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2013 AGM minutes

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5pm, Sunday 17 March 2013
Don Rowlands Centre, Lake Karapiro (Agenda)
(following the Maadi Safety Briefing)

Meeting opens at 5:08PM chaired by NZSSRA President, Trudy Keys, who is joined by the Transitional Schools Committee: Gillian Simpson (NZRA Board Member for Schools), Simon Peterson (ex officio Member, as NZRA CEO), Andrew Carr-Smith (Elected Member, term expiring at end of AGM), Leith Menzies (Appointed Member, term expiring end of AGM), and Janey Wackrow (Appointed Member, term expiring 2014)

  1. Roll Call: there are 120 Member schools entered at the regatta. The quorum for the meeting is 40% (48) of those schools attending Maadi (ref articles 14.8 & 14.12). At the start of the meeting only 47 schools are present so a basic quorum (20%: ref article 14.8) is achieved and the AGM gets underway but the remits can not be dealt with. However, the arrival of RUTH & SUND's delegate during item 5 of business means the higher quorum is met; allowing the remits to be considered. Further late arrivals bring the final total to 52 of the schools attending Maadi.
    The final attendance is 61 Members present by delegate or proxy: agsb, aote, bthc, burn, camb, cghs, chco, colu, crai, crom*, culi, eggs, gldw, hamb, jpcr, kati, kgca, mart, mtal, ncog, nelb, ngta, obhs, oghs, onsl, otum, qcha, qhsd*, qmar, rose, rotb, ruth, samu, scot, shak, stan, stbd, sthi, stmg, stmw, stpa, stpc, sund, taka, timg, trgb, trid, whak, whhs, wkds, wlgc, wmea, wncs, wtlg, G CARR-SMITH, J COLLIN, E CROTTY, T COSTELLO, J DRUMMOND, L SAYWOOD, F STRACHAN. Also appearing during the meeting is Don Craig (for Karapiro Rowing)
    Note: 14 Members did not appoint a delegate: apar*, bara, camp*, cash*, dilw*, haur, htvh*, iona*, kaia*, kapi*, marn, rong, splh, stln*
    * not entered at Maadi
  2. Apologies: hamg, hlcr, howi, kvly, lgby, list, lytt, manc, piop, ronc, shna, sldb, sldg, smco, sptw, stkv, teaw, tekc, verd, wtkg, Geoff Perry (STKT delegate), Jackie Baron (WOOD Principal), Todd Petherick (CBHS delegate), D CAMPBELL (Life Member), N CAMPBELL (Life Member), P IRVINE (Life Member)
    received post-AGM: Chris Wood (TUAK Principal & delegate), Dudley Storey (for BARA), John O'Connor (JHAR delegate), Rex Farrelly (RRGS delegate), Rohan Condon (NAPG & WOOD delegate), Terry Zouch (WTLB delegate)
  3. President's Address: the President welcomes attendees and guests then refers to her report, which is also circulated at the meeting. She closes by thanking Andrew Carr-Smith for the incredible amount of work he has done as the Executive Officer for the Association.
  4. Correspondence in/out: Andrew Carr-Smith advises there was no correspondence received in relation to the AGM other than material that will be presented for individual items in the Agenda.
  5. Minutes of SGM: the Minutes of the SGM held on 13 May 2012 by postal ballot are read by Andrew Carr-Smith and the ballots tabled. It is moved the minutes be adopted as a correct record.
    moved: A Carr-Smith (Schools Committee) seconded: L Saywood outcome: CARRIED without dissent
    It is moved the ballots be destroyed.
    moved: A Carr-Smith (Schools Committee) seconded: HAMB outcome: CARRIED without dissent
    Minutes of Previous AGM: the Minutes of the 2012 AGM, having been circulated to schools are moved for adoption as a correct record.
    moved: KGCA seconded: L Saywood outcome: CARRIED without dissent
  6. Election of Officers
    1. President. The President hands the chair to the Schools Committee Chairman. Gillian Simpson announces Trudy Keys (incumbent) is the only candidate and at WNCS's suggestion Trudy is elected for another term by acclamation.
