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Newsletter - 2003/03

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2003 Annual General Meeting

The agenda for the 2003 Annual General meeting is available. We ask all schools to ask that their delegates attend this meeting as in recent years we have had difficulty in reaching a quorum

Nominations for Life Membership

The executive has received a nomination to appoint Father Crotty as a life member of this Association. Father Crotty was deeply involved in the early days in the establishment of this association and worked to see the Association established and was involved in its affairs for a number of years. The Executive was pleased to accept this nomination.

Nominations For Office

Mr John O�Connor our current president is standing down this year and I am certain all schools will wish to thank him for the work he has done on behalf of school rowing in his term of office.

Only one nomination was received for president and as such we are certain that all schools would wish to congratulate Mrs Trudy Keys as President elect indeed the first female to hold this office.

Your Executive Officer while stating he would not stand again at his previous election has made himself available again due to a change in family circumstances and because no nominations were received.


Two remits have been received that have impacts on the types of boats used at the regatta. Both these remits have been presented in a way that if adopted the changes would be adopted at the 2005 AGM but would not come into effect some two years later. This was done so that members would be given ample lead time to prepare for the changes should the remits be adopted.

Applications to host 2005 Regatta

For the first time in many years this Association has received two applications to host the 2005 regatta. The executive has asked that both applicants be prepared to outline the reasons as to why their application should be accepted.

Registrations and the on-line entry system


A report will be given to the members and comments will be asked from those who have so far used the same. Around 50 schools have applied for passwords and, except for a number of minor matters, everything so far has worked without trouble.

The one glitch we have had was that the system uses a version of the NZRA Rowers Register. To give us time to prepare the system for going live in January we used a copy that was current at the end of December. Members will recall we made a plea that schools ensured their registrations were sent to the NZRA before mid December, unfortunately a considerable number were not. However the on-line system allows users to add rowers and coxswains who were late in registration or for other reasons were missing from the register. When this occurs the system automatically allocated a Temporary Registration number that it uses to identify the rowers and the events entered.

What we had not anticipated was that members who had entered their rowers then would want the Temporary numbers changed to the registration number allocated by the NZRA. Due to some technical difficulties this has not been possible this year but a modification is planned. A number of users became concerned that unless these changes were made the regatta control program ROWMAN may not accept their entries. This is not the case, as the interface with ROWMAN will accept the temporary numbers without any problems.

Championship entries can be accepted up till the 3rd of March and of course you can continue to modify the entries you have made up to that same date.


We are still receiving even at this very late stage application to change colours from some schools. At the same time some members have finally taken the opportunity to check the colours we have recorded for them by using the school rowing web site.

Some changes were made to the constitution last year which stipulated penalties for rowing in non-approved colours which could include disqualification. So, for those of you who have not done so PLEASE CHECK

Survey Results


We received some 45 replies from members on the question of lightweight rowing at the Championships.

It can be fairly stated that opinion is very evenly divided with 3 expressing no preference, 21 saying the events should not be in the programme and 21 stating they should be. If nothing else the survey made it very clear to members there was a great deal of unease in rowing circles internationally about young people entering such events.

As said in the survey this body is NOT an incorporated Society so in the event of any accident/claim against this Association then the liability will rest with ALL members and not be limited to the Association resources.

So we do ask that those schools making entries into these events to take every care that the rowers entered are natural light weights and NOT on any unsupervised weight-loss programmes.

2005 and 2008 Regatta Dates

Members should be aware that Easter in 2005 and 2008 falls early in March. The New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council has finally addressed this question and while they have not made a decision at this time they are favouring the Summer Tournament Week to fall as follows:

  1. Original Tournament week start 14th march
    Good Friday 25th March
    Probable Tournament week start 4th April
    Last Day term 15th April
  2. Original Tournament week start 10th March
    Good Friday 21st March
    Probable Tournament week start 31st March
    Last day of Term 4th April

Now if necessary we can apply for dispensation to work outside whatever Tournament week is set but this will be difficult and would probably only be granted if we show good cause. It is obvious that both the normal dates would impact the whole of the NZ Rowing regatta programme especially 2008 However the later dates are the only alternative because of the position of Easter. There seems to be no real problem with 2005 as the regatta will be at Karapiro however 2008 will be at Ruataniwhia and there will probably spill over into 1st Term holidays if the Term dates are ratified which they are not. Member�s views will be asked for at the AGM