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Trident High School's approved colours
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Approved colours for the 123 current member schools of NZSSRA. Click here for contact details for current member schools. Colours of past members of the NZSSRA and previously approved colours (all regions) can also be manually checked.

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singlet: blue (navy) with lime dark teal light teal 3 stripe side panel singlet: Blue (navy) with gold trim and large gold lion and oars on front singlet: blue (navy) with blue (sky) side panels and stylised sash with white piping singlet: green (bottle) with blue stripes edged with yellow and yellow trim singlet: blue (navy) with red side panels and crest singlet: green with red side panels and tapered white band (AVONSIDE in back band) singlet: maroon with gold side panels and black trim and piping singlet: graduated green with blue trim and gold and blue slashes at waist singlet: white top red band blue (royal) bottom singlet: green and white stripes singlet: yellow top blue (sky) diagonal blue (navy) bottom and navy trim singlet: maroon and gold stripes singlet: blue with black stripes singlet: blue (navy) with wide red stripes edged in white singlet: white with black trim and black side stripe singlet: white w green trim and sides and fading navy diagonals, navy dove on back singlet: green (bottle) top blue (navy) bottom white piping and CDS in side panel singlet: blue (navy) with blue (sky) harness singlet: blue (cambridge) top blue (navy) bottom diagonal join singlet: blue (navy) with blue (navy) side panels and red piping singlet: red (scarlet) with two gold bands singlet: blue (navy) with yellow band at waist and two yellow bands on shoulders singlet: red with black side panels shoulders trim and school name on back singlet: black with red side swish GGHS on back and 2 bands on shoulders singlet: blue (navy) with white green white side panels and motif on front singlet: blue (navy) with teal white teal diagonal singlet: red and black quarters singlet: Black and Maroon quarters singlet: black top grey bottom with white sash singlet: white with blue (royal) shoulders and black sides under arm singlet: Blue (navy) with gold splash on left side HILLCREST in gold on back
singlet: Blue (royal) with V-shape motif (blue and white) on bottom and on back singlet: red with black and white side swishes singlet: red top and bottom white diagonal with half blue diagonals and blue side panels singlet: black with wide white band with HVHS narrow white bands above and below singlet: silver with a blue (navy) band and trim optional black sleeves singlet: Blue (navy) with white and gold side panels singlet: red top gold bottom with red and gold diagonal singlet: blue (navy) top with red and gold bands and navy side panels with gold piping singlet: red (scarlet) with 2 white V bands and white trim singlet: maroon and black bands with gold trim on shoulders and waist singlet: blue (navy) with burgundy diagonal edged in white singlet: maroon with blue (navy) side panels with gold piping singlet: blue (light) with blue (dark) side panels crest on left breast singlet: red and white halves singlet: wide blue (navy), white and red bands with navy side panels and trim singlet: blue (navy) and red halves with letter M on front and back (inverted colours) singlet: blue (navy) with two gold diagonals singlet: gold with two blue bands singlet: blue (light) with two yellow bands and yellow trim singlet: black and gold quarters singlet: black top fading down to white with red waistband singlet: blue (navy) with white band and NBHS on front singlet: blue (royal) with white band singlet: blue (light) with maroon side panels and tan trim singlet: blue (navy) with blue (light) band singlet: blue (dark) with blue (light) band singlet: Black with gold and white side stripes singlet: white with two blue (navy) bands singlet: blue (royal) and white quarters singlet: blue (royal) with white side panels singlet: green top fading down to black with blue and white braces singlet: Green (forest) with white and navy side panels singlet: red with 3 bands (gold black gold) with logo in centre of black band singlet: blue (light) with two green (dark) diagonals singlet: blue with red blue (navy) and red side stripes singlet: blue (navy) with white side panels with blue (navy) grid singlet: blue (navy) with red left brace with white edges singlet: wide maroon stripes separated by blue (royal) yellow blue (royal) stripes singlet: blue with red diagonal singlet: gold top teal bottom with blue (navy) twist singlet: blue (royal) with orange bird logo and side bands name and white number on back singlet: blue (navy) with gold-white-gold sash singlet: white top green (bottle) bottom blue(azure)twist in middle and left side panel singlet: white with red band with black borders and trim and name on back in band singlet: Blue(navy) top red diagonal light blue bottom navy side panels red trim singlet: white and red quarters singlet: red (maroon) with white side panels and SHGH on back black logo on front singlet: blue (sky) with gold braces singlet: red top black bottom white and black trim SHC in white on back singlet: maroon with white braces singlet: red top blue bottom with white diagonal singlet: yellow and white bands separated by thin black bands white side stripe singlet: white with blue (royal) bands and side panels crest on front name on back singlet: white with blue side stripes blue cape on back and name in white singlet: red with black band optional black sleeves singlet: Grey with green (forest) side panels with crest middle front singlet: blue (light) v-shaped top blue (navy) bottom singlet: blue (royal) with white band and wide white side panels singlet: white with blue band and red trim singlet: blue (sky) with narrow blue (navy) bands and side panels singlet: red and white stripes singlet: black with white side panels with name in black white V on chest singlet: black top with green trim green band with name in white & white band red bottom singlet: blue (dark) with gold band and trim singlet: red and blue (light) quarters singlet: gold with blue trim side panels and lion on back singlet: Yellow with blue cross with blue and white side stripes singlet: red with white shoulders and cross singlet: blue (royal) with gold trim and name in gold and red side panels with gold trim singlet: white with large crest red shoulders with grey piping and green side panels singlet: white with blue (bright) cross singlet: blue (navy) with white pin stripes singlet: Blue (navy), white side panels, TBC in white with gold edging on front and back singlet: blue (navy) with white piping and name on back koru motif left side singlet: white with 2 blue (royal) bands separated by blue (sky) band singlet: blue with white off centre cross with blue (sky) trim and blue name singlet: blue (royal) with three gold with diagonals and WAKATIPU underneath singlet: blue (navy) with gold and blue diagonal inserts and WEGC back singlet: white top blue (navy) bottom with maroon diagonal singlet: gold with black band singlet: blue (light) with white W on black square on back [WREC] singlet: white and green (forest) quarters singlet: black with gold trim and side panels and two gold bands on back with crests singlet: black with gold and white trim singlet: green with two gold diagonals and white side panels singlet: black and blue quarters singlet: blue and yellow quarters singlet: green (bottle) and yellow bands with green trim singlet: black front maroon back with maroon sides with white piping singlet: black with red band and red side panels singlet: red with two black underarm stripes left with name in white singlet: white with red trim and name on back  

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