, because the 2020 AGM did not go ahead, the existing fees for NISSC and SISSC were last set in 2019 for the 2020 regattas. The proposed 2020 AGM increases for the 2021 regattas could not be implemented. Similarly, the proposed fees for Maadi 2021 could not be implemented, so the fees were those last set in 2019, for a Ruataniwha Maadi. This year's proposal are therefore the first update in two years:
      1. 2022 North Island Secondary School Championships Changes:
        All boat prices have increased by $2 and amenity fee by $4. An Illegal entry fee of $50 introduced.
      2. 2022 South Island Secondary School Championships Changes:
        Singles have increased by $1 and the amenity fee has increased by $1
      3. 2022 New Zealand Secondary School Championships Changes:
        All boats except eights have increased by $1 and amenity fee by $2

      A table of the fee changes proposed and the existing fees is provided below.
      Fees Maadi 2021 (Karapiro) Maadi 2022 Proposed (Ruataniwha) NISSC 2021NISSC 2022 Proposed SISSC 2021SISSC 2022 Proposed
      Singles $28 $29 $19 $21 $17 $18
      Doubles/Pairs $37 $38 $21 $23 $20 $20
      Fours/Quads $49 $50 $29 $31 $30 $30
      Eights/Octuples $68 $68 $36 $38 $44 $44
      Amenity $30 $32 $24 $28 $24 $25
      Other fees Maadi 2021 (Karapiro) Maadi 2022 Proposed (Ruataniwha) NISSC 2021NISSC 2022 Proposed SISSC 2021SISSC 2022 Proposed
      Entry Protest
      incl GST**
      $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20
      Non-notified Crew Change $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50
      Late Scratching $40 $40 $40 $40 $40 $40
      Non-progression $150* $150* $150* $150* $100* $40
      Race Protest
      incl GST**
      $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20
      Appeal $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20
      Non-notified Crew Change $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50
      Did Not Start
      (Non-notified scratching)
      $60 $60 $60 $60 $50 $60
      Tent Fee (front) $200N/A $160 $160 N/A N/A
      Tent Fee (rear) $160N/A $130 $130 N/A N/A
      Tent Power $140N/A $130 $130 N/A
      * No late scratching fee will apply for non-progression
      ** per the NZ Secondary Schools of Racing
    2. Applications to host Championships regattas - Note School Sport NZ has not yet confirmed dates for Summer Tournament Week 2023 (due in May). This means dates for 2023 regattas may need to be adjusted, if the anticipated dates are incorrect.
      1. From Karapiro Rowing to host the 2022 and 2023 North Island Secondary School Championships regattas
      2. From South Island Rowing to host the 2022 and 2023 South Island Secondary Schools Championships
      3. From South Island Rowing to host the 2022 New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships
      4. From Karapiro Rowing to host the 2023 New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships
  13. Remits
    Carried over from 2020 AGM papers
    • Remit 1: Proposed by the NZSSRA Board
      The following remit is a remit to update the provisions relating to directors and the Board. It adds processes for dealing with vacancies. And it adjusts the appointment and term for directors. The changes will make the Board structure more resilient.

      It is moved that:
      1. The existing article 9.3 is updated to:
        9.3 The President shall have sole discretion for the appointment of the Board. The President shall appoint four directors, as follows:
         A. The President shall appoint one director each year. Each director will hold office for four years from the date of appointment by the President.
         B. In the event of an extraordinary vacancy among the directors the President shall appoint a replacement director who will hold office for the remainder of the vacated term.
         C. The Board will notify Members within fourteen days of any change to the composition of the Board.

