2020 Aon North Island Secondary Schools Champs Logo Karapiro, 13-15 March 2020
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Wrap-upNISSC 2020

The North Island Championships are completed for another year. There was a strong tail wind on Friday but conditions were excellent on Saturday and Sunday.

Hamilton Boys High School won the Derbyshire Shield for Champion School of the regatta. The top 3 was rounded out by Auckland Grammar and Takapuna Grammar.

In the 12 pennant events (those with unrestricted entry i.e. U18, excl novice) honours were shared between 9 different schools. HAMB won the 3 boys sweep oar events. The boys sculling events were split between SJHM, TAKA, and WNCS. STPC managed to win 2 of the girls sculling events. But the other 4 girls events were spead between EGGS, DIOC, TRGG, and WKDS.

Hamilton Boys High School again won the Boys Under-18 Eights and Waikato Diocesan School again won the Girls Under-18 Eights.

Under-17 Pairs were exhibition events this year. They were won by SHGH (girls) and SHAK (boys).

Schools will now be looking forward to seeing their South Island counterparts arrive at Karapiro for the 2020 Aon Maadi Cup.

Results by rowIT

Live results were available during the regatta. Results can be found on the rowIT website:

Results for:

Confused by the colors or codes? There's a list of school codes and colours, as well a page with indicative images of school colours.

Penalties, exclusions & relegations

News 2020-03-03

2020 Stats

At close of entries there are 1894 students from 99 schools entered in 4678 seats in 1338 crews.

Exhibition events

There are U17 Pair exhibition events for this regatta. They fit into the programme between events 38 and 39.

Tent Sites

Tent sites are ordered during the online entry process and are allocated by ballot after close of entries.


While North Island schools are competing on Lake Karapiro for recognition as the best the North Island has to offer their South Island counter-parts will be do the same thing up at the 2020 Meridian South Island Champs on Lake Ruataniwha. Keep a watch on both regattas for indicators of who may claim the top spot at Maadi!

Entry Fees

Entry fees (exclusive of GST) for the regatta were set by members at the 2019 AGM: 1X $19, 2X/2- $21, 4X+/4+ $29, 8X+/8+ $36, amenity $24.00 per student.

Entry limits

There is an entry limit of 2 crews per event per school; except in eights and octuples, which have no limit. These limits will not rise during supplementary entries.

Number of events per student

School age rowers should only be racing 2 events at a Championships regatta. A few rowers could be considered for 3 events; none should be doing more.

NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria

Schools are limited to 3 "new" students in an eight and 1 "new" student in other boats ("new" students are those who've swapped schools or come from overseas and looks back over the past 2 years). There is now also a limit of 2 students with an NZSSSC-issued PCRE per crew (1 in singles!).

2019 Stats

There were 1905 students from 100 schools entered in 4798 seats in 1391 crews. 309 races were required to complete the regatta and find the winners of all 50 events.

Regatta Documentation


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