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2006 AGM minutes

  Printer Friendly Version drafted: 5 April 2006  

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7pm, Tuesday 28 March 2006
Theatre, Twizel Events Centre
  1. Roll Call/Quorum: there are 101 schools competing at the regatta. The quorum for this meeting is 20% of those competing: 21 members. The Roll call establishes there are 63 members present: bthc, burn, camp, cbhs, cghs, colu, dioc, eggs, fair, fran, gbhs, hamb, haur, jhar, kgca, lytt, macl, marn, mlbb, napb, napg, nelb, ncog, nplb, nplg, obhs, otum, qcha, qhsd, rahs, ronc, rose, shak, shgh, shgn, sldg, sthi, stkt, stkv, stmg, stmd, splh, stpc, stcc, taka, trgb, trgg, teaw, timb, twiz, verd, vill, wkds, wroa, wtar, wncs, wlco, wlgc, wtlb, wtlg, whak, Br T Costello, F Strachan
  2. Apologies: Father Earl Crotty, Maurice Jone, Peter Irvine, Dave Campbell (proxy provided), Noel Lynch (proxy provided)
  3. President's Address: the President reads her report, which is circulated at the meeting.
  4. Correspondence in/out: the Executive Officer notes that correspondence will be dealt with under individual items in the Agenda.
  5. Minutes of Previous AGM: the Minutes of the previous AGM, having been circulated are moved for adoption as a correct record.
    moved: St Marys Diocesan School for Girlsseconded: Wellington Girls College outcome: CARRIED
  6. Minutes of SGM: the Executive Officer read the Minutes of the SGM of 26 August 2005.
  7. Treasurers Report: the Executive Officer reads his report, which is circulated at the meeting. The Executive Officer asks the meeting to give the Executive permission to purchase a replacement computer system and to update the accounting system.
    moved: A Carr-Smith seconded: Sacred Heart Girls College (Hamilton)oucome: CARRIED
  8. In memorium: the meeting stands for a minutes silence to remember those from the school rowing community who have passed away since the last AGM; including: Graeme Hodge, Enoka Macdonald, and Sam Le Compte.
  9. Election of Officers: The Chairman calls for nominations from the floor for the positions of Hon Auditor and Hon Solicitor. There being no nominations it is moved the Executive be given the power to appoint as necessary.
    moved: Marian Collegeseconded: Wanganui Collegiate School outcome: CARRIED
  10. Championship Regatta 2007: Karapiro Rowing Inc proposes fees for the 2007 regatta. There is a small increase from 2005 (when fees were held over from 2003).
    The entry fees for the regatta will be 8+ = $56.00, 4+/4x = $46.00, 2-/2x = $34.00, 1x = $22.00. The amenity fee for each pupil will be $15.00. There will be a discount for electronic entry, amount to be decided. Tent site costs have yet to be established but will be similar to 2005 (front row $168.75, back rows $112.50). A crew change fee of $5 is to be added to the standard regatta fees.
    It is moved that the proposed fee structure be accepted, subject to confirmation fees are GST inclusive.
    moved: Epsom Girls Grammar seconded: Sacred Heart Girls College (Hamilton) outcome: CARRIED
  11. Championship Regatta 2008
    An application was received from South Island Rowing Inc to hold the regatta at Lake Ruataniwha at a date suitable to the NZSSRA. At the 2005 AGM members agreed to use the NZSSSC Summer Tournament Week: 31 March - 5 April. Sacred Heart College (Auckland) raises the issue of requiring an accomodation strategy and Mr F Strachan speaks to the availability of accomodation in the area; asking schools to ensure they release unneeded pre-booked accomodation at the earliest opportunity.
    It is moved the 2008 Maadi be held at Lake Ruataniwha from 31 March - 6 April
    moved: Bethlehem Collegeseconded: Wairoa College outcome: CARRIED
  12. Remits
    1. REMIT
      That the NZSSRA Championship progression system,
      announced in August 2005, be modified slightly to
      include A Finals in events with 6 to 13 entries,
      additional B Finals in events with 14 to 21 entries,
      additional C Finals in events with 22 - 32 entries
      and additional D Finals in events with 33 or more