    2. Elected Members of Schools Committee. We have two candidates and two positions available, one position is for 1 year and the other for 2 years. A vote by ballot is held to determine which candidate fills which vacancy. The outcome (announced at the conclusion of the AGM):
      1. 1 year: Leith Menzies
      2. 2 years: Craig Bocock
  7. Ratification of appointment to Schools Committee
    Mr Bradley Fenner has been appointed to the Schools Committee by the NZSSRA Board. The appointment is subject to ratification by Members. Bradley Fenner is in attendance at the AGM and is invited to speak. Bradley introduces himself; outlining his background in rowing and school rowing. Bradley competed and coached at school, university and club level in Australia; winning national titles. Recently Bradley shifted to New Zealand from Australia, where he was Principal at Westminster School in Adelaide, to become the Headmaster of King's College. Bradley is looking forward to helping the Schools Committee grow into its new structure and develop its purpose.
    Andrew Carr-Smith explains the new constitution has been set up to give Members a clear right to decide whether or not to ratify Board appointments to the Schools Committee and so a vote needs to be held. It is moved Bradley Fenner's appointment be ratified.
    moved: L Saywood seconded: CROM outcome: CARRIED without dissent
  8. Treasurer's Report: Andrew Carr-Smith reads the finance report. He draws attention to the fact it only covers a six-month period; due to NZSSRA changing its end-of-year in May from February to August (in preparation for incorporation). A sixteen thousand dollar loss is announced and explained as being the result of the shortened accounting period not covering the receipt of annual subscriptions (which usually brings eighteen to nineteen thousand dollars into the accounts).
    moved, accepted: A Carr-Smith seconded: HAMB outcome: CARRIED without dissent
  9. Report on business carried out by Executive/Schools Committee during past year: the report is circulated at the AGM. Gillian Simpson invites attendees to read the report at their leisure and thanks Andrew Carr-Smith for the work he has put into the Committees. Andrew offers to make himself available throughout the regatta to answer any questions attendees might have.
    Simon Peterson speaks about RowingNZ's involvement in school rowing.
    • Sponsorships: Simon announces Aon has just re-signed as Major Sponsor for Maadi for 4 more years and the integration process was paramount in securing that sponsorship. This news is acknowledged by a round of applause. The renewed sponsorship comes with a 25% increase in the financial consideration to NZSSRA. Other RowingNZ sponsorships providing benefits to schools include InterIslander and Hertz (only signed Thursday so unfortunately too late for Members to take advantage of this season).
    • Additional contribution to this year's Maadi: $5k for filming the regatta on Thursday (for web casting), providing a coaches' chillout room upstairs on Thursday and Friday, and making it a principals' room for Saturday.
    • Other news: RowingNZ is covering the costs of the Schools Committee meetings (as seen in financial report). RowingNZ is launching a para-rowing pilot in Auckland with ASSRA. Simon also provides a heads up that RowingNZ will be tackling the issue of lightweight rowing by Junior athletes during its AGM. Taking heed of medical advice, FISA's stance and the position of other national rowing bodies RowingNZ will propose excluding Junior club members from participating in any lightweight events. Schools are invited to discuss this with their affiliated clubs if they desire input into that decision.
    Simon concludes by taking questions from the floor. Query (SHAK) about the web address for the web cast. Answer (A C-S) it will be posted on the Maadi website: Maadi 2013. Query (F S) whether there will be an increased payment to regatta hosts. Simon advises the amount available to NZSSRA has increased but it will be up to the Schools Committee to decide how the funds are best used for school rowing.
  10. Championship Regattas
    1. 2014: date change request
      Regatta hosts, Karapiro Rowing (KR), are seeking to hold the 2014 North Island Championships closer to Maadi (24-30 March). They want to shift it from 7-9 March to 14-16 March, which is more favourable for lake bookings. There is a small amount discussion by Members, which generally looks upon the request unfavourably then the item is put aside until somebody from KR can be found to speak to it. Don Craig, KR Chairman, arrives and announces they no longer want a date change. This news is greeted with a round of applause. Don explains the request was put in for the AGM deadline but their experience since then (with NISSC and Maadi 2013) convinced them it does not work well bringing NISSC closer to Maadi.
    2. 2014: fees proposals for Championships regattas (fees ex-GST). There are no proposed changes to fees for the Championships next season. Andrew Carr-Smith explains this means the fees will be the same as for this season.
