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Newsletter - 2005/11

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  • 2006 AGM
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Special Committee

After the 2005 AGM a Special Committee was appointed to look at the future of our National Championships Regatta with a particular emphasis on the duration of the regatta. Secondary school rowing has seen constant growth for an extended number of years and the net result was a seven day long National Championships Regatta (not including reserve day) in 2005.
Prior to the Special Committee meeting your Regional Representatives held a series of local meetings to consult with members about your expectations from the regatta and to gather ideas on how to implement those expectations.

The final outcome of the Special Committee was three key recommendations, which have now been implemented:

  • The duration of the National Championships Regatta has been capped; Monday is now the earliest allowable racing day with finals on the following Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning used as reserve time.
  • A modified qualification (race progression) system is available to be used. This would see some crews eliminated at the heats, reducing the number of races required to find medallists.
  • A change to the Regulations was proposed (regulation 6.3) allowing Regatta Organisers to seek a cap for entries (subject to the Executive Committee's approval).

The expectation is these small changes will allow the National Championships Regatta to continue into the near future retaining all its vitality and atmosphere.


A Special General Meeting was held on 26 August 2005 to implement the third recommendation of the Special Committee. 58 Members participated in the meeting through either postal or email proxy voting. 55 of those voted in favour of implementing the Special Committee's recommendation. That vote resulted in the introduction of regulation 6.3, which will give Regatta Organisers a tool to manage the level of entries (subject to Executive Committee oversight).

National Championships Regatta


The 2006 National Championships will be held at Lake Ruataniwha with heat racing starting on Monday 27th March and finals on Friday 31st March and Saturday 1st April. There will be an official spare day being Sunday 2nd April however this will only extend to midday, as time must be given to enable schools to vacate accommodation, return rentals and make flights etc, also so the pupils and staff can be back at school on Monday.

We need not remind schools that accommodation at this regatta will be hard to find and suggest that this should be attended to urgently.

Communication with organisers can be made via the following email address until advised otherwise:2006.maadi[]


It is with much pleasure I advise that AON New Zealand will again be the principal sponsor of our National Championships regatta, which will be formally known as the:


Online Regatta Entry


The only form of entry for the 2006 AON NZ Secondary Schools Rowing Championships will be through Online Regatta Entry, which can be found at: Allowance will be made for those schools using the CDS system.

Passwords for Online Regatta entry to the North/South Island Championships and the 2006 AON NZ Secondary Schools Rowing Championships are attached. These should be handed to the School's Sports Co-Ordinator for distribution to those responsible for entries to these regattas.

2007 dates

The 2007 National Championships regatta will be held at Karapiro between Monday 26th March and Saturday 31st March 2007.

Application to host 2008

Notice is given that applications to host the 2008 Championships close on Friday 17th February 2006. Such application should be made on the form given in Appendix (F)1 of the Constitution.



Notice is given that the 2006 Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held during the regatta at Lake Ruataniwha on Tuesday 28th March at 7.00 pm. The order for business will be: Roll call, Apologies, President's address, Correspondence in/out, Minutes of previous AGM, Treasurer's report, Election of officers, Remits, General.

Nominations for Life Membership

Notice is given that nominations for Life Membership of the Association close on Friday 13th January 2006. Reference is made to clause 5.2 of the constitution for persons who may be nominated and the process.

Nominations for Office

Notice is given that nominations for the Honorary Auditor and Honorary Solicitor close on the Friday 17th February 2006. Persons being nominated for these positions should first be contacted to see if they wish to be nominated.


Notice is given that remits for discussion at the AGM close on Friday 17th February 2006.

Next year the programme of events is able to be changed by the Executive Committee (regulation 5.4).
The AGM provides an excellent opportunity for members to discuss changes in an open forum and to provide guidance for the Executive Committee. It is also a good time to consider further steps to reduce the current pressures on the regatta duration by reducing the number of events. Previous amendments to the programme of events have seen new events added and these have all been well received. However, members should give thought to reversing this trend and perhaps dropping some of the events with less participation. This doesn't mean there's no room for new events but they should be considered in the context of replacements for existing events i.e. an under-15 octuple replacing the under-15 eight.

The Rules and Regulations are not up for change next year (Constitution clause 10.6) so other remits should be of a general nature unless there is an emergency to be dealt with.

Membership Account

The subscription invoice for membership to the NZSSRA is attached. This subscription remains unchanged at $80.00 with the ability to claim a $40.00 rebate if paid before 31st December 2005.

Contact details

We are still missing contact email addresses for many of our members. Ideally we should have email addresses for the following people:

  • The School's Principal
  • The School's Sports Co-ordinator and/or Teacher in Charge of Rowing.
  • A contact within the rowing community

If you have not provided these addresses (hint: did your received an email about the newsletter?) then please make them available to the Executive Officer: update.records[]

School Colours

It is a requirement of membership of the NZSSRA that all school rowing colours are approved by the Executive Officer. This process should be completed BEFORE singlets are ordered as if there is any clash your choice may be declined.

Rule 10.1 of our Rules for Racing allows for a school not wearing approved colours to be disqualified so it essential you take the time to check your colours online:

If you colours are not shown or are different to those given then YOU MUST send an application to have your new colours registered. If there is a clash with existing colours then an alternative will have to be found.


Rower Registration

All Rowers who take part in Rowing New Zealand sanctioned regattas should be holders of Competition Licences. Competition Licence details are used at the Schools Championships and other major regattas to enable crew entries to be entered into the Regatta Control Program. To enable this program to be used at our Championships it is essential that all rowers for your school be correctly registered this should be completed by the end of December.

Please check with your school's club or on the Rowing NZ website to make sure your rowers Competition Licences are up to date.

Andrew Carr-Smith
Executive Officer