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Newsletter - 2004/11

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  • 2005 AGM
    • Nominations for Life Membership
    • Nominations For Office
    • Remits
    • Application to host 2007 Regatta
  • Membership Account
  • Championships
    • 2005
    • Registration Numbers
    • Colours
    • Online Entry
    • Boat and crew transport

2005 Annual General Meeting

Notice is given that the 2005 Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at the Events Centre, Lake Karapiro on Tuesday 5thApril at 7.00 pm. The business will be:

  1. Roll Call
  2. Apologies
  3. President's Address
  4. Correspondence in/out
  5. Minutes Previous AGM
  6. Treasurer's Report
  7. Election of Officers
  8. Remits
  9. General

Nominations for Life Membership

Notice is given that Nomination for Life membership of the Association close on 10th January 2005. Reference is made to clause 5.2 of the constitution for persons who may be nominated and the process.

Nominations For Office

Notice is given that Nominations for President, Executive Officer, Hon Auditor and Hon Solicitor close on the 10th February 2005. Persons being nominated for these positions should first be contacted to see if they wish to be nominated.


Notice is given that remits for discussion at the AGM close on 10th February 2005.

Note: This year is a rule change year (Constitution clause 10.6) so remits can be accepted that will change or alter the Constitution, Rules and Regulations. When proposing such a remit it is suggested you make early contact with the Executive Officer so the wording can be checked to see that it fits within the constitution and also to ensure that the changes proposed do not impact other clauses which may also have to be modified.

Application to host 2007 Regatta

Notice is given that applications to host the 2006 Championships close on 10th February 2005. Such application should be made on the form given in Appendix (F)1 of the Constitution.

Membership Account

The annual account for membership has been sent to schools with this newsletter. This is for $80.00 however if paid before 31st December then the $40.00 discount may be taken.

If any Clubs receiving a copy of this newsletter have started new schools since March 2004 or are planning to do so then they should contact the Executive Officer regarding setting up membership for the school and establishing the School's rowing colours. A current list of schools is given on our web site.

2005 Championships

Members should note the regatta will start on the Sunday 3rd April. There will be an official spare day being Sunday 10th April however this will only extend to midday as time must be given to enable schools to vacate accommodation, return rentals and make flights etc, also so the pupils and staff can be back at school on Monday.

Communication with organisers can be made via the following email address until advised otherwise: 2005.maadi[]

At last years AGM an amendment was made to clear up who should attend the COMPULSORY SAFETY MEETING. That amendment requires all schools to appoint a School Safety Officer as part of their team. This person can naturally have other duties but they must attend the Safety Meeting. If a school is not in attendance at this meeting then it WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO COMPETE at the regatta. You will note the form appointing the school voting and speaking delegates has been modified so this person's name can be included.

We remind members this form must be sent to the Executive Officer and be in his hands prior to the meeting to enable a school to vote and speak at the AGM. The appointments are to be confirmed by the school principal as usual. If a school fails to appoint a voting delegate then it cannot vote at the AGM.

The Officials/Coaches and Safety meeting will be held on Sunday before the regatta starts. The tentative time is 10am but this will be confirmed later so keep an eye on the School Rowing Website and mail outs from organisers


Rower Registration Numbers

All rowers who pay any sort of subscription to a registered rowing Club, be it school or otherwise, and all rowers who race in Club regattas must be registered with the NZRA. This is a condition of their constitution but is not always enforced by the NZRA Local Associations.

The file of registered rowers is used at the Schools Championships and other major regattas to enable crew entries to be entered into the Regatta Control Program.

This program is used to manage the regatta and to enable crew based results and programs to be produced. Certain checks are also made when the crew registration numbers are entered; such as whether the rower is of the correct age. Schools that use the On-line entry process will have to add rowers missing from this register. The system will allocate a NZSSRA number to the rowers added but this can now be changed to the NZRA numbers as they become known.

If a school rower does not compete in NZRA Club regattas then it is not necessary for that rower to register with the NZRA in order to compete at a NZSSRA Schools Regatta, in this event the school will have to use the schools on-line regatta entry system in order for the rower to be allocated an NZSSRA registration number. Registration with the NZSSRA is free.


It is a requirement of membership of the NZSSRA that all school rowing colours are approved by the Executive Officer. This process should be completed BEFORE singlets are ordered as if there is any clash your choice may be declined.

At the 2003 AGM a rule change was made and Rule 10.1 now enables regatta organisers to disqualify any school NOT wearing approved colours


If you colours are not shown or are different to those given then YOU MUST send an application to have your new colours registered. If there is a clash with existing colours then an alternative will have to be found.


On-line computer entry

The NZSSRA Internet based computer entry system will be available for the following regattas: North and South Island Secondary Schools Rowing Championships and the NZ Secondary Schools Rowing Championships.

Attached to the copy of this newsletter being sent to all schools and addressed to the SPORTS CO-ORDINATOR will be the PASSWORDS necessary for the school to gain entry to the system. These passwords will be activated once your subscription is paid.

The system has been modified since last year to make entry of rowing squad members an easier process and to allow you to overwrite the NZSSRA number allocated by the system when you enter a rower with the one you will receive from the NZRA. For those schools who have not used the system before then the old PRACTICE system is still available if you wish to have a play.

This system is free to users and successfully resulted in almost half the entries for last years championships being down loaded from it directly into the ROWMAN computer in under two minutes thus saving a massive amount of entering by the regatta organisers.

Those that have purchased the CDS system can also use it for regatta entry.

If absolutely necessary paper entries can be used these can be found on the schools web site as part of the constitution.

It is understood the NZRA is introducing an on-line entry system. Unfortunately no details are known and it is not known if this is acceptable for use in school regattas as no consultation has taken place between the NZRA and NZSSRA on this system. Once we find out some details a decision will be made as to its acceptability or not for school regattas.

Boat and crew transport

We remind those having to cross Cook Strait that there are alternatives to Tranzrail when it comes to boat trailers. Most certainly Strait Shipping last year these offered considerable savings so it will pay to get quotes from the shipping providers.