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2023 SGM Agenda

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2023 Aon Maadi Regatta NoticesNewsletter - Sitemap -  

Date: Monday 23rd January 2023
Time: 11:59pm
Venue: Survey Monkey, postal vote

The order of business will be as follows:

  1. Minutes of Previous AGM - to be taken as read
  2. Finance Reports - The 2022 accounts are not ready due to a change in staff at Rowing New Zealand in turn these will be presented to the 2023 AGM for approval in March 2023.
  3. Election of Officers
    1. Two elected members for the Schools Committee.
    2. Two appointed members for the Schools Committee.
    Note: Schools are asked to participate in the online vote - we have received one nomination from Jane Stanley for a position of elected committee member. Jane has a long background in Rowing and is the current Principal at Westlake Girls.
  4. Championship Regatta fees - to be taken as read and vote conducted to accept proposals - please see attached as:
  5. Remits - to be taken as read and a vote conducted to accept.
    • Remit 1: Amendment to Regulations - Regulation 7 [Remit brought forward from 2021 AGM]
      That the ability for Regatta Committees to request a per-pupil limit (any such limit to be subject to approval by the Schools Committee) be added to the Regulations.
      The per pupil limit has been used by regatta hosts throughout many seasons and has been a recommendation from the Schools Committee for several years.
      The use of it at school regattas would enable more options for regatta hosts to be able to run the regattas within the restricted time frames.
      The early notification ensures change is known well in advance and allows members time to plan how their crews would work for the season.
      By adding to Regulations 7.2.A "and/or the maximum number of events a rower may enter in an event, provided that the maximum number of events a rower may enter is three or greater"
      And adding to 7.2.B "and/or to one or more classes of rower"
      And adding a new 7.2.D "Any change in limits would be notified to members by 1 December in the season of the regatta, otherwise the previous season limits will prevail."
    • Remit 2: Amendment to Regulations
      This aligns the terminology in the NZSSRA Regulations for Regattas with the NZRA Rules of Racing, avoiding confusion.
      That all references to "Regatta Committee" be replaced by "Organising Committee" in the Rules of Racing Regulations.
    • Remit 3: Amendment to Rules of Racing
      This aligns the terminology in the NZSSRA Rules of Racing with the NZRA Rules of Racing, avoiding confusion.
      That all references to "Regatta Committee" be replaced by "Organising Committee" in the Rules of Racing.
    • Remit 4: Amendment to Safety System
      This aligns the terminology in the NZSSRA Safety System with the NZRA Rules of Racing, avoiding confusion.
      That all references to "Regatta Committee" be replaced by "Organising Committee" in the Safety System.
    • Remit 5: Proposed by the Schools Committee - remove lightweight references as this event no longer occurs
      That the following rules be removed 8.1.F, 11.1.D, 11.5, and 12.
      Update existing Rule 13 to add the existing Rule 12.4 after Rule 13.5 "13.5 The scales used shall be certified as suitable for the weighing of human beings and shall display a current testing certificate."
      That the following section of Regulation 6.3 be removed "BOYS AND GIRLS OVER 15 LIGHTWEIGHT - Four oars with coxswain - Double sculls"
    • Remit 6-12: Proposed by the Schools Committee - Grammatical, punctuation, spelling and consistency corrections

      Remit 6: That commas be added to Regulations and Rules as follows:
      1. Regulation 1.5, around "a fully audited set of accounts covering the running of the Championships"
      2. Regulation 2.2, after "Championships" and after "regattas"
      3. Regulation 4.6, around "if possible"
      4. Rule 2.3, around "or after"
      5. Rule 13.2, after "however"
      6. Rule 13.6, after "race"

      Remit 7: That full stops be added in Regulations and Rules and Safety System, as follows:
      1. Regulations 1.5, "statement, however" becomes "statement. However", and "is held" becomes "is held."
      2. Regulations 19.3, "trophy If" becomes "trophy. If"
      3. Rule 1, a full stop is added at the end
      4. Rule 14.6, a full stop is added at the end
      5. Safety 5.B, a full stop is added at the end

      Remit 8: That words be added or removed in Regulations as follows:
      1. Regulation 1.1.C, remove "the" from "the Regatta Control"
      2. Regulation 2.1, add "to" in the middle of "prior its"

      Remit 9: That capitalisation in Regulations, Rules, Safety System be changed as follows:
      1. Regulation 7.3.A.i, "Name" becomes "name"
      2. Regulation 7.3.A.ii, "Number" becomes "number"
      3. Regulation 7.3.B, "Following" becomes "following"
      4. Regulation 7.3.B.i, "Name" becomes "name"
      5. Rule 2.4, "school team eligibility criteria" becomes "School Team Eligibility Criteria"
      6. Rule 7.2, "Umpire" becomes "umpire"
      7. Rule 10, "Rowing Uniform" becomes "rowing uniform"
      8. Rule 13.2, "Coxswain" becomes "coxswain"
      9. Rule 14.2.B, "form" becomes "Form"
      10. Rule 16.6, "Final" becomes "final"
      11. Rule 21.2, "principal => Principal"
      12. Safety 11.A, "safety officer" becomes "Safety Officer" {x2}, and "Safety officer" becomes "Safety Officer"
      13. Safety 11.B, "safety officer" becomes "Safety Officer" {x3}
      14. Safety 11.C, "safety officer" becomes "Safety Officer" {x3}, and "Safety officer" becomes "Safety Officer"