      moved: Takapuna Grammar School seconded: [none] outcome: LAPSED FOR LACK OF SECOND
    2. REMIT
      That the under 17 novice four be changed to the
      under 18 novice four.
      Christchurch Girls High School speak to their remit and there is discussion by the members. Voting by voice is unclear leading to a show of hands and an apparent tie. Lytton High School calls for a poll.
      moved: Christchurch Girls High School seconded: Villa Maria College outcome: PASSED(31/22) by POLL. For: rahs, wlgc, wlco, twiz, shak, wkds, crai, jhar, qhsd, stpc, qmar, ncog, stkt, rose, vill, cghs, sthi, whak, bthc, teaw, fran, nplb, nplg, shgn, stmd, wtar, haur, stmg, N Lynch, F Strachan, Br Costello. Against: hamb, dioc, nelb, eggs, splh, mlbb, fras, ronc, sldg, qcha, timb, verd, taka, stkv, cbhs, shgh, stcc, trgb, wtlg, kgca, gbhs, lytt
    3. REMIT
      That the under-15 four and under-15 eight be
      removed from the Championships programme and that
      under-15 octuple be added to the Championships
      programme in 2008
      Mr L Saywood of the Executive spoke to the remit and it is vigorously discussed by members. Discussion encompasses the health concerns associated with sweep oar rowing at the most junior level and the perceived benefits beginning training with sculling. Members speak of their experience using octuples. Members also voice concern about the speed of octuples.
      moved: The Executive seconded: Bethlehem College outcome: LOST(18/31 (4ab))
    4. REMIT
      That the girls under 18 quadruple sculls be
      moved from Event 34 to a place in the program that
      allows for more time between that and Event 41, the
      girls under 18 eight.
      moved: Nelson College for Girls seconded: [none] outcome: LAPSED FOR LACK OF SECOND
    5. REMIT
      That the regatta programme should be changed
      so that coxed fours and coxed quads should be
      separated on day one and day two of the programme,
      and that these events should be spread out as to
      allow ample time for re-use of the boat by different
      crews in different events.
      Christchurch Girls High speaks to the remit and it is discussed by members.moved: Christchurch Girls High School seconded: Villa Maria College outcome: LOST(16/37)
  13. Other matters
    1. Executive Business: The President reports on business carried out during the year: a Special Committee meeting, an appeal arising from 2005 Maadi, the purchase of flags, funding the web cast.
    2. Trophies: The President reports there is a new trophy, the Francis Hill Memorial Cup, being competed for at Maadi this year in the Girls under-15 Double. There is also a new trophy for the North Island Champs next year, the Hodgie Cup, to be competed for in the Boys under-16 Four.
    3. 2007 South Island Secondary Schools Championships: the lack of a South Island Secondary Schools Championships regatta in 2006 is discussed. Members identify a desire for this regatta to be held, citing the recognition it provides to pupils. Mr F Strachan advises he will seek to ensure SIRI resumes holding this regatta.
    4. College Sport's eligibility criteria: members are asked on behalf of NZSSSC about their opinion of the proposed eligibility criteria. There are no strongly voiced feelings; only two schools commented.
    5. Future regatta dates: 26th March 2007, 31st March 2008
  14. Business from the floor
    1. Executive Officer's honorarium: St Kentigern College raises the fact the Executive Officer's honorarium has been unchanged for at least a decade and moves it should be reviewed and adjusted by the Executive Committee.
      moved: St Kentigern College seconded: St Marys Diocesan School fro Girls outcome: CARRIED
    2. Direction of NZSSRA: Brother T Costello provides some background about the NZSSRA and reminds delegates about the purpose of the Association.
    3. Top Ten badges: there is a query from the floor about the awarding of Top Ten badges. The Executive Officer advises these will be awarded in accordance with the constitution.

The meeting closes at 8:57pm

the Executive Officer