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2011 AGM minutes

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7pm, Tuesday 29 March 2011
Lecture Theatre, St Peters School, Cambridge (Agenda)

Meeting opens at 7:18PM chaired by NZSSRA President, Trudy Keys, who is joined by the Interim Schools Committee: Gillian Simpson (co-opted NZRA Board Member for Schools), Andrew Carr-Smith (NZSSRA Executive Officer), Simon Peterson (NZRA CEO), Leith Menzies (NZSSRA Executive Committee Member, ASSRA Chairman)

  1. Roll Call: there are 122 Member schools entered at the regatta. The quorum for the meeting is 40% (49) of those schools (ref clauses 10.6 & 10.11). The roll call establishes there are only 39 members present by delegate or proxy so the quorum is not met.
    The bare quorum for a meeting, excluding the business in remit 1, is 20% (25) of Member schools entered at the regatta (ref clauses 10.11). This quorum is met: agsb, avsg, bthc, burn, carm, cbhs, crom, dioc, hasg, have, iona, jhar, jpcr, kgca, mlbb, mlgg, mtal, napb, obhs, oghs, otum, qcha, rotb, rotg, rrgs, shak, sldg, stan, stbd, stcc, stkt, stmg, stpc, taka, timg, trgb, vill, whhs, wkds, wlgc, wncs, G CARR-SMITH, J COLLIN, T COSTELLO, F STRACHAN, L SAYWOOD (46 - includes late arrivals)
    Also in attendance is: T Popplewell (for Karapiro Rowing)

    Note: 27 Members did not appoint a delegate: brea*, camp, fras, gghs, hasb*, horo*, kaia*, khsd*, lind*, list*, nayl*, nplg, para*, qhsd*, ruth, shgh, shgn, sldb*, smco*, sptw*, stmw, stra, tawa, trid, went, whak, wtlb. * =not entered at Maadi
  2. Apologies: aote*, aqui, ashs, dilw, gbhs, hamg, hlcr, htvh*, loga, lytt, rgtt, rotl*, samu*, sjhm*, splh, stor*, tekc, whgg, wnhs, wtsc, A Brown (Wanganui SSRA Local Representative), B Bevis (MTAL)
    *=apology for voting delegate
    Remembrance: Members mark the passing of Noel Lynch (Life member), Kate Strachan (Otago), John Symes (Wanganui), Bill Yorwarth (Waikato), John Howarth (Bay of Plenty) and Ronald Rouse (Southland).
  3. President's Address: the President welcomes attendees and guests then reads her report, which is also circulated at the meeting. Note is made of recent positive developments in our sport, like the revised Championships Programme of Events and adopting the School Rowing Integration Project Plan as NZSSRA policy. Comment is also passed about the assistance and support offered within the rowing community in response to the Christchurch earthquakes.
  4. Correspondence in/out: the Executive Officer advises there was no correspondence received in relation to the AGM other than material that will be presented for individual items in the Agenda.
  5. Minutes of Previous AGM: the Minutes of the 2010 AGM, having been circulated to schools are moved for adoption as a correct record.
    moved: WNCS seconded: VILL outcome: CARRIED
    Minutes of Postal GM: the Minutes of the 2010 GM (held by postal ballot) are moved for adoption as a correct record and the ballots are to be destroyed.
    moved: Executive Officer seconded: L Saywood outcome: CARRIED
  6. Election of Officers
    1. President: Mrs Trudy Keys (incumbent) is the only candidate and is elected for another term by acclamation.
    2. Executive Officer: Mr Andrew Carr-Smith (incumbent) is the only candidate and is elected for another term by acclamation.
    3. Hon Solicitor: Mr Richard Watts (incumbent) is the only candidate and is elected for another term by acclamation.
    4. Hon Auditor: No nominations were received prior to the AGM so the Chairman calls for nominations from the floor for the position of Hon Auditor. There are no nominations. MLBB states there is a person associated with their school who might be willing to take up the role and MLBB will ask that person.