        Note: This changes directorships from a rotation of 2 every year and 2-year terms to 1 each year and 4-year terms. That way the Board is unlikely to end up without a quorum. And it adds a specific process for filling extraordinary vacancies. One that preserves the annual 1-director appointment rotation.
      1. Insert a new 9.3 (and re-number existing clauses accordingly):
        9.3 In the event of an extraordinary vacancy of the presidency, if the next AGM is not due to be held within 6 months then the Schools Committee shall call an SGM with the sole purpose of electing a new President. The SGM shall be held by electronic or postal ballot and the provisions in Article 9.2 that relate to an AGM shall be applied to the SGM; except the three years in Article 9.2.E shall be measured from the AGM that follows the SGM.

        note: This provides a mechanism for if the presidency unexpectedly falls vacant. If there is an AGM within 6 months, then it remains vacant until the AGM. The Board and Schools Committee can function without a President in the short term. Over a longer period, or if there is no President nominated/elected at the relevant AGM then a SGM is triggered to find a new President.
    Remits proposed for 2021 papers
    • Remit 2: Proposed by Wellington Secondary Schools Rowing Association - U17 Pairs
      That the "BOYS AND GIRLS UNDER 17" list of events in Regulation 6.3 have "Pair oars without coxswain" added to it.
    • Remit 3: : Proposed by St Margaret's College, Christ's College, St Peter's School, Cambridge
      Proposal to add U18 Girls and Boys Coxless Four and Quad events

      That the U18 Girls and Boys have additional coxless Four and Quad events added to the existing programme. Therefore Regulation 6.3 have the following added "Four oars without coxswain" and "Quadruple sculls without coxswain"

      Rationale: It opens a wider range of opportunity to a variety of athletes at u18 level. They are events that would support technical proficiency over power thus enabling slighter athletes to be able to compete on a level playing field. It also exposes them to a boat class that is highly competitive at club and international level (Junior). Often it is hard to have enough coxswains at a senior level in a school program, therefore would decrease the reliance on requiring coxswains at this level.
    • Remit 4: Proposal by the Schools Committee - General Meeting
      That in rule 14.3 ", including an SGM," be added to 14.3 and delete "to deal with policy or similar matters". And that in rule 14.6 "an emergency" be deleted and replaced with "necessary". And "in its absolute discretion" be added after Schools Committee.
      So that the article reads as:
      14.3 The Schools Committee and/or the Board may call a General Meeting, including an SGM, at any time.
      14.6 Except where deemed necessary by the Schools Committee in its absolute discretion, proposals for alterations to the Regulations and Rules shall not be received for reference to the AGM or a SGM except in every fourth year (starting 2013).

      Rationale: There should be more flexibility in light of Covid so that meetings can be held in alternative ways to ensure core business can be conducted
    • Remit 5: Proposed by the Schools Committee - per pupil limit
      That the ability for Regatta Committees to request a per-pupil limit (any such limit to be subject to approval by the Schools Committee) be added to the Regulations.
      By adding to Regulations 7.2.A "and/or the maximum number of events a rower may enter in an event." And adding to 7.2.B "and/or to one or more classes of rower."
      And adding a new 7.2.D "Any change in limits would be notified to members by 1 December in the season of the regatta, otherwise the previous season limits will prevail."

      Explanation: The per pupil limit has been used by regatta hosts throughout many seasons and has been a recommendation from the Schools Committee for several years. The use of it at school regattas would enable more options for regatta hosts to be able to run the regattas within the restricted time frames. The early notification ensures change is known well in advance and allows members time to plan how their crews would work for the season.
    • Remit 6: Proposed by the Schools Committee - remove lightweight references as this event no longer occurs
      That the following rules be removed 8.1.F, 11.1.D, 11.5, and 12.
      Update existing Rule 13 to add the existing Rule 12.4 after Rule 13.5 "13.5 The scales used shall be certified as suitable for the weighing of human beings and shall display a current testing certificate."
      That the following section of Regulation 6.3 be removed "BOYS AND GIRLS OVER 15 LIGHTWEIGHT - Four oars with coxswain - Double sculls"
    • Remit 7-13: Proposed by the Schools Committee - Grammatical, punctuation, spelling and consistency corrections
      Remit 7: That commas be added to Regulations and Rules as follows:
      1. Regulation 1.5, around "a fully audited set of accounts covering the running of the Championships"
      2. Regulation 2.2, after "Championships" and after "regattas"
      3. Regulation 4.6, around "if possible"
      4. Rule 2.3, around "or after"
      5. Rule 13.2, after "however"
      6. Rule 13.6, after "race"

