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James Sheehan (Chair)
Murray Petherick (Secretary)
Cliff Buchanan
Anneke Molly
Trevor Wilson
Catherine Wilson
Trudy Keys (NZSRA)


Markus Molly (Chief Umpire)

Murray Petherick (Chief Judge)
Justin Wall (Chief Starter)
Trudy Keys (NZSSRA)
James Sheehan (Regatta Committee)

NISSC 2012

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2012 Meridian SISSC

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2012 Meridian South Island Secondary Schools Champs Lake Ruataniwha, 10 & 11 March 2012
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  • Where: Lake Ruataniwha [map], Mackenzie Country, New Zealand.
  • When: Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 March 2012
  • What: South Island schools competing for supremacy in 48 events and preparing to challenge the North Islanders at Maadi 2012.
  • Communication with the organisers of the 2012 South Island Secondary School Champs can be made using email to: [email protected]

Photos Kolourcare

The photographers at the regatta were Kolourcare. See their website at for contact details and (as soon as they're available) the photos.

Results by rowIT

Results are available on the rowIT website:

Results for:

  • Day One: Saturday (heats & some finals): complete.
  • Day Two: Sunday - remaining finals: complete.


A pre-regatta newsletter is available with useful and important information about both SISSC and the up-coming 2012 Maadi Cup regatta.

News from Chief Umpire & Race Committee

With the number entries and the number of races required the 2012 Meridian South Island Secondary Schools Championships has a very tight time schedule. It does not allow for any weather inflicted delays. Therefore the Chief Umpire and his Race Committee have put some special measures in place to run the regatta:

  • Heats will be run at 4 minute intervals, with some extra gaps to allow a catch-up if we are running behind. This requires all schools to be on time. The starter absolutely cannot wait and has to start each race at the scheduled start time. In addition schools have to bring enough boats, as the time for a changeover during the heats is less than they can expect during finals.
  • Umpiring for the heats will be done with an umpire change every 500m. This is to reduce the amount of wash created by umpire boats heading back to the start. The umpires will use their radio to inform the next umpire of any observation that have to be reported to the finish or can result in a disqualification of a crew.
  • Umpires will stop crews finishing the race if they are too far behind and have no chance to qualify for either A or B finals. This measure was taken to ensure that a rower is not caught by the following race.
  • Crews have to be aware of the race and lane number. The use of alpha-numeric boat numbers will help the umpires to assist the crews. Nevertheless, no crew will start in any other heat than indicated by the boat number. No exception.
  • Qualification for races with 9 entries is done the following way: 2 heats, slowest crew eliminated. This is to ensure that all rowers have to race in their heat and are not treated differently depending on the draw.
  • The regatta has a cut off point at 3pm on Sunday afternoon; regardless of the number of races that have not been raced. The race schedule has been structured to avoid reaching this point, however weather caused delays may force us to make this call. If we have to abandon the regatta medals will be given based on the times rowed in the qualifying races.

News 2012-03-06

Warm clothing

Although rowing is a summer sport the weather does not always co-operate. It is essential everybody has warm clothing available and uses it. Officials do not want to see crews arriving at the start shivering when they should be dressed warmly and removing the extra layers pre-race.


The supplementary entry system re-opens entries for many events where there would otherwise be an empty lane during heats racing. Because they are not creating extra races in an already busy schedule supplementary entries are not subject to the crew limits placed on standard entries.

Supplementary limits are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Supplementary entries can only be made using the schools' existing squad and, unlike standard entries, do not need to be submitted in order to be entered. Instead, they are entered as soon as the crew selection is confirmed (or if somebody else got the last spot the crew will be rejected).

The availability of supplementary entries declines as supplementary crews are entered but can also rise as scratchings are made - so it pays to keep an eye on availability and it is also important to scratch crews as soon as possible.

Entry Limits

Note: entry limits do not apply to supplementary entries

Because of the growing size of this regatta and the short amount of time available to run it there will be a limit on entries this season of 2 crews per school per event (excluding eights). Revision: the entry limit for U15 events was raised to 4.

Race schedule

This regatta is a little different from the usual club regattas held at Ruataniwha. The NZSSSC has sanctioned this as a South Island Championships event; it is the second biggest event behind Maadi on the school rowing calendar for South Island schools. There are medals and school pride on the line. The Championships Programme of Events requires 8 hours to complete finals so racing will not be finishing early on Sunday. However, if time permits, finals may begin on Saturday following a break after the conclusion of heats.

NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria pupils "new" to a school

The NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria have been revised and the new criteria take effect this year. An updated article about the NZSSSC School Team Eligibility criteria is available to help members assess whether or not each of their pupils is considered new to their school. Schools are limited to 3 "new" pupils in an eight and 1 "new" pupil in other boats ("new" looks back over the past 2 years).

SAFETY BRIEFING 7:00AM Saturday 10 March

The safety briefing will take place at 7:00AM on Saturday 10 March in the MacRae Lounge at Lake Ruataniwha. Adult Safety Officers are required to attend and team managers and coaches are encouraged to attend.

Attendance at this meeting by the school's Adult Safety Officer is compulsory for those schools wishing to compete at the regatta. This is a regatta condition arising from the requirements of the NZSSRA Rules, as well as for safety and SIRI's insurance purposes.


While South Island schools are competing on Lake Ruataniwha for recognition as the best the South Island has to offer their North Island counter-parts will be doing the same thing up at the 2012 Aon North Island Champs on Lake Karapiro. Keep a watch on both regattas for indicators of who may claim the top spot at Maadi!

Regatta entry

  • Standard Entry: CLOSED 11:59PM Monday 27 February 2012
  • Supplementary Entries: NOW OPEN. Closing 11:59PM Thursday 8 March 2012
  • Scratchings & crew changes: NOW OPEN. Closing online 11:59PM Thursday 8 March 2012

You can still access online entry to retrieve a replacement set of entry documents if required.




This New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association regatta is sanctioned by the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council.