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Newsletter - March 2023

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2023 Aon Maadi Regatta NoticesNewsletter - Sitemap -  

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I hope you're as excited as us here at NZSSRA and Rowing NZ for the pinnacle event of the Schools' rowing season.

It was great to see everyone warming up at the NISS and SISS Champs last weekend and we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the weather is just as perfect as it is right now outside the Rowing NZ building at Karāpiro.

All of your hard work is about to be on display and we wish you all the very best of luck.

Single Use Plastic

We are encouraging the use of reuseable drink bottles for all competitors and spectators at Maadi 2023.

There will be plenty of water fountains to refill your bottles and the recycling station will be open to take all of your recyclables.

Single-use plastic products are more likely to end up in our seas than reusable options so think about the best way to hydrate yourself this Aon Maadi Regatta.

Maadi Apparel

Don't forget to pick up a Maadi souvenir! The 2023 Aon Maadi Regatta apparel collection will be available at the 776BC tent at the Regatta. The collection will be available for sale at the Regatta and post event orders can also be made.

Check out the full range at

Best Banner Competition

Prizes will be awarded to the school bringing the best banner to the Aon Maadi Regatta opening parade on Sunday 26 March

Maadi Parade

Please assemble at Cambridge Primary School, 17 Wilson Street, Cambridge, no later than 12:15pm on Sunday 26 March. The parade starts at 12:30pm and will be led by St Peters School, Cambridge.

You will march up the left hand side of Victoria Street and will finish at Victoria Square where you will welcomed and the Best Banner will be awarded.

While marching, do not veer over to the other side of the road as traffic will still be flowing.

Adopt a School

If you have been allocated a retailer for this year's Regatta, we encourage you to touch base with your retailer to help in their window decoration inspiration.

In the past, schools have supplied mascots, banners, school uniforms etc. to help their chosen retailer so please hunt around for some items to help personalise their window.

There is a prize for the retailer with the best window and we will let you know if you have been allocated a retailer during the Maadi lead up week.

Liquor Ban A reminder from Karāpiro Rowing

There is a 'liquor ban' in place for the Aon Maadi Regatta.

There is no hosting permitted on the embankments after the conclusion of the event.

If you wish to hold a function, the Don Rowlands Centre is available free of charge for up to five functions and this venue has a bar.

Please contact [email protected] to make a booking.

Ceremonial Information

If a crew wins a medal, that crew will be advised at the end of the race.


  • If a crew is asked to have their boat check weighed, they will row to the pontoons to proceed to the boat weighing station. After check weighing they then walk to the medal dais or they can get back in their boat and row back to the dais (umpires will ensure that this is done in a safe manner and in between any applicable races).
  • If a crew is not required to have their boat check weighed, they can row to the dais as normal.

Medal presentations will take place roughly 45 mins after the start of the A Final for that event.


Please ensure that all trophies for the Maadi Regatta you have on hand, are engraved accordingly, repaired (if they have taken a tumble), cleaned and returned.

They can be dropped off at the Rowing NZ office at Karāpiro or the Karāpiro Rowing Tower before or at the regatta.

Rowing NZ Tent

Come and visit the Rowing NZ tent during the 2023 Aon Maadi Regatta and connect with the Athlete Pathway team and some of our NZ Elite athletes.

Not sure what's next for your rowing journey? Our team are experts in giving athletes and their families the best information to help you make informed decisions about your own rowing pathway.

Perhaps that is at a university in NZ or maybe you are looking at options overseas or perhaps you want to combine a full time job with club rowing?

Or maybe all you want is your Maadi gear signed by one of our Olympic medalists? Check out our Facebook page for when your favourite athlete will be in the tent.

We look forward to seeing you during these staffed times: Monday to Thursday, 10am-12pm / 2pm-4pm.

Creative Rowers

We are inviting schools to supply a short video that may be screened on the big screen, social media channels or livestream.

Ideas: where you row, your squad, a bit about your school, anything interesting that may be relevant i.e. famous past rowers, what you hope to achieve at Maadi 2023 etc. Nice and light, fun and punchy, something to make you stand out.

Specs Required:

  • 1080p or 4K resolution
  • MP4 format
  • Landscape orientation
  • Royalty FREE music only

Please email all entries to: [email protected]

Boat Park

Trailers will only be able to park in their allocated trailer spot at the time the boat park opens on Thursday 23 March at 10am.

Trailers arriving before this time will be allocated a temporary trailer park to the right of Gate 2 (referred to as zone 'D2').

Schools will be able to put a 3 x 3 gazebo near the boat park. This should give coaches and crews some shelter near their trailer/near the boat park for team talks and so on.

Each School will be provided with one Tow Vehicle pass. Tow Vehicles will be able to park at either Gate 1 (Judd Lane) or Gate 2.

Live Streaming

The entire 2023 Aon Maadi Regatta will be available to view via our live-stream in partnership with Altitude HD.

We have produced a poster with a QR code for you to share with family, friends but also to place up around the school for the duration of the regatta. We've made it super easy for anyone to support their Maadi crews from anywhere in the world.

Safety Briefing

A pre-regatta safety briefing will be held on Sunday 26 March at 4pm in the Sir Don Rowlands Centre at Lake Karāpiro.

A roll will be recorded. Attendance at this meeting by the School's Adult Safety Officer is compulsory for those schools wishing to compete at the regatta.

If a different person other than the noted Safety Officer as shown on rowIT attends the briefing, then that person is deemed to have taken over the Safety Officer for the entire regatta.

As the regatta starts on Monday, there is NO opportunity for any further safety briefings if you miss this one so it is imperative every school has a representative attend.


If you haven't already done so, please return your school declarations as soon as possible.

There were a few issues with late declarations being submitted on the day of the regatta for NISS and SISS so please try to get them signed and submitted in a more timely manner for Maadi.

Email to: [email protected]


During the Aon Maadi Regatta, communication will be of the utmost importance so it is important to know where to get the most up to date information from.

Rowing NZ will post any delays, updates, announcements etc. on our Facebook page. We will also have information regarding Elite athletes and when and where they will be around the regatta.

Regatta Officials

Chief Umpire - Mary Birch
Chief Starter - Jack Quirk
Chief Judge - Pete Yeoman
Regatta Control - Andrew Carr-Smith
Race Committee (NZSSRA) - Mark Weatherall
Race Committee (KRI) - Sean Durkin
Safety Officer - Greg Liddy

Waste Minimisation

In conjunction with Mighty River Domain, KRI and Rowing NZ, we would like to make this the best Aon Maadi Regatta ever when it comes to recycling and waste minimisation.

The NISS Regatta saw the first trial of the recycling centre which was located next to the block of toilets below the playground and it was a great success.

There will be no bins on site so we encourage all schools to collect and sort their rubbish from both the boat park and supporters tents on a daily basis and then bring it to the recycling station for disposal.

When packing up your trailers, car and utes next week, think about what you are bringing and how you can help with our waste minimisation efforts.

NZ Police

Reminders from the NZ Police:

  • Wheel clamps or tow ball locks are highly recommended for all trailers while not in use
  • Allow time when getting to regattas on time as speeding around school events will not be tolerated
  • Be mindful of personal safety and also secure your belongings
  • The use of seat belts is compulsory especially where fitted in vans and buses


The NZSSRA AGM will be held straight after the safety briefing on Sunday 26 March at 5pm.

As part of the entry process, schools have to declare who their delegate is for the AGM and it is important that the person delegated attends so a quorum is reached. Feedback will be given to schools on attendance.