      Remit 8: That full stops be added in Regulations and rules and Safety System, as follows:
      1. Regulations 1.5, "statement, however" becomes "statement. However", and "is held" becomes "is held."
      2. Regulations 19.3, "trophy If" becomes "trophy. If"
      3. Rule 1, a full stop is added at the end
      4. Rule 14.6, a full stop is added at the end
      5. Safety 5.B, a full stop is added at the end

      Remit 9: That words be added or removed in Regulations as follows:
      1. Regulation 1.1.C, remove "the" from "the Regatta Control"
      2. Regulation 2.1, add "to" in the middle of "prior its"

      Remit 10: That capitalisation in Regulations, Rules, Safety System be changed as follows:
      1. Regulation 7.3.A.i, "Name" becomes "name"
      2. Regulation 7.3.A.ii, "Number" becomes "number"
      3. Regulation 7.3.B, "Following" becomes "following"
      4. Regulation 7.3.B.i, "Name" becomes "name"
      5. Rule 2.4, "school team eligibility criteria" becomes "School Team Eligibility Criteria"
      6. Rule 7.2, "Umpire" becomes "umpire"
      7. Rule 10, "Rowing Uniform" becomes "rowing uniform"
      8. Rule 13.2, "Coxswain" becomes "coxswain"
      9. Rule 14.2.B, "form" becomes "Form"
      10. Rule 16.6, "Final" becomes "final"
      11. Rule 21.2, "principal => Principal"
      12. Safety 11.A, "safety officer" becomes "Safety Officer" {x2}, and "Safety officer" becomes "Safety Officer"
      13. Safety 11.B, "safety officer" becomes "Safety Officer" {x3}
      14. Safety 11.C, "safety officer" becomes "Safety Officer" {x3}, and "Safety officer" becomes "Safety Officer"

      Remit 11: That spelling changes be made in the Regulations, Rules, Safety System as follows:
      1. Regulation 6.2, "Championship" becomes "Championships"
      2. Regulation 6.4.C, "program" becomes "programme"
      3. Reg 8.2, "Entry" becomes "entry', and "meeting" becomes "Meeting"
      4. Rule 2.2.B.ii, "Principals" becomes "Principal's"
      5. Rule 6.1.A, "Convener" becomes "Convenor"
      6. Rule 6.3.C, "arising" becomes "arisen"
      7. Rule 6.3.D, "umpires" becomes "umpires'"
      8. Rule 11.4, "groups" becomes "group", and "the age" becomes "their age"
      9. Rule 13.2, "visa versa ." becomes "vice versa."
      10. Rule 14.2.B, "substitutes" becomes "substitute's"
      11. Rule 19.2, "what ever" becomes "whatever"
      12. Rule 19.5, "measurers" becomes "measures"
      13. Rule 24.3, "crews" becomes "crew's"
      14. Rule 24.7, "Committees" becomes "Committee's"
      15. Safety 3.I, "Warm up" becomes "Warm-up", and "Warm down" becomes "Warm-down"
      16. Safety 10, "PFD's" becomes "PFD"

      Remit 12: That the term "student" is used consistently in the Rules, as follows:
      1. Rule 9.2, "rower" becomes "student"
      2. Rule 21.3, "pupil" becomes "student"

      Remit 13: That "boat" is corrected to "boats" in the Safety System, as follows:
      1. Safety 4.A, "boat for" becomes "boats for", and "boat whose" becomes "boats whose", and "catamaran boat" becomes "catamaran boats"
      2. Safety 4.C, "boat stationed" becomes "boats stationed"
  14. Other Matter/Business from the Floor
    1. NZSSRA Volunteer of the Year nominees
  15. Date of next AGM - 27 March 2022