  7. Treasurer's Report: the Executive Officer reads his report, which is circulated at the meeting. The report is identified as a draft report (in the absence of an Honorary Auditor) like the 2010 draft report, which was subsequently confirmed by an accounting firm to be accurate. The Executive Officer draws attention to the declaration of interest, which clearly sets out his relationship with rowIT Ltd. BTHC asks a question about depreciation and is advised there is no depreciation because all the Association's assets have been fully depreciated; including the laptop, which has recently developed problems with its wireless
    moved: TAKA seconded: L Saywood outcome: CARRIED
  8. Report on business carried out by Executive Committee during past year: the report is circulated at the AGM and attention is drawn to its final item. Some items of Executive Committee business were conducted by the Executive Officer instead of the Committee, namely: appointment of the 2011 Championships' Race Committee members (as nominated by the Regatta Committees) and acceptance of trophies donated for NISSC and Maadi. The irregularity occurred because one consequence of the Christchurch Earthquake was the Schools Committee, which has been delegated the Executive Committee's functions, was unable to make its quorum for conducting that business. The business was non-controversial and time-sensitive so it was completed by the Executive Officer and reported to the AGM in accordance with clauses 18 of the constitution. Attendees are invited to read the rest of the report at their leisure and the Executive Officer offers to make himself available throughout the regatta to answer any questions attendees might have.
  9. Introduction of the Interim Schools Committee: the President introduces the Interim Schools Committee to the meeting. Members are: Gillian Simpson (co-opted NZRA Board Member for Schools, Principal of NZSSRA Member school: STMG), Trudy Keys (NZSSRA President), Andrew Carr-Smith (NZSSRA Executive Officer), Simon Peterson (NZRA CEO), Leith Menzies (NZSSRA Executive Committee Member, ASSRA Chairman). The Interim Schools Committee was formed pursuant to the School Rowing Integration Project Plan and has been delegated the functions of the Executive Committee. Gillian and Simon are new to the Executive Committee and are invited to speak.
    G Simpson speaks about the Schools Committee and being co-opted to the NZRA Board, developing working relationships, and things to look forward to: communication, openness and trust. Gillian also identified areas where an integrated approach to school rowing could provided dividend: continuance rates within our sport.
    S Peterson notes the consultation phase of the plan is well and truly complete and good progress is being made. Simon points out is not only members expectations of what the Association can do that have increased; Aon, as Major Sponsor of Maadi, has indicated its ongoing involvement in school rowing is dependent on the integration plan working. Simon also wants to address the misconception that NZRA is just getting involved to grab dollar; he emphatically denies this.
    VILL asks a question about NZRA's debt - deferred to general business.
    T Costello asks what NZRA's position on schools is: how that will be harmonised with NZSSRA's position, where are NZRA's aims and objectives? G Simpson, as NZRA Board Member, responds, she explains NZRA's aims and objectives are to address the question of what is in the best interests of athletes.
    MLBG asks how membership of the Committee is established. The Executive Officer advises there is no structure yet for appointing the Schools Committee in its final form. This is one of the jobs for the Interim Schools Committee to complete. It needs to establish a process that has the support of Members.
    JPCR asks whether the Association is going to disappear. The Executive Officer provides an emphatic "no"; explaining the plan foresees the Association being incorporated so it can have membership of NZRA. He states his view is it important to have the Association to keep schools involved. The Association in its current form could have a role to play in appointing the Schools Committee members, whereas the NZRA Board Member for Schools might be better nominated by principals.
    STKT voices support for continuing to hold AGMs. S Peterson raises the possibility of further gatherings - like the Whole of Sport Forums held by NZRA.
  10. Remit: The quorum required to consider this item of business was not met so it was not considered.
  11. Championship Regattas
    1. 2012: fees proposals for Championships regattas (fees ex-GST)
      1. From Karapiro Rowing Inc. for the North Island Championships
        Changes: removal of $5 substitution fee, amenity fee increase of $1.50 to cover rising domain hire charges.
        T Popplewell announces that, as well as seeking removal of the substitution fee for 2012, the Regatta Committee will not be collecting the fee during this Maadi. This will be achieved by 100% rebate of the fee; schools must still make substitutions (as required by the Rules).