      A table of the resulting fees follows. Other existing fees are: $20 entry protest, $20 race protest, $20 appeal. Other existing penalties are: $40 late scratching, $40 non-progression ($50 at NISSC), $50 non-notified crew change (Maadi only)
      1X $14.00 $12.00 $25.00
      2X/2- $20.00 $20.00 $35.00
      4X+/4+ $25.00 $32.00 $47.00
      8+ $32.00 $40.00 $62.00
      Amenity $19.00 $14.00 $22.50
      Tent (front)$160.00 n/a n/a
      Tent (rear) $130.00 n/a n/a
      Tent (power)$120.00 n/a n/a
    3. 2015: Applications to host Championships regattas:
      1. From KR to host the 2015 North Island Championships at Lake Karapiro, 13-15 March 2015.
        moved, KR's application to host NISSC 2015 be accepted: HAMB seconded: TRGB outcome: CARRIED without dissent
        Note: the proviso added to the standard form by the applicant stating "The Organisers shall only accept entries by an electronic system compatible with the regatta management system." was accepted.

        When the 2015 Maadi application is considered WNCS points out the dates for NISSC 2015 put those regattas closer together than usual. D Craig returns to the AGM after the SISSC application is considered and confirms KR does want standard dates and the application should be revised to 6-8 March 2015. Members accept this.
      2. From KR to host the 2015 New Zealand Championships at Lake Karapiro, 23-28 March 2015.
        moved, KR's application to host Maadi 2015 be accepted: CGHS seconded: TRGB outcome: CARRIED without dissent
        Note: the proviso added to the standard form by the applicant stating "The Organisers shall only accept entries by an electronic system compatible with the regatta management system." was accepted.
      3. From Ruataniwha Rowing (RR) to host the 2015 South Island Championships at Lake Ruataniwha, 7 & 8 March 2015
        moved, RR's application to host SISSC 2015 be accepted: CGHS seconded: OBHS outcome: CARRIED without dissent
  11. Remits
    Andrew Carr-Smith explains 2013 is our four-yearly opportunity to make changes to the Rules and Regulations so there is a large number of remit. These remits require 75% approval to pass.
    1. That a new definition of "school" to be added to Article 1.1: "School means an educational institution in New Zealand that is either registered as a school by the Minister of Education or accredited as a private training establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority;"
      {explanation (A C-S) a definition of "school" acceptable to Companies Office is required for incorporation, query from CHCO whether new definition expands membership e.g. tertiary institutes, explanation (A C-S) membership only open to "secondary schools" not all schools so not expanded, put to vote}
      moved: STPC seconded: WKDS outcome: CARRIED
    2. That a new Article 6.3 be added: "6.3 Despite Articles 5.2, 5.3 and 6.1, in the event that there is any error or omission in a Secondary School's application for membership, or failure by a Secondary School to pay the current annual subscription:
      A. The Schools Committee at its sole discretion may admit that Secondary School as a Member School and/or declare that Secondary School's status as a Member School to be currently valid with all associated rights and benefits; and
      B. That Secondary School must remedy the error or omission in its application for membership and pay the current annual subscription within 90 days of the Schools Committee giving notice to that Secondary School."
      {explanation (A C-S) this will make dealing with memberships practicable given new definition of School e.g. so we can join a school at short notice without having to wait for its Board of Trustees to act, no questions, put to vote}
      moved: TRGB seconded: WNCS outcome: CARRIED without dissent
    3. That a new Article 20.3 be added: "20.3 The governing body and the Principal of a Member School shall be the default representatives for that Member School. A Member School's governing body may appoint one or more alternative or additional representatives to the Principal of that Member School. This Article is subject to any other Article in this Constitution to the contrary, including Article 20.1."
      {explanation (AC-S) this allows NZSSRA to continue having Principals as key decision makers and avoiding the need for Member Schools to have to run everything past their Board of Trustees (or equivalent body) once they are a Member, no questions, put to vote}
      moved: HAMB seconded: KGCA outcome: CARRIED without dissent
    • Remits 4-9. STBD suggests these remits be dealt with as a group. Members agree this is a good idea and no discussion is required. The remits are put the vote in a block.
      1. That the Rules, Regulations and Safety System be updated to change all instances of the "Executive Committee" or the "Executive Officer" to the "Schools Committee" and the definitions of "Executive Officer" and "Executive Committee" be removed from Article 1.1
      2. That the Regulations, Rules and Safety System be updated to change all instances where the Regulations and Rules are cross-referenced by their long form title to use the proper defined terms for those documents.
