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SISSC 2023

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2023 NISSC

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2023 Aon Maadi Regatta NoticesNewsletter - Sitemap -  

2023 Aon North Island Secondary Schools Champs regatta Logo Lake Karāpiro, 10-12 March 2023
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  • Where: Lake Karāpiro [map], Waikato, New Zealand.
  • When: Friday 10 - Sunday 12 March 2023 (3-day regatta)
  • What: North Island schools competing for supremacy in 52 events, and preparing to challenge the South Islanders at Maadi.

Penalties, exclusions & relegations 26 July 2023

As a consequence of the Exclusions:

  • Medals in 2 events were reallocated
  • Mexico Olympic Coxed Four Trophy was reallocated from HAMB to SHAK
  • George Hale Rosebowl was reallocated from HAMB to STPA

Wrap-upNISSC 2023

The North Island Championships are finished for another year. After last year's unsual COVID-19 regatta it was great to return to normalcy. Even the weather cooperated; just a bit of wind on Friday and an hour's delay to finals on Sunday due to fog.

The Derbyshire Shield for Champion School of the regatta was incredibly tight this year. Going into the final race of the regatta there was even the possibility of a 4-way tie! In the end there was two-way tie between Waikato Diocesan School and St Pauls Collegiate School. It's great to see such close competition between schools.

This year in the 12 pennant events (those with unrestricted entry i.e. U18, excl novice) honours were shared between 8 different schools. SHAK was a standout, managing to win four; picking up the boys pair and four and double and quad. WLGC picked up the girls pair and four. The other boys events went to HAMB and ONEW. The other girls events were spread between GLDW, TAKA, WEGC, and WKDS.

Waikato Diocesan School again won the Girls Under-18 Eights and Hamilton Boys High School again won the Boys Under-18 Eights.

Schools will now be looking forward to returning to Karāpiro to compete against their South Island counterparts at the 2023 Aon Maadi Regatta.

Results by rowIT

Live results were available during the regatta. Results can be found on the rowIT website:

Regatta results for:

Confused by the colors or codes? There's a list of school codes and colours, as well a page with indicative images of school colours.

News 2023-03-08

Tent Sites

Tent sites are ordered during the online entry process and are allocated by ballot after close of entries.

The tent site allocation is available from the KRI website [.pdf]

2023 Stats

At close of entries there are 1817 students entered the regatta. They are representing 79 schools and are entered in 3836 seats in 1195 crews.

Entry Fees

Entry fees (exclusive of GST) for the regatta were set by members at the 2023 SGM: 1X $22, 2X/2- $24, 4X+/4+ $31, 8X+/8+ $38, $26.00 per student.

Entry limits

That is an entry limit of 2 crews per event per school; except in eights and octuples, which have had a limit of 4.

Number of events per student

School age rowers should only be racing 2 events at a Championships regatta. A few rowers could be considered for 3 events; none should be doing more.

NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria

Schools are limited to 3 "new" students in an eight and 1 "new" student in other boats ("new" students are those who've swapped schools or come from overseas and looks back over the past 2 years). There is now also a limit of 2 students with an NZSSSC-issued PCRE per crew (1 in singles!).


While North Island schools are competing on Lake Karāpiro for recognition as the best the North Island has to offer their South Island counterparts will be do the same thing up at the 2023 Meridian South Island Champs on Lake Ruataniwha. Keep a watch on both regattas for indicators of who may claim the top spot at Maadi!

2022 Stats

The regatta was split into two 2-day regattas so it could be better managed within the COVID-19 Protection Framework that was in place at the time. At close of entries there were 790 students entered in the Boys Event Regatta and 866 students entered in the Girls Event Regatta. They were representing 74 schools and entered in 3993 seats in 1147 crews.


This New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association regatta is sanctioned by School Sport New Zealand.

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