      Remit 10: That spelling changes be made in the Regulations, Rules, Safety System as follows:
      1. Regulation 6.2, "Championship" becomes "Championships"
      2. Regulation 6.4.C, "program" becomes "programme"
      3. Reg 8.2, "Entry" becomes "entry', and "meeting" becomes "Meeting"
      4. Rule 2.2.B.ii, "Principals" becomes "Principal's"
      5. Rule 6.1.A, "Convener" becomes "Convenor"
      6. Rule 6.3.C, "arising" becomes "arisen"
      7. Rule 6.3.D, "umpires" becomes "umpires'"
      8. Rule 11.4, "groups" becomes "group", and "the age" becomes "their age"
      9. Rule 13.2, "visa versa ." becomes "vice versa."
      10. Rule 14.2.B, "substitutes" becomes "substitute's"
      11. Rule 19.2, "what ever" becomes "whatever"
      12. Rule 19.5, "measurers" becomes "measures"
      13. Rule 24.3, "crews" becomes "crew's"
      14. Rule 24.7, "Committees" becomes "Committee's"
      15. Safety 3.I, "Warm up" becomes "Warm-up", and "Warm down" becomes "Warm-down"
      16. Safety 10, "PFD's" becomes "PFD"

      Remit 11: That the term "student" is used consistently in the Rules, as follows:
      1. Rule 9.2, "rower" becomes "student"
      2. Rule 21.3, "pupil" becomes "student"

      Remit 12: That "boat" is corrected to "boats" in the Safety System, as follows:
      1. Safety 4.A, "boat for" becomes "boats for", and "boat whose" becomes "boats whose", and "catamaran boat" becomes "catamaran boats"
      2. Safety 4.C, "boat stationed" becomes "boats stationed"

Appendix 1 - South Island Rowing Fees proposal

South Island Secondary Schools Championships 2023

Amenity Fee$25.00
Late Scratching$0.00
Did Not Start$50.00
Non-Notified Crew Change

Appendix 2

North Island Secondary Schools (NISS) & Maadi Regatta 2023 Fee Proposal:

Karāpiro Rowing Incorporated (KRI) have sought to keep expenses and fee increases at a minimum for 2022/23 however unfortunately we are not immune to the inflationary pressures impacting cost of servicing, procurement, and external labour (such as electrical and motorboat ser-vicing).

We are now budgeting a loss for this financial year as we have made some difficult decisions or been the recipient of a decision (e.g. grant outcome) such as:

  1. a higher than usual capital expenditure following a reduction in upkeep/investment over the Covid years;
  2. have put in place an asset replacement schedule to maintain our assets;
  3. have removed half of our penalty fees to improve the regatta experience;
  4. been declined on a major grant application; and
  5. there have been two Waipa Domain fee increases since the Maadi 2019 fees were set. Tent site fees do not currently cover the increase in the Waipa domain costs for the hire of the spectator embankment.

Overall, the decisions we've made have been made to improve the regatta experience for the North Island and New Zealand rowing community.

Unfortunately, due to the above we are unable to retain the fees for NISS and Maadi Regatta at current levels and would like to propose the following changes for this year's events:

  1. An increase of $1 for all small boat classes for NISS;
  2. An increase of $2 for all boat classes from Maadi 2019 fees approved at the NZSSRA AGM for the 2019 Maadi Regatta;
  3. Amenity fees to increase by $2 for NISS, and $4 for Maadi from the approved Maadi 2019 fee; and
  4. A $5 increase to tent site hireage for NISS and Maadi.

In terms of the non-recurring regattas, we are budgeting for a lower surplus for Maadi Regatta as that earned two years ago primarily due to direct regatta cost increases exceeding revenue growth.

Please refer below for the proposed fee amounts and history.

NISS Fees:Proposed:
Competitor (Covid levy)$ 15
Single$ 14$ 15$ 17$ 19$ 19$ 21$ 22
Double/pair$ 20$ 17$ 19$ 21$ 21$ 23$ 24
Quad/four$ 25$ 26$ 28$ 29$ 29$ 31$ 31
Eight$ 32$ 33$ 35$ 36$ 36$ 38$ 38
Amenity (per competitor)$ 19$ 24$ 24$ 24$ 24$ 19$ 26
Tent site$ 160$ 160$ 160$ 160$ 160No tents$ 165
Tent site (rear)$ 130$ 130$ 130$ 130$ 130No tents$ 135

Maadi Fees:Proposed:
Single$ 26$ 26$ 28$ 28$ 28$ 29$ 31
Double/pair$ 37$ 32$ 39$ 37$ 37$ 38$ 40
Quad/four$ 49$ 44$ 51$ 49$ 49$ 50$ 52
Eight$ 65$ 68$ 67$ 68$ 68$ 68$ 70
Amenity (per competitor)$ 24$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 32$ 36
Tent site$ 200$ 200$60 / day$65 / day
Tent site (rear)$ 160$ 160$40 / day$45 / day

Grey reflects South Island, privately owned infrastructure.