        moved: the NISSC fees be adjusted as proposed: CBHS seconded: WNGC outcome: CARRIED
      2. From South Island Rowing Inc. for the South Island Championships
        Changes: change to a seat rate structure, comparative effect unknown
        In response to a query about whether the new fees are higher or lower than the 2011 fees the Executive Officer explains SIRI has provided a comparison with a $9 seat fee (for 2011) but the 2011 fees were set on a different basis (boat types + amenity). To further complicate matters, prior to the 2011 SISSC regatta SIRI had attempted to change the fees to the $9 seat fee; stating the fees as set were higher than necessary. However, SIRI was reminded neither the Regatta Committee nor the Executive Committee has the power to revise fees set by the AGM so it was recommended SIRI do what it did last time it discovered the fees it had proposed were set too high: rebate the difference to Members (it is not known whether SIRI did this in the end). S Peterson advises South Island Rowing Inc have asked for an opportunity to review their fees proposals in light of some questions about the budgets.
        moved: the matter be deferred until SIR has reviewed its proposal: MLBG seconded: JHAR outcome: CARRIED
      3. From South Island Rowing Inc. for the New Zealand Championships
        Changes (vs 2010): small boat fees decrease, big boat fees increase, amenity increase $5.50
        Changes (vs. 2009 when SIRI hosted): eights increase $10, amenity increase $4
        WNGC asks whether it is known what aspects of the fees proposal budget require reviewing. The Executive Officer identifies a couple of examples: $6,000 was budgeted for security in 2010 and in 2012 but $0 was spent on security in 2010; $7,000 was budgeted for auditors fees in 2010 and $6,000 in 2012 but from 2010 NZSSRA received only an extract from the annual accounts SIRI has to provide as a registered society (not independent audited accounts); SIRI's overheads (not direct regatta costs) had increased 25% in the space of 2 years to $50,000; and there is a $2,500 difference between medal costs for Maadi and SISSC.
        moved: the matter be deferred until SIRI has reviewed its proposal: MLBG seconded: OGHS outcome: CARRIED

      A table of the resulting fees follows. Other existing fees are: $20 entry protest, $20 race protest, $20 appeal. Other existing penalties are: $40 late scratching, $40 non-progression ($50 at NISSC)
      2X / 2-$20.00$20.00$35.00
      4X+ / 4+$25.00$32.00$47.00
      8+ .$32.00$40.00$62.00
      Tent (front)$160.00
      Tent (power)$100.00
      * potential changes to these fees have been deferred
    2. 2012/13: Applications to host Championships regattas:
      1. 2013 North Island Championships: application from From Karapiro Rowing Inc. to host at Lake Karapiro, 1-3 March 2013.
        T Costello asks why the regatta is set so early in the year. The Executive Officer explains the date is determined by Maadi, which has to fall in NZSSSC's Summer Tournament Week, and Members' request from previous seasons that NISSC and SISSC be completed before entries for Maadi close. T Costello asks why entries have to close so early, explaining 20 years ago when entries were received by post and fax they closed only a week before the regatta. The Executive Officer explains the bottleneck is the Souvenir Programme; electronic entries could close a couple of days before Maadi but the printers require their material a fortnight before the regatta. S Peterson notes the Souvenir Programme is important to sponsors who contribute significantly to Maadi.
        moved: KRI's application to host NISSC 2013 be accepted: seconded: outcome: CARRIED
      2. 2013 New Zealand Championships: application from Karapiro Rowing Inc. at Lake Karapiro, 18-24 March 2013.
        moved: KRI's application to host Maadi 2012 be accepted : MLBG seconded: VILL outcome: CARRIED
      3. 2013 South Island Championships: application from South Island Rowing Inc. to host at Lake Ruataniwha, 2-3 March 2013.
        Members' attention is drawn to the following alterations made to the standard hosting application forms supplied by South Island Rowing Inc.
        1. Paragraph 1: addition of "In view of the prevailing economic climate, SIR reserves the right to review the level of entry fees and agree with NZSSRA on any changes"
        2. Paragraph 2: addition of "provided they do not conflict with the externally imposed rules and regulations and "natural justice""
        3. Paragraph 3: addition of "provided this does not conflict with the sponsorship arrangements in place by SIR or RNZ". (South Island Rowing Inc has not advised of any sponsorship arrangements in place for this regatta at the time of this application)
        MLBG asks whether the regatta can be seeded. The Executive Officer advises there is provision within the Rules for the Executive Committee and Regatta Committee to decide this and the request can be taken forward. The President notes is her experience, having been NZSSRA's representative on the Regatta Committees for past SIRI-hosted regattas that SIRI tends to meet without including the NZSSRA Representative.