      3. That Article 14.6 be amended to use defined terms instead long form versions by changing "Regatta Regulation" to "Regulations" and "Rules of Racing" to "Rules".
      4. That Article 9.2.B be updated to require nominations for President to be made by a Member by adding the words "by a Member" after "in writing".
      5. That the process for appointment to the Schools Committee be truncated by removing the requirement for the Schools Committee to receive, consider and make a recommendation on nominations before passing them to the Board. This is achieved by removing the existing Article 10.3.E and re-numbering the subsequent articles and by replacing the existing Article 10.3.D with: "10.3.D. Nominations shall be made in writing to the Board not less than 6 weeks prior to the AGM"
      6. That Article 25 be updated to record the names and terms of the Officers of NZSSRA, as at the conclusion of the elections and ratification held during the AGM.
      moved: STBD seconded: CGHS outcome: CARRIED without dissent
    1. That the words "A new season starts on 1 September each year." be removed from Rule 11.3 and a definition of "Season" be added to Article 1.1 as "Season shall mean a period starting on 1 September each year and ending on 1 May the following year." (with Article 1.1 sub-clauses re-lettered to accommodate this)
      {explanation (A C-S) this creates a proper definition of season and also brings that definition back in line with the old one in relation to post-Maadi regattas by creating an off-season, Member raises the possibility of finally syncing NZRA and NZSSRA "novice" definitions, amendment changing end of season from "1 May" to at the conclusion of Maadi put to vote, then amended remit put to the vote}
      moved, change end date of season to link with end of Maadi: CHCO seconded: STMG outcome: CARRIED
      Amended remit: that the words "A new season starts on 1 September each year." be removed from Rule 11.3 and a definition of "Season" be added to Article 1.1 as "Season shall mean a period starting on 1 September each year and ending immediately after the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Championships the following year." (with Article 1.1 sub-clauses re-lettered to accommodate this)
      moved: OBHS seconded: HAMB outcome: CARRIED
    2. That Regulation 6.3 be updated to include the events added to the Championships Programme of Events during the last review by the Executive Committee.
      {explanation (A C-S) this will formally make the new events added during the last programme review mandatory Championships events, no questions, put to the vote}
      moved: SAMU seconded: TRGB outcome: CARRIED
    3. That Regulation 6.3 be updated to give under-18 lightweight and under-18 novice events their own bullet points.
      {explanation (A C-S) this will give dual classification events their own headings in the list of championships event, no questions, put to the vote}
      moved: CGHS seconded: KGCA outcome: CARRIED
    4. That the age-group reference date in Rule 11.4 be changed from 1 January in the "year" in which the competition is held to 1 January in the "Season" in which the competition is held.
      {explanation (A C-S) this will mean athletes no longer swap age-group part way through each season, a similar change is proposed for club regattas by NZRA, comment (T C) NZSSRA should align age-groups with NZSSSC not NZRA, noted (A C-S) only known regatta affected is OSSRA Term 4 regatta - all other pre-New Years Day regattas are club regattas and will use new age group definition, put to vote}
      moved: HAMB seconded: MTAL outcome: CARRIED some dissent
    5. That Rule 16.6 be updated to formalise existing practice whereby B Finals are raced for all under-18 events by adding the words "or when the event is an under-18 event and the number of entries exceeds the number of starting positions" after "when the number of entries in an event exceeds twice the number of starting positions available".
      {explanation (A C-S) in 2009 Members sought the inclusion of 'B finals for all U18 events, the practice has continued since then and can now be formalised, query (CHCO) whether this will affect the ability to drop 'B' final races if circumstances require, answer (A C-S) no a different regulation determines the order in which races are dropped, goes to vote}
      moved: WNCS seconded: OBHS outcome: CARRIED without dissent
    6. That the ability for Regatta Committees to request a per-pupil limit (any such limit to be subject to approval by the Schools Committee) be added to the Regulations by combining Regulations 7.3.A and 7.3.B and adding a new Reg 7.3.B giving:
      "7.3.A. The Regatta Committee may impose a limitation setting the maximum number of crews a member may enter in an event. A limitation may apply to one or more events.
