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2017 Aon Maadi Cup Notices - Sitemap -  

NZSSRA website

Welcome to the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association website. This site is aimed at providing schools and school rowers with an easily accessed resource of information about schools rowing in New Zealand.

NZRA news Membership change

On Saturday 20 May 2017 the Members of NZRA resolved to change NZSSRA's status within NZRA from Affiliate Member to Local Association.

This change in status marks the successful completion of a long-standing project for closer integration between NZSSRA and NZRA. It began in 2010 with the creation and adoption of the School Rowing Integration Project Plan.

NZSSSC news Lightweight event de-sanctioning

At its April Board Meeting NZSSSC resolved it "will not provide a sanction for lightweight rowing events within the NISS, SISS and Maadi Cup Rowing Championship regattas".

The full effect of losing sanctioning for those events is not yet known. However, in the absence of a Special General Meeting, they will remain officially part of the programme of events until 2023 (because removing them requires a Rule-change and then a Programme-review). But if they are no longer viable events then setting an entry limit of zero crews-per-school-per-event would mean lightweight rowing ceases to be contested earlier than that.

Annual General Meeting Sunday 26 March, Lake Karapiro

The Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association was held at lake Karapiro on Sunday 26 March 2017 in the Don Rowlands Centre. The DRAFT Minutes for the 2017 AGM are now available online.

Some items of note arising from the AGM include:

  • South Island Secondary School Championships might start on a Friday afternoon in 2019.
  • Undergarment colour restrictions have been relaxed. The colour no longer needs to match the school's colours (but all rowers still need to wear the same colour).
  • To prevent draw manipulation through pre-heats crew changes the Race Committee can now re-draw an event.
  • The start procedure was updated to allow Roll Call and Quick Start starts.
  • NZSSRA changed from classification according to sex to classification according to gender and adopted the NZRA Transgender and Transsexual Policy.
  • U14 rowers were not excluded from sweep oar rowing
  • Coxswains now have just one weight limit (55kg), check-weighing now only re-weighs deadweight (not cox + deadweight), and penalties for weighing infractions are now specified in the Rules.
  • U15 was not merged with Novice.
  • Entry form requirements have been updated.
  • Per-pupil entry limits remain unavailable as a tool for Championships hosts to manage increasing entries.

The Regulations, Rules, and Safety System have now all been updated online.

2017 Championships Regattas NISSC, SISSC, Maadi

Maadi logo

New Schools 2016/2017 season

The NZSSRA's newest member schools:

  • Gore High School [GORE]
  • Rototuna High School [ROTO]
  • Tamatea High School [TMTH]

We look forward to seeing these schools compete in regattas this season.

If you know of any other schools wanting to join NZSSRA this season please point them to our website or the Schools Committee.