        STBD comment on the proviso relating to holding the regatta in accordance with the Association's Rules and Regulations; stating it doesn't believe SIR would honor that requirement. The 2011 SISSC regatta, where SIR tried to implement an events-per-pupil limit, is cited as an example of such failure.
        moved: the application be declined and SIRI be invited to resubmit their application to host SISSC 2013 after discussion with NZRA and the Executive Committee of NZSSRA: TAKA seconded: RRGS outcome: CARRIED (by show of hands)
  12. Other matters/business from the floor
    • S Peterson invites questions from the floor and is asked whether the Association should be looking at getting closer to NZRA given NZRA's debt situation arising from the World Champs. Simon clarifies the debt is $1.3M (not the higher figures reported in the media)and explains it is in the form of interest free loans from the government and the Rowing Foundation. All creditors have been paid and NZRA is now looking at repaying the loans but does not have a source for this yet. In response to a question about whether NZRA usually runs surpluses Simon explains NZRA begins each year with a budgeted deficit but it is one it expects to meet. Simon notes SPARC has increased its funding to rowing (now $4.2M) but all those funds are ring-fenced for High Performance and Elite rowing. A question about where the rest of rowing's funding comes from is answered by telling the meeting it is met through sponsorship and by gaming trusts. When asked what the Board's position on strengthening club rowing is, Simon advises the NZRA strategic plan covers that sort of detail and offers to discuss the plan later.
    • S Peterson requests feedback about the integration project plan from the meeting. He explains the NZRA Board is meeting later in the week and will be considering its role within the plan, how to move forward and whether it can be confident the plan enjoys the support of schools:
      • MLBG supports the plan in principal but is not sure about the idea of headmasters picking the NZRA Board candidate.
      • JPCR says integration is needed and the candidate processes require headmasters' involvement but Members have to have a voice; like at the AGM. S Peterson notes he wants to expand NZRA's programme of forums; an idea JPCR thinks is great, as "it's hard to get to the South Island AGM".
      • WLGC supports the need for integration and points out the large number of disinterested schools who are not involving themselves at present. The Executive Officer provides a ballpark figure of 100 members.
      • JHAR states it has trust in NZRA so has full faith in the Schools Committee and the direction being taken.
      • KGCA's delegate explains he's new to rowing in NZ but drawing upon his experience in 3 other countries he has not seen a more valuable proposition. KGCA says the Association needs to take a leap of faith.
      • MLBB points out most Principals are only at Maadi for finals days and asks whether NZRA could host a meeting with them.
      • STKT says the plan is a great idea but it is important the voices of the school rowing community and Principals do not disappear.
      moved: the meeting show its approval of the integration process by acclamation: CBHS seconded: OGHS outcome: CARRIED BY ACCLAMATION
    • TAKA raises the problem with NISSC struggling to achieve a fair and equal regatta with so many entries and asks whether a review of the progression is possible. South Island Members note SISSC has a similar problem. The Executive Officer explains the progression system is constrained by the amount of time available for the regatta and both KRI and SIRI, as hosts of NISSC and SISSC respectively, have advised they are not able to extend the duration of their regatta - they were both asked whether they would consider submitting applications for longer duration regattas in 2013 and both declined. Reasons given include the extra days put too much strain on their volunteers. SLDG notes it is not just hosts who are struggling but also coaches, teachers, etc.
      TAKA asks how the issue can be tackled. The Executive Officer tells the meeting if a Member believes it has a good solution to the problem then it could submit that as a remit to the next AGM. Alternatively, the Association has provision for forming Special Committees, like the one that looked at Maadi in 2005. VILL notes the issue is bigger than just school regattas and asks whether it could be an integrated committee with NZRA tackling club rowing as well.
    • RRGS asks whether 2013 regatta fees have been structured deliberately at small boats. The Executive Officer says there has been no policy like that and fees are structured similarly to previous years.
  13. Date for next AGM: Members discuss finding an alternative time within Maadi for holding the AGM; one where a better turnout might be achieved. The consensus is we should try linking the AGM and the pre-regatta Safety Briefing. It is decided the 2012 AGM should be held at 5pm on Sunday 25 March 2012 in Twizel and the Safety Briefing should be held at the same venue and prior to the AGM.
    moved: WNGC seconded: STKT outcome: CARRIED
  • The AGM closes at 8:45pm

The Executive Officer