      7.3.B. The Regatta Committee may impose a limitation setting the maximum number of events a rower may enter. A limitation on rowers may apply to one or more classes of rower"
      {explanation (J W) giving Regatta Committees the ability to request a per-pupil limit will provide an alternative to further reducing the existing crews-per-school-per-event limit that is current already at 2 for most NISS/SISSC events, limit would have to be approved by Schools Committee, limit could be set at different levels for different groups e.g. similar to existing limits, query on side issue (KGCA) is it possible to have a supplementary entry notification waitlist, answer (A C-S) current supplementary entry system is automated and waitlist is beyond scope of that system but might be able to be added to it, query (J D) could the per pupil limit be set at the AGM, answer (J W) limits are requested by regatta committees and made when conditions are set AGM is too far in advance, comment (CULI) has a small school and can't select boats if a per-pupil limit is in place, query (AGSB) what effect would limit have on supplementary entries, answer (A C-S) existing limits relaxed during supplementary entries no reason why couldn't be same here, comment (STBD) South Island Rowing tried implementing such a limit at SISSC one season but it didn't have much effect on numbers schools tended to scratch eights to bring pupils' race numbers down, comment (CAMB) notes it is very difficult when limits very between regattas, comment (F S) is not in favour of any restrictions and we should use other means to resolve the problem, comment (J W) need to remember the limit is only a tool not a requirement for Regatta Committees to use it and it is also not necessarily a flat limit it is there as a back-up to the existing limits, comment (WLGC) the purpose of Champs is to find fastest crew so is happy with a a 1-crew-per-school-per-event limit, goes to vote}
      moved: HAMB seconded: STPC outcome: NOT CARRIED (show of hands, 28 for & 17 against, 62.2% < 75%, remit required 75% in favour to pass)
    7. That under-15 age-group events be restricted to novice rowers and the Championships events listed in the bullet point 4 of Regulation 6.3 shall be "BOYS AND GIRLS UNDER-15 NOVICE" instead of "BOYS AND GIRLS UNDER-15". Furthermore, so this change does not disadvantage any pupils who are entered into the current season's Championships it shall take effect at the 2015 Championships, which is when the Championships Programme of Events next changes after its four yearly review by the Schools Committee.
      {explanation (G S) 25% of U15 athletes are non-novice and being non-novice gives them a definite advantage [3x more likely to win medals] which is unfair to other U15's who are our entry level rowers and anecdotally discouraged and leaving rowing because of this, query (T C) where do the figures come from they don't align with number from when the Executive Committee looked at it when he was President and don't align with SHAK numbers, answer (A C-S) figures are very recent based on actual numbers from Maadi and data-mining was done for ASSRA in previous season, also there's been a demographic change over the years and we're far more likely to see pupils born in a later year [younger] than their school-Year peers than those born in an earlier year [older], comment (ROSE) school recruits Year 7 & 8 out of necessity because they have no interest later but low numbers of those are actually put into regattas, comment (SHAK) this change would discourage U14 pupils from taking up rowing, comment (OBHS) supports, comment (CHCO) unnecessary tampering, comment (ROSE) their U14 came last all season, comment (WLGC) gives numbers and notes has "novices" but they're 2nd years, comment (KGCA) there's a large gap in racing between U15 novice and U15 non-novice crews, G S puts to the vote}
      moved: SAMU seconded: HAMB outcome: NOT CARRIED (show of hands, overwhelmingly against, remit required 75% in favour to pass)
    8. That novice events be restricted to exclude under-15 athletes and the existing novice events listed under bullet point 1 of regulation 6.3 shall be given their own bullet point heading "BOYS AND GIRLS UNDER-18 (EXCLUDING UNDER-15) NOVICE".
      Furthermore, so this change does not disadvantage any pupils who are entered into the current season's Championships it shall take effect at the 2015 Championships, which is when the Championships Programme of Events next changes after its four yearly review by the Schools Committee.
      {explanation (G S) novice events are intended to allow those joining our sport later in their schooling an opportunity to row without being disadvantaged by being novice they are not there to allow U15 athletes who are mostly novices to cherry-pick between U15 and Novice events, query (HOWI) would an exemption be available where a U15 is required to complete a crew made up of older pupils, answer (A C-S) there is precedence for granting Schools Committee the ability to give dispensations, comment (STBD) many novice crews need U15s and events are not being stacked with them, comment (WNCS) this remit ties in with previous remit that failed to pass, comment (CRAI) need the occasional U15 novice, comment (T C) no stacking of crews with U15, comment (CULI) can see intent but would require flexibility, suggestion (SAMU) instead of a complete ban have a 50% maximum limit for U15 in novice crews, suggestion (A C-S) Schools Committee could table this item until next AGM and come back with re-worded version that is not an absolute ban, comment (SHAK) wants vote now, comment (OBHS) need to tackle the philosophy behind novices, goes to vote}
      moved: HAMG seconded: STPC outcome: NOT CARRIED (show of hands, near unanimous against, remit required 75% in favour to pass)
    9. From Life Member Leslie Saywood: that the list of Championships events in Regulation 6.3 be extended to include "Octuple Sculls with coxswain" under the "BOYS AND GIRLS UNDER 15" heading.
      {explanation (L S) octuples provide access to big boats for our youngest pupils without requiring them to learn to sweep oar row, octuples are a regular and popular part of other national school champs, query re procedure (T C) this appears to be adding event to Champs when A C-S told T C he couldn't do that for a novice 8+ event, answer (A C-S) confirms the event becomes listed but the programme is not reviewed until next year so it won't be raced until 2015 [note: in addition T C couldn't do something similar because remits had closed when he raised the topic with A C-S], comment (J D) explaining he brought U15 4X events into the programme when he was President and welcomes 8X and would like to eventually see U15 sweep events disappear, query (CRAI) are these events at expense of U15 Eights, answer (A C-S) no 8X+ would be in addition to 8+, query whether 8X+ would be held beside 8+, answer (A C-S) event order will be determined during next review, goes to vote}
      moved: HAMB seconded: OTUM outcome: CARRIED (show of hands, 38 for & 9 against, 80.6% > 75%, remit only required 75% to pass)
    10. From Member School WNCS: that NZSSRA takes all necessary steps to implement an amendment to the NZSSSC School Team Eligibility Criteria to allow a further exemption within the eligibility criteria in respect of students who have not, before joining their current school, competed in rowing before at another school or club
      {explanation (WNCS) the NZSSSC School Team Eligibility Criteria were introduced to prevent the poaching of athletes, by definition novices have no experience so can never be poached for their rowing ability, NZSSRA includes novice class events at our Championships so the STEC are forcing novices away from our sport simply because they transferred schools, noted (AC-S) if Members are in favour the remit should be implemented by changing Rule 2.4, put to vote}
      moved: STPC seconded: KGCA outcome: CARRIED (show of hands, unanimous 47:0)
      Implementation: that Rule 2.4 be amended to add the following words: "except the criteria shall not be applied to any rower who had not competed in rowing at another school or club before becoming eligible to compete for their current school" (this change being subject to NZSSSC formally confirming this is the best way to achieve the outcome).
      moved: CHCO seconded: OBHS outcome: CARRIED without dissent
    11. From Member School WTLB: that Regulation 11 "Overseas crews" be struck out and Rule 2.1 be amended to remove the words ", or, in the case of Overseas schools, those which are invited to attend by the Executive Committee".
      {explanation (WTLB not present so A C-S reads supporting information from Agenda, no comments, put to vote}
      moved: SAMU seconded: CULI outcome: NOT CARRIED (show of hands, large majority against, remit required 75% in favour to pass)
      The Schools Committee notes the topic of this remit has been raised for two successive Rule-change AGMs and has received a majority of votes against it in both instances; so it is nowhere near reaching the 75% majority in favour of it that is required to pass. The committee seeks permission from Members to be permitted to reject a similar remit if it is put forward for (or before) the next Rule-change AGM. Members agree.
  12. Other matters/business from the floor
    • STBD asks whether the Novice Eights events that are currently held only at NISSC can also be held at SISSC and Maadi. Andrew Carr-Smith suggests a straw poll be held to see if Members are generally supportive of the idea and if the outcome is favourable then NZSSRA asks the Regatta Committees to seek to have the events included as exhibition events next season. OBHS asks for clarification. A C-S explains the programme cannot be changed at this point in time by NZSSRA but this is one way of adding extra events to the regatta; putting the matter in the hands of our hosts. The events can then be considered for a permanent place during the next programme of events review.
      straw poll outcome: CARRIED
  13. Date for next AGM: 2014 AGM will be held on Sunday 23 March 2014 (at a time subsequent to, and at the same venue as, the Safety Briefing).
  • The AGM closes at 7:16PM

Andrew Carr-Smith
for